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spark-o-cet 10-20-2005 05:50 PM

nutracleanse ingredients
hey gang how goes it.just wanted to let the ones know that are interested that the ingredients in nutracleanse are listed and all seem to be 100% safe from my is a complicated mix of herbs and vitamins all mixed and ph balanced for nasal would be almost impossible to make and mix nutra yourself,and it would be much more costly.update on myself: i have been clean and opiate free going on three weeks now usin nothin but nutracleanse itself.stopped usin nutra about week and half ago and had no w/d or feelbad or sickness whatsoever.i did order one more bottle just for the extra energy and for the paws that i know are on its way.but this will be my last bottle,just dont need anymore at this can believe me or not, but i have been heavy opiate user for over 7yrs and this is the ONLY thing that has really worked for me and actually got me clean and opiate free.been on suboxone twice now and could never get off it without relapse.nutra is the best thing that i know of to use if you want to get clean with the least amount of far as a dosage goes,you have to use it accordin to how you feel at the time.if jonsin bad use more until you feel better.when my bottle comes in i will use two drops per nostril in am and see if that makes it all day if not maybe another drop at lunch or around 5:00.there is no set dose,you kinda have to figure this out on your own.cost is another factor but if you get clean does it really matter,not to me it doesnt.all i can say is it does work if you want to get clean and it works for the cravins also will work for a taper and works well.


valleygurl 10-21-2005 02:22 PM

Re: nutracleanse ingredients
[QUOTE=OCboy03R6]where is this available? the health store or something?[/QUOTE]

Hi There, The NC is everything that Spark has claimed it to be as I use it also. It is an absolute miracle and a life saver!!!!

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OCboy03R6 10-21-2005 02:24 PM

Re: nutracleanse ingredients
is it addicting?

valleygurl 10-21-2005 02:24 PM

Re: nutracleanse ingredients
[QUOTE=OCboy03R6]where is this available? the health store or something?[/QUOTE]

P.S. I am curious.....what does the 03R6 stand for????

OCboy03R6 10-21-2005 02:25 PM

Re: nutracleanse ingredients
[QUOTE=valleygurl]P.S. I am curious.....what does the 03R6 stand for????[/QUOTE]
03(year i graduated and i had a 03R6) R6 is a streetbike

valleygurl 10-21-2005 02:49 PM

Re: nutracleanse ingredients
[QUOTE=OCboy03R6]is it addicting?[/QUOTE]

It shouldnt be as the ingredients consist of vitamins and natural supplements.

OCboy03R6 10-21-2005 04:11 PM

Re: nutracleanse ingredients
i looked up nutracleance and this product should be the answer to everyones problems! 100% guaranteed, and it taked away all of the w/d symptoms, it doesnt get any better then that!

agentalias 10-22-2005 01:30 PM

Re: nutracleanse ingredients
i ordered it on Sparks recommendations. I am a longtime lurker and sometimes poster, but more lurking than anything. I also used Sub in the past and it helped but the WDs were extremely difficult to deal with.

It has helped me and no, it is not addicting. It gives you alot of energy and it can get you kind of sleepy too. I like it and will continue to use it occassionally.

Good luck...and take care. :cool:

spark-o-cet 10-22-2005 02:33 PM

Re: nutracleanse ingredients
hi agent can you tell me what your old name was on the board long ago i cant recall.glad the nutra has worked for you and hope you are clean.i think i was the first one to post about nutracleanse on this board and was hopin it might help at least one person the way it worked for me.kinda worried some might not like the post but all have been positive.the money back guaranttee does work as a friend sent it back and got full refund so you cant lose and just might get clean in the process.also i have noticed that it sometimes will make me a little sleepy but i thought it was just me.good luck my friend-spark

jewel1060 10-22-2005 03:25 PM

Re: nutracleanse ingredients
Hey spark,

Glad to hear you are doing so well. I also have been clean since 10/6 with the help of nutracleanse. I still need it though for energy - it is costly - but great. Did you only use the one bottle? good luck all-jewel :angel:

spark-o-cet 10-22-2005 04:20 PM

Re: nutracleanse ingredients
jewell,so so glad the nutra has helped you with the w/d and recovery process.i agree the energy it gives is the best and this is the only product that ive found that will do this and i have tried herbals,vitamins,and all prescription meds.just a couple of drops will pick you up immediately and take the w/d and blah feelin is amazing to me and only wish i could have found it yrs must be the combo of ingredients and the way it is processed that makes it work so great i really dont know,but i swear by it at this point in my recovery.the only reason i could never get clean in the past was the god awful w/ds and blues.the nutra takes this almost all answer your ?,no one bottle is not nearly enough and i am on my fourth bottle and might get another in a couple of weeks if i get to cravin or the paws hit me hard.i highly reccomend to stock up on at least two-three bottles of nutra before goin cold the beginning for me and most others it takes much more than dr.stronach and his staff recommend but they say this is perfectly alright so need not to worry.yes it is high but it is still cheaper than the pills i was buyin every other day so i will not complain whatsoever.jewell,i hope by my posting about nutracleanse here will help you thru the w/d and on to full sobriety.i pray for you and all here-spark

OCboy03R6 10-22-2005 05:42 PM

Re: nutracleanse ingredients
i heard it was fake from other boards is this true has anyone honestly used it and worked?

BeginAgain 10-22-2005 05:57 PM

Re: nutracleanse ingredients
I personally did not have success with it. It appears many on this board have. I bought it based on the reviews posted by others. I am the only one on this board that I've seen post negatively. I really could feel no difference after using it at all. I don't know that it's related but 3 days after trying it I developed a nasty sinus infection. I have never had problems with my sinuses other than an occasional cold. But, this is the worst sinus problems I've ever had. Ear ache, ears popping, noise sensitivity, can hear my heart beating in my ears, pain behind eyes, tender face under eyes and in forehead, severe headaches. Maybe it's a coincidence and not related..I just can't say for sure. I just know that I got no benefit from the NC that I noticed.
That's just my experience. If it works for you great....I'd do anything that made this easier. It's certainly worth a try.

OCboy03R6 10-22-2005 06:05 PM

Re: nutracleanse ingredients
anyone else?
i would like to get a lot of input as i did just purchase it this morning and i am currently day 3 clean of oxycodone, which i am addicted to, using methadone but i dont plan on using it forever. i wanted to use this NC after the methadone, but i wanna know if its going to work... i plan on going through w/d's after i stop using methadona but iom hoping its not that bad

jewel1060 10-22-2005 07:14 PM

Re: nutracleanse ingredients
Hey OC - Yes I have been able to come off suboxone - which is hard to do - tried 2x before and suffered terribly. I tried the nutracleanse while I was tapering and felt so great - I decided to try to come off the suboxone. The nutracleanse gets rid of the w/d's like a minute after you do it. You have to keep using as you feel symptoms coming back - but it worked for me and many others - I am clean since 10/6 for the first time in 8 years. good luck.jewel :angel:

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