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curtashley 10-08-2004 09:33 AM

Tramadol Question On Dosage
I have recently switched over from hydro 15/80 (8 a day) to tramadol 50mg. I have had little to no withdrawal effects from this switch which I am very happy about. I am now planning on weening my way off of the tramadol until I am completely finished with the drugs. My question is I need to take like 15-20 tramdol 50mg a day to starve off the withdrawal and I know they say there is serious risk of seizure when you take over 8 a day. I also have Klonopin which I know is an anti-seizure med and I have been taking at least 1mg a day to prevent any possibility of seizures. I don't feel bad at all or like I might have a seizure although I guess I wouldn't know what that feels like anyway because I never had one. Is tramadol just like pure opiates, that is can you take 15-20 a day without hurting your organs. Other than the risk of seizure is there any other risk to taking so many pills. Your answers are appreciated and other similiar experiences would be helpful. Thanks.

Bart Garrabrant 10-08-2004 11:29 AM

Re: Tramadol Question On Dosage
Hi Curtashley,

I switched the meds about 5 months ago and my doctor told me that the medication isnt addictive like the Hydros. Well please dont take them more than 5 days or you will go through a horrible withdrawl as I did. I was on vacation when I ran out and I spent the next 3 days in hell. It was worse than coming off of hydros. I went to the emergency room in Yosemite because my heart was beating 100-120 beats a minute for 3 days straight. It was then I found out from the doctor that Ultram is very addicive and hard to get off. With Hydros or opiates you can take certain meds to help you through your withdrawls. With Ultram there are none. Also I believe my hearing has been going due to the Ultram use. I take 8 a day and for the last 2 weeks I have had contiunuis ringing in my ears. I founf that going back on Hydro will take care of my withdrawl symptoms from Ultram till it is out of my system. Then I will take the Clonidine to get off the Hydros again. I warn you. Do some research of your own on this med before you get where I am at.

curtashley 10-19-2004 11:45 AM

Re: Tramadol Question On Dosage
Can anyone answer my question on dosage. I have gotten it down to about 15 per day but that is still almost double the 8 per day they say is the max you should take. Please help!!!

Hope12 10-19-2004 01:34 PM

Re: Tramadol Question On Dosage
Hi CA-
Here's my take on your situation,as Ultram was my doc for a very long time,and I would take Vicoden to keep the withdrawals away until I could get more Ultrams.Essentially,taking the Ultrams is not going to make the actual detox any easier,you're just replacing one drug with another.And just because Ultram isn't a true opioid,it still acts on the same receptors and does the same thing as most of your other narcotics.As far as the dosage,15-20 a day is pretty high,and you definitely have added the risk of seizures to the list with the Ultram.There is no predicting a seizure,you may have warning signs,but usually there aren't any,and the next thing you know your coming back to consciousness under the lights of an emergency room.Keep in mind that this could occur at home,or behind the wheel of a car.My habit on Ultrams soared to 50/day,and even though I didn't have any grand mal seizures,I started accumulating quite a bit of memory loss and blackouts i.e. I'd be watching TV one minute and the next minute I looked up it would be 3 hours later-very scary,almost like seizures without the shaking involved.1mg of Klonopin will not stave off a seizure from tramadol doses in the range that you're taking.Please be very careful,and what exactly is your plan for detoxing? Have you thought about getting prescribed meds you can take at home for detox?After quite a few attempts at inpatient detox,I finally successfully detox'd/stayed clean doing it at home with meds from my MD.Take care,and let me know what's happening,I'll be very happy to help/answer any questions I can.


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