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Lisaaa,The terrible twins,anyone???

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Old 10-20-2004, 10:31 PM   #1
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Location: Chicago Ridge,Illinois
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Hope12 HB User
Question Lisaaa,The terrible twins,anyone???

Have I driven you guys away??? I haven't seen any action from you guys since your last posts (to me)!!Everything okay??Lis-still hangin in there??I'm on a roll here,and want updates!!!I'm calling you guys OUT !!!Hope things are going well,now,I'll go crawl back in my corner and wait for your responses(hehe)Take care!!

Peace and love,Stacie

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Old 10-21-2004, 04:07 AM   #2
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lisaaahubb HB User
Re: Lisaaa,The terrible twins,anyone???

Good Morning Stacie!!!
I am around but with the two teens and now my 3 yr old knowing how to play computer games....i only get a couple of hours on the computer VERY early in the a.m.....
How bout them Red Sox???? I am psyched!!! Tired though....every night we are up til at least midnight watching the game...
We are throwing my son's 3rd b-day party on Sunday....should be about 40 people or so. So my sister and I will be shopping and cooking for the next couple of days.
My daughter is starting to express that she would like to go out with a junior, he has asked her to go to the haunted hayride this husband and i are having to come to terms with letting her get into cars with boys I am dealing with it much better than my hubby. I just feel it is time to let her do some more things...she IS in high school now. She is such a responsible beautiful girl and i understand my hubbys point...but i hate to hold her back during the best years of her life!
I am trying to potty train....once again This has been the most stubborn of my children to train. He is all into it for a day or two and then can't be bothered and screams bloody murder if i even attempt to put him on the potty. Oh well, i'll keep on him....i am hoping by Christmas.
My 13 yr old son just got the best mid-term of his life....all A's and B's....he is gonna be my Red Sox catcher someday, i just know it. He has a party to go to on Saturday night at the bowling lanes.
And then there is Halloween my FAVORITE i have just about every room in my house decorated for that. Even the outside of my house is finally done. My little one is insisting on being Spider-man...although he won't put the mask i guess i will paint his face instead. Gosh how i wish i could send you some pictures....glad i am sober to be REALLy seeing all these things. I think today i am 2 weeks sober....i'm trying not to count this time. The one and only complaint is that at night i am dead tired. By 9:00 i am dozing and can't keep my eyes open...but i do get up at 5 everyday and run like a crazy woman just about every day. So i guess instead of not sleeping like in the past when i quit pills....i am over-sleeping now
Not much anxiety to speak of....have an appetite of horse....but still not gaining weight. I really want to have some weight on me before we start taking pictures for Thanksgiving and Christmas.....
My father is doing o.k.....he is still very weak and had some type of procedure on Tuesday. They are hanging in there...they know that it is too hard on me to be there right now...with all of the kids activities...i really have to stay here until my mom tells me she NEEDS me.
Well how's your situation going???? Gosh how i hate those gangs. Ruin kids lives....My hubby knows alot about them as he served a lot of time when he was in his 20's....He sure has done some changing --- when i think back to what he used to be...i am definitely proud of him!!
I do have CRAVINGS this time...especially since i really didn't suffer thru any w/d this brain is telling me , since i won't get sick, a day or two won't matter. I usually try to "walk" the cravings away or eat something, or even pop a vitamin at that point. I'm just gonna keep fighting the fight.
Well thanks for calling me out....i am glad you are back
luv ya tons,

Old 10-21-2004, 06:53 AM   #3
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Twinlynn HB User
Smile Re: Lisaaa,The terrible twins,anyone???

Ground control to Hope12! I read you, Stacie. Loud and clear!! Over! LOLOL!'d like an up-to-date report? Okay. How's this for a starter. Because of a deep foot wound that refused to heal...just kept opening more and more--I have been home (with my foot up) since August!! Along the way, I had a surgery to pull this mess of a wound together....but the skin died and I was back to square one. At first, the doctor thought I'd need a skin graft....but thank heavens, about 10 days ago, it started to heal and close up all by itself!! So, I should be up and around soon (start to walk again) and back to normal (work, dog walks, etc!!)

The time off work has actually been a bonus for me....I needed a break so badly. So...maybe my body was telling me something! My two dogs have definitely taken advantage of the fact that I'm here with them day after day...and they have become spoiled brats!! LOL!! It is Theo, the Lhasa, in particular, who is the ringleader. He wakes me up every morning at some ungodly hour to give him his Greenie dog treat. It's like a person waking me--he reaches his paw out and taps me gently on the back. If I ignore him, the taps become progressively assertive--until, eventually, he is pounding on me!! LOL!

His other "trick" is he sits down right wherever I am (eg. lying in bed or sitting on a chair), and he let's out the tiniest little squeak (i.e.--as if to say "please note that I am here by your side--and attention must be paid!!") About every 30 seconds, if I refuse to acknowledge him, the squeak gets louder and louder. Finally...the squeak comes out like a Cujo howl!! At which point, I yell "SETTLE DOWN"--and he gets all indignant and turns his back on me and flops down.

Anyway, there was practically nothing I could use all this valuable time for--since I had to be lying down all the time with my foot raised higher than my heart!! But I have been able to make my way through stacks and stacks of books (which completely covered one side of my bedroom and were begging to be read)! I also got more into crossword puzzles, reading some books by the experts, who explain how they deicpher those clever clues that always stump me!

My computer has come in handy for me to do a bit of political stuff for my favorite Pres. candidate (alas.. "no politics" allowed on this Board!) :-) So, I've used some spare time for that.

In the last weeks, as I've been able to move around my apartment a bit more, I've sat down to draw some greeting cards (an old hobby of mine). And, I've written long-owed letters to friends. And....I've paid BILLS! Ugh!! Overdue bills!! a vain attempt to make things more orderly, I've removed my dresser drawers onto my bed, one by one, and totally re-sorted them....particularly those "junk" drawers, where I throw all these bits and pieces I don't know what to do with.

Well, checking all these drawers was well worth the effort, because I found some VERY interesting things that I had been hunting down for ages. My mother's antique ring, which I thought I'd lost forever, was the BIG find! I'd hidden it in the hinged back of this little frog figurine I'd tucked in the back of the drawer!!! get the while tedious picture of how I've spent my last few months!?!? LOL! Let's just say that every crack in my ceiling has been committed to memory!!

My last medical procedure before I get back to the land of the living will be to get a mole removed from inside my upper lip. (The plastic surgeon who's looked after my foot, hasn't stopped bugging me to get this mole will finally get it off--and over with.)

Now--I bet you didn't expect such an "extraordinary" answer when you asked me what I'd been up to recently??? An answer so stuppifyingly boring that you may have already dozed off at your computer.

Oh, yes...just remembered! And...I can't leave this activity list without mentioning this final ho-hum tidbit. Last Saturday, a whirlwind of a cleaner came in and spent about 8 hours scrubbing my place from top to bottom. Because, although I am a very tidy person...I had been totally unable to do my usual scrubbing, mopping, chasing doggie dustbunnies, etc, etc. I transplanted myself, dogs, pillows and all, upstairs to Alice's apartment, and reclined on her couch, while a cleaning miracle took place in Apt. 5A!

So--that's what I've been up to! Sorry you asked?? I've got more comments re. drugs and "where" I am at the moment. But I will have to leave it for next time. I have to get off the computer now to get a phone call I'm expecting!

Want you hear morel about YOU! Take care, xxx Lynn xxx

Old 10-26-2004, 02:09 PM   #4
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Hope12 HB User
Re: Lisaaa,The terrible twins,anyone???

Lisa ans Lynn,
I ask you guys what's happening,then fall out.I've been fighting a rotten asthma attack for two weeks, md's wanted to admit me to the hospital,but I had to refuse because of everything going on at home. So,I'm still fighting it,breathing's not too good,and it's making me miserable.Not to mention the horrible cravings(?) (or maybe just wanting) to swallow a couple of vikes or anything to get some relief from myself!Lynn, that's rotten about your foot,I hope you get better soon.I'd LOVE to have someone come in and do a whirlwind job of cleaning on my house right now!!! And I'M not even laid up!!!Oh boy,do I know about the dog thing.AND cats!! I just gave away three that I had taken in after they were abandoned,and still have three left!!My poor dog Max is feeling a little left out these days,but still ever loyal.
Lisa,I feel for how busy you are with all those kids.What a challenge,day in and day out, non-stop.The gang stuff with my boys is a nightmare,and I am waging a mighty battle,but I'll tell you,I don't know how much more I can take.This has been Ultra draining,and on top of trying to maintain my sobriety,it's not something I need right now.I feel like I'm hanging by a virtual thread.Oh, but before I forget-I MUST get to the IMPORTANT stuff----A RED SOX FAN?!?!?I'm diehard Cubs fan,but seeing as we blew it ONCE again, my loyalties have to go to the Cards,even though I'm not real thrilled about that,either,and it's looking like the Sox are going to do it.But, like we say here in Chicago....there's ALWAYS next year!!!(and the year after that,and the year after get the idea!!)Oh and Hey!! HALLOWEEN is MY all time favorite holiday too!!!I like going for the WICKED scares (on the older kids,of course,hehehe)!!I have a few things up my sleeves for this year,but I know everone is expecting SOMETHING to happen, so I have to be ULTRA slick this year!!!
Lynn,how ARE you doing with the "drug" thing??You sound pretty good (despite the foot thing) and hope your still hanging in there with the best intentions(I'm sure you are!).I'll have to talk more later,I'm getting ready to take my one son to counseling this evening,and STILL haven't dried my hair all the way.I was just feeling a little guilty about not getting back to you guys,and wanted to let you know I was still thinking of you!!
Take care,and talk to ya soon.

Peace and Love,Stacie

Old 10-27-2004, 05:02 AM   #5
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Twinlynn HB User
Re: Lisaaa,The terrible twins,anyone???

Stacie - Am on my way to the vet right now with Celeste (my rescue Peke-mix), who had another scary heart episode yesterday--difficulty breathing, caused by fluid on her chest. She's about to have some cardiac scans done now, so they can find how and if the heart was damaged any further. (She's had heart probems for two years now and takes lots of medications--which has helped enormously.)

Anyway, I will have to write back when things calm down here (you should watch me scrabbling for a taxi, while trying to hold onto Celeste, and stand on my one good foot, simultaneously! :-0 Bad time for a foot injury!! LOL!)

I'm so sorry about your asthma attack--between that and you problems with those gangs, you must be soooo stressed out. Are you able to really REST at home with that asthma?? Please take care of yourself! xxx Lynn

Old 10-27-2004, 07:56 PM   #6
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Location: Chicago Ridge,Illinois
Posts: 207
Hope12 HB User
Re: Lisaaa,The terrible twins,anyone???

OHHH Lynn,
So sorry to hear about Celeste,hope she is okay,gets better,poor thing.The things we do for our animals-and SOOO expensive,too!!Is she on meds to help get rid of the fluid in her lungs?? I'm thinking they probably give animals something similar to humans with the same condition-kind of like congestive heart failure??How scary for an animal when they don't understand what's happening to them.
Hope your foot is feeling better,too,I know that can't be helping the situation much,either,so, healing prayers to both you and your beloved Celeste,I hope both of you feel better soon.As for me,still fighting the asthma,doesn't want to seem to let go,but I'm taking the meds I'm supposed to,including the rotten steroids.Which is JUST the thing I need,a med that stimulates your appetite and makes you EAT more.I'm even CREATING things to eat now,which in my house can get pretty scary.
Let me know how everyone's doing,just hang in there!!

Peace and love,Stacie

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