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    Need Advice on Tapering

    Hi everyone, I'm so glad I found all of you! It feels so good to know that I am so not alone in this horrible addiction! Here is my story.
    I was put on Vicoprofen 750 about a year ago for a tendon injury. I had surgery, but the pain is still there. My doctor has me taking 1.5 pills 4 x's a day. I enjoyed the euphoria and the energy it gave me. Soon I found myself needing much more than the 6 I was prescribed. I started buying them from "outside sources". Now I am up to about 10-14 a day and I want so much to stop. The amount of money I have spent on this habit is embarassing. My husband knows that I am physically dependant on the drugs, but he doesn't understand the psychological part of the addiction. He also has no idea that I buy them. I have told him that I want to quit and I want to taper down to as small amount as possible, then use the "detox recipe" I found on this forum and go the rest of the way cold turkey. Can anyone here recommend a decent way to taper? I've tried a few times but I always seem to give in. Any advice would be so very much appreciated. I want to start tapering now and hopefully stop entirely in about a month or 2. As for the pain.....I would rather live with that than live like an addict for the rest of my life. Please help!

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    Dani Girl 78
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    Re: Need Advice on Tapering

    I have never really been addicted to anything...except chapstick, so it's hard for me to understand the addiction side of it. My husband was addicted to many kinds of drugs and he quit them all cold turkey. It took him getting the ***** scared out of him to quit coke, it took me for him to quit all the other "party" drugs he was on. I was going through a divorce and started smoking for about 6 mths then I just put them down. I don't know if you would be able to do it but I think that maybe you should flush the pills that you have and be strong and don't buy any more. I think that tappering may be harder to do. My MIL who smoked for 15 yrs quit cold turkey, my hubby smoked for 11 yrs quit cold turkey when we found out that I was preggers. I know that it will tough, but have enough confidence in yourself and KNOW that you can do it and be free. My husband has taught me alot, I was a very good girl while growing up. I have never done any drugs and hardly ever drink, we talk about his past often and he told me how an addiction takes over your life...YOU HAVE ALOT MORE TO YOUR LIFE THAN THOSE PILLS. So I say flush away sister and don't look back. Good luck.

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    Re: Need Advice on Tapering

    Hi donewithit,

    I have lingered here on this board for awhile and have seen a lot of awesome people attempt a taper, I have seen many fail...unless your willing to be 100% honest with the Dr who gives you these meds and allow him/her to taper you by having you come to the office to pick up a set amount each day, tapering is most likely going to be rough...

    My advice, either flush what you have and start, or take what you have left and then start, even if you taper, the withdrawls are stil going to be hell for the first week or so, you will still have little to no sleep crawly skin, legs and arms that ache and spasm, no appitite frequnt trips to the bathroom, depression crying fits, the whole 9 yards.

    The detox recipe does work, even without the benzos, I have been clean 3 months now and my olny lasting effect, is, if I sleep even 15 minutes before 9pm, I am awake all night, so my sleep is still at about 80% normal, but life is amazeing again and it is so so so worth it....

    You can do this, keep posting....


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    Re: Need Advice on Tapering


    I think I can help with a taper schedule based on your daily consumption. Can you tell me how you take the pills, do you take 2 or 3 every 4 or 6 hours? If you consume them all at once or only twice a day its best to get on a regular consumption interval. The way this taper works is it uses time between dosingís to gradually taper off. Usually the rule of thumb is a 10% taper. You will need some pills to taper so hopefully you have an ample supply for this method.

    One note: tapering is not an easy task, there are folks who are successful at this option (myself) and there are many who are not successful, as it takes an incredible amount of will power and determination to stay to plan and not cheat the plan. Its especially hard not to cheat a plan when you know all it would take is a few extra pills to get that buzz back or to keep any mild withdrawal symptoms at bay. I always like to tell it like it is so you know what you are attempting is doable but a difficult task. But if you can taper it does make the withdrawals more tolerable vs. those that are experienced via cold turkey. Many claim to have hardly any withdrawal symptoms when tapering and that would be the goal, but many do experience a slight withdrawal symptom here and there.

    If you have any questions let us know and we can clarify if you need it.

    I did this plan based on consuming 12 pills per day. Remember the key is to take the pills on schedule so if you need to wake up in the middle of the night plan on using an alarm so you take them on schedule. So to interpret the schedule the first day you take your pills every 4 hrs, then day two you take them every 4 hrs and 15 mins. Day three every 4 hrs and 30 mins. And so on. I know we are talking about almost 2 months for this taper but in the scheme of things thatís not that much time and this amount of time will also reduce the withdrawal to a good minimum.


    Initial dose, 2 pills each interval
    Day Interval Dose
    1 4:00 2 pills (12)
    2 4:15 2 pills (11)
    3 4:30 2 pills (10.5)
    4 4:45 2 pills (10)
    5 5:00 2 pills (25% reduction) (9.5)
    6 5:20 2 pills (9)
    7 5:40 2 pills (8.5)
    8 6:00 2 pills (33% reduction) (8)

    ======================================== ==========
    now reduce the dose to 1 1/3 pills at each interval and begin with day 9 below having a 45% reduction at the end of 16 days and only taking 5.5 pills per day.
    Day Interval Dose
    9 4:00 1 1/3 pills (8)
    10 4:15 1 1/3 pills (7.5)
    11 4:30 1 1/3 pills (7)
    12 4:45 1 1/3 pills (6.75)
    13 5:00 1 1/3 pills (6.5)
    14 5:20 1 1/3 pills (50% reduction)(6)
    15 5:40 1 1/3 pills (5.5)
    16 6:00 1 11/3 pills (5.5)

    ======================================== ============
    now reduce the dose to 1 pill at each interval and begin with day 17 below. At the end of the third period you will be down to 2 pills per day and 75% reduction.
    Day Interval Dose
    17 4:30 1 pill (5.5)
    18 4:45 1 pill (5)
    19 5:00 1 pill (5)
    20 5:20 1 pill (4.5)
    21 5:40 1 pill (4.5)
    22 6:00 1 pill (4)
    23 6:20 1 pill (4)
    24 6:40 1 pill (3.5)
    25 7:00 1 pill (3.5)
    26 7:20 1 pill (3)
    27 7:40 1 pill (3)
    28 8:00 1 pill (75% reduction) (3)
    ======================================== ==========
    now reduce the dose to 1/2 pill at each interval and begin with day 29 below. At the end of the fourth period you will be down to 1 pill per day and 88% reduction
    Day Interval Dose
    29 4:00 1/2 pill (3)
    30 4:15 1/2 pill (3)
    31 4:30 1/2 pill (2.5)
    32 4:45 1/2 pill (2.5)
    33 5:00 1/2 pill (2.5)
    34 5:20 1/2 pill (2.25)
    35 5:40 1/2 pill (2.25)
    36 6:00 1/2 pill (2)
    37 6:20 1/2 pill (2)
    38 6:40 1/2 pill (2)
    39 7:00 1/2 pill (1.75)
    40 7:20 1/2 pill (1.5)
    41 7:40 1/2 pill (1. 5)
    42 8:00 1/2 pill (1.5)
    ======================================== ===========
    for the final taper down, take 1/4 pill taking the interval from 6 hours to 12 hours by 1/2 hour increment a day.
    day interval Dose
    43 6:30 1/4 pill (
    44 7:00 1/4 pill
    45 7:30 1/4 pill
    46 8:00 1/4 pill
    47 8:30 1/4 pill
    48 9:00 1/4 pill
    49 9:30 1/4 pill
    50 10:00 1/4 pill
    51 10:30 1/4 pill
    52 11:00 1/4 pill
    53 11:30 1/4 pill
    54 12:00 1/4 pill
    DONE (no more pill taking hooray!!!!!)

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    Re: Need Advice on Tapering

    Thanks for the schedule, Phil. This does look doable. I need to get my head in the right place, start the schedule and try VERY HARD not to cheat. I will let you know how it is going!

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    Re: Need Advice on Tapering

    You can do it if you want it bad enough, set your goal and go for it. Think and visualize about the end goal and let that drive you to succeeding

    Good luck


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