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    Old 05-04-2005, 09:49 PM   #1
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    Tomas Detox Recipe......TwinnLynn

    Hey all.................I got to thinking about the "infamous" Tomas Detox Recipe that was very popular around the net several years ago, lo and behold I found it hidden away in a file cabinet, and although I don't have a scanner, I thought I would go to the trouble of re-posting it as it helped me through my first couple of detoxes, and I know some of you are new to this so I thought it might help you too! TwinnLynn reminded me about it and I know there are some old posts that mention it, but it has been distorted, so if it helps one person getting ready to go through this or someone currently hurting it was definately worth my time: Once again, this recipe helped me immensely when I went through my original withdrawals, but in some ways that was a curse because making it easier for me also made it easier to go back! Thats why I didn't even consider it this time around. Feel the pain....ya know!

    Well here goes: from the original script

    Detox Recipe:

    This is my cold turkey detox recipe for Lortabs/Norco/Vicodin (yes, with the right combo of drugs and non-drug therapies, you can detox yourself from this drug) I know because I developed this formula in order to detox myself from a seventy-five (yes, 75) vicodin per day habit. So here it is. If you're going to do it, follow it to the letter or it won't work. The one RX drug you will need to make it really work is some kind of benzo like valium (recommended), klonopin, librium, xanax, ativan (etc). So, if you have any relatives that can help you out with one of these drugs (or a doctor, of course) the benzos will help make the results much more successful....but if you can't, the recipe can still work.

    Here's my tried and true do-it-yourself "cold turkey" detox protocol

    Supplies you will need first:

    As many Valium, Xanax, Librium, Ativan, Klonopin as you can get your hands on

    First Day off opiates: Use enough Valium or whatever to, if possible, sleep through most of the first couple of days. Then start decreasing the dose until your down to nothing in about 5 or 6 days. You will have to do the math. The Valium or one of its sister drugs will help tremendously with the anxiety and, somewhat, with the body aches. Valium will make you eat like a pig and, when withdrawing from narcotics, one usually craves sweets, so I'd be ready to indulge myself with lots of treats, along with some good "escapist" movies to take your mind off of everything. That has always helped me.
    VERY IMPORTANT: Around-the-clock access to either hot baths or Jacuzzi

    -speaking of the damn thigh cramps that seem to love to show up in the middle of the night, have that hot bath or Jacuzzi at the ready. Don't hesitate to spend the majority of the week in that "hot" water if that is what it takes to get you through it. You may be wrinkled , but you will have your sanity. Don't underestimate what the hot baths can do to relieve the withdrawal discomfort. They really, really work. Heating pads between the thighs can help with those cramps, too, but not nearly as much as the hot baths.

    -Brand Name Immodium (over the counter at the supermarket..don't ask me why, but the brand name just works better)

    -if your a normal Lortab, Vicodin addict, you will be getting the runs by no later than the second or third day off the Lortab. In my experience, it's and especially unpleasant variety. At the first impulse, take two or three Immodium and respond to returning urges with two tabs. It's important that you do it at the slightest rumblings from your guts. Immodium is also in the opioid class drug and, even though it's action is mostly confined to that part of the brain that affects bowel motility, I noticed a slight relief from the overall withdrawal feeling when I took the Immodium--just don't overdose on the stuff thinking it will relieve all the withdrawal -it won't -it will just constipate the hell out of you at very high doses. Stick to the dosages I recommend.

    Now this is very important to short-and long term recovery-I can't emphasize this enough ...L-Tyrosine (NOT L-Lysine) (qty 50 of the 500 mg caps)- an amino acid freely available at the health food store. Costs about $12 bucks a bottle.


    Chronic use of narcotics depletes the brain of several critical neurotransmitters responsible for well-being and mental performance and attitude. Plus:
    Bottle of 100 mg B6 caps (the B6 helps the L-Tyrosine be absorbed)
    Plus: high potency magnesium and zinc supplements. You may have to buy each in separate pills.

    My experience de-toxing with L-Tyrosine says take 4000 (four thousand) mg (8X500 mg caps of L-Tyrosine) with two 100 mg B6 caps along with your zinc/magnesium supplement every day for your "detox" week to provide your brain with the raw materials it needs to replenish its stores of these neurotransmitters. Many feel the difference on the first dose (I did, big time).
    ****Take it on an empty stomach, either first thing in the morning, or at bedtime. You can continue this regimen after the first week if it continues to make you feel good. I continue to use the L-Tyrosine every other day with very few exceptions, although now I cut my dose to 1500 mg of L-Tyrosine. I cut down on the dosage because it can cause the runs at high doses. But for your first week, you need the high dose of L-Tyrosine and should just put up with the runs. It only happens once after each dose (if it happens at all) and it's not the "burning runs" that you get from withdrawal. It also happens within the first hour and won't return, so its something you can plan on. Also, the Immodium just might cancel out the runs, anyway. So, its liveable at least for that first week. Besides. the L-Tyrosine will make you feel so damn good so quickly, you won't care! You'll be looking forward to your morning L-Tyrosine dose, believe me! L-Tyrosine will make you fell alert without being nervous, peaceful without feeling sedated, and just generally GOOD, despite the withdrawal. Its truly THE discovery of opiate withdrawal therapy.

    -Multi-Vitamins (most junkies don't eat too well, so this one's just good common sense)

    According to some literature, you also need to add copper, phosphorus, and Vitamin C to fully complete the dopamine, norepinephrine conversion. You might have to do some hunting at the health food store to find the right vitamin or vitamins to supply all this stuff. Health food stores generally carry Multi's that, instead of carrying every vitamin known to man, carry instead all the "metals" we need such as copper. Magnesium, zinc, phosphorus, etc. I easily found a multiple that contained large doses of zinc, magnesium, copper, Vitamin C, and lots of other things for very little money. In any event, I got a very good result from just the L-Tyrosine and B6 alone. Don't let any difficulty finding the whole laundry list of minerals and metals stop you from using the L-Tyrosine and B6 --it works like gangbusters anyway!

    Remember, all the details of this recipe are necessary to complete recovery!

    WARNING: Avoid L-Tyrosine if you're on an SSRI (serotonin reuptake inhibitor)
    such as Prozac, Effexor, Paxil, all those kinds of psychiatric mood elevators, etc.

    Remember, despite what your doc thinks you haven't done anything wrong. Your a normal, decent human being who's fallen into the trap these modern medications have set up for us all. You're not alone and will never be alone as long as you come to this site. Believe me, we've all been where you are at.

    Side Note: I apologize for re-typing this to Thomas (the original creator) I'm pretty sure its not copyrighted, and I know this guy just wanted to help people. I hope this helps someone! Yes, it worked for me also, but this time around I chose to detox a bit differently.

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    Re: Tomas Detox Recipe......TwinnLynn

    Ukonom -

    Thanks a million for elongating and correcting (!) the detox I tried to remember!! (Wow, did I get the dosages wrong for the L-Tyrosine...I thought it was so much less!) I knew I had written sort of the general gist of the recipe--but a lot of stuff was missing--and your full version will be so much more helpful for people. In fact--I'm going to try it when I eventually get to that point when I decide to taper off the last mgs of the Subutex. And, there are many posters around now, who might find this helps with both straight detox from opiates....or tapering from Sub.

    You know, one of the thing I remember about this recipe was the great "you-can-do-it" vibes I got from just reading about it! It's so optimistic....and I remember reading so many posts from those who said it gave them the boost they needed to get started.

    I haven't had a chance to read any other threads, so....I'm wondering how YOU are doing today! :-) Hope life continues to get better every day. best, Lynn :-)

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    rosebuddy HB Userrosebuddy HB Userrosebuddy HB Userrosebuddy HB User
    Re: Tomas Detox Recipe......TwinnLynn

    thank you for posting this. Do you think it works for percocet also? Would you read my post on 5/5 re percocet wean? I printed out the recipe. Thank you so much for posting it. I all ready take the vitamins listed in the recipe.

    Old 05-05-2005, 07:55 AM   #4
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    valleygurl HB User
    Re: Tomas Detox Recipe......TwinnLynn

    Ukonom, Thank you so much for posting this recipe! I was wondering if during one of your detoxes if you took the L-Tyrosine and B6 in the amount that is suggested in the recipe? How did it make you feel? I am soooo curious!

    Thanks again, also, Congrats on your clean time!!!!!!

    Old 05-06-2005, 12:05 PM   #5
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    Re: Tomas Detox Recipe......TwinnLynn

    Valleygurl- Sorry, been pretty busy lately. Yes, I have used this recipe and followed it to a T. It helped tremendously. It definately makes the withdrawals less severe. The L-Tyrosine and B6 do help with energy, but what I was most amazed by, was that it took away any cravings. I found I only needed the L-Tyrosine for about 6 days, also. I did notice the difference in the different brands of L-Tyrosine I took? Don't know why, but the L-Tyrosine that I bought from GNC (came in Red bottle, or packaging...its the brand GNC features for weightlifting and bodybuilding) was much better than the hard tablets I found at GNC that came in the Blue bottles...sorry I can't remember any of the actual brand names. Hope this description helps some. I use the Mega-Men vitamins at GNC also.
    Yes, to Donna, I do believe using this recipe will help for Perks withdrawal also.
    Lynn- I remembered that recipe from years ago, and was surprised I found it so easily. It took a while to type....but it is worth it. It is very upbeat and the message is you can do this, and won't fail! Its what we all need!

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    Re: Tomas Detox Recipe......TwinnLynn

    A lot of "common" sense in that recipe, if we could only take such good care of ourselves like that all the time. I also read that steam baths help the brain produce endorphins!....Jt

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    Done with Drugs
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    Question Re: Tomas Detox Recipe......TwinnLynn

    Hi Everyone!!
    I want to ask why someone taking Effexor cannot use the Tomas Recipe? I would love to use it when I go off the Sub. so, I was extremely disapointed when I read this fact.

    To keep everyone up to date, I am tapering off of sub. I reduce my dose about every four days with no problem. I am now down from 2mgs a day two weeks ago to .3 . However, according to the Physicians Desk Reference a dose of .3 is equal to 10MGS. OF MORPHINE. So, just as I would not quit cold turkey from that amount of morphine, I will continue to go down, down, and down even more. I will not stop the sub. until I am taking only the tiniest of specks. Then, I would love to introduce this Tomas Recipe. So, please tell me why this is contraindicated.

    Thank you very much, ""BIG HUGS" to all of you.


    p.s. I did call my doc and ask for a script of Ultram. He gave me 10, so I will perhaps take one a day and then half a day, when I stop the sub.

    Old 05-15-2005, 11:49 AM   #8
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    Re: Tomas Detox Recipe......TwinnLynn

    Question for anyone re: "Thomas Detox"

    Why use L-Tyrosine instead of DLPhenylalanine? Thanks for all the help!

    Old 05-15-2005, 03:08 PM   #9
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    Re: Tomas Detox Recipe......TwinnLynn

    I know that DLphenylalanine (sp?) is used for some detox protocols, including meth withdrawal. I have use it myself, but found the L-Tyrosine to give some added anergy and helped with the cravings. If it works......use it.

    Old 05-15-2005, 09:09 PM   #10
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    Re: Tomas Detox Recipe......TwinnLynn

    WARNING: Avoid L-Tyrosine if you're on an SSRI (serotonin reuptake inhibitor)
    such as Prozac, Effexor, Paxil, all those kinds of psychiatric mood elevators, etc.

    Does this include celexa? That would suck, because I took My last percoet at noon. I was hoping that this "recipe" would help even if only a little. I always say I am NEVER going to do this again and yet here I am. I have Chronic back pain (legitimate) but when I get the meds I go throught them so quickly. At first it is because I have plenty and the pain and cravings seem so strong, but when I get low, It is almost as though the cravings are less. Like I know that I have to make them last. I I also don't know what I can do about the pain. I have tried every proceedure and it is just going to be this way. So how do I manage the pain knowing that I can't control my meds? Any suggestions? I applaude you all in your efforts this is a hard as hell thing to deal with. I am not a weak person but this is kickin' my butt! I am also grateful I found this board, I am relieved to know (although saddened) that this effects so many!

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    Re: Tomas Detox Recipe......TwinnLynn

    I always say I am NEVER going to do this again and yet here I am. I have Chronic back pain (legitimate) but when I get the meds I go through them so quickly.
    Fellow chronic pain patient here, and I'm struggling with the same issue as you. It's such a predicament because there's almost NO support for alternatives. The doc pushes opiates (which may be all he really has to help you), the family doesn't understand why you would want to get off of something that helps your pain, friends think you are weird for exploring alternative means like acupuncture, herbal supplements, reiki, yoga, holistic medicine.... To them it is so easy - just take the pill prescribed to you and you feel better! Why would you want to stop that? Ugh....... I'm in the same place and don't know what the hell to do either......

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