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  • Fentanyl Patch for Withdrawal?

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    Old 03-31-2006, 05:45 AM   #46
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    Re: Fentanyl Patch for Withdrawal?

    Tonnie, it sounds like you got everything covered , I hope the methadone works for you and gets you off the oxy's.

    It sounds like your doing great so far.


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    Old 04-03-2006, 12:11 PM   #47
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    Re: Fentanyl Patch for Withdrawal?

    Hey Tonnie -

    I'm on methadone for pain managment and my doctor starts everyone out the exact same way... at 30mg. It's a very common starting dose from what I have read when researching it. Anything less is a "nothing" dose according to my doc so she starts at 30mg. For PM we don't go up as fast as you do for addiction maintenance. We normally go a week or two at one dose then meet with her and tell her how it is handling the pain etc... It works double for me due to my previous vicodin addiction. I've been on for a few months now and am now up to only 50mg which is working pretty well for my pain AND my cravings. But my intake of vicodin was nowhere near as high as yours so you will need to go up some still. I talked to a doctor at a methadone clinic when I was looking into going on it for pain management and he said his patients take on average 80-120mg a day for addiction maintenance. I'm sure some take more and some take less...but it seems like you are approaching a dose that should start working really well for you. When you get there you will find that your cravings go WAAAAYYYY down. At least they have for me. I don't even THINK about pills anymore. It is SUCH a nice feeling. I am so very happy for you Tonnie. Just make sure that when they get you up high enough that you for sure stop with that 40mg wafer. You don't want to be taking too much methadone. Believe me. In my PM group I go to once a month there are a few that had some major trouble with that because of the long half life of methadone. They were on 70 mg or so and would take an extra 10-20 a day and ended up having 150 mg or so of methadone in their system and got VERY sick! So be careful. When they get you up to 80 or so stop taking the other stuff! I know you are planning on it...but part of being an addict is the actual addiction to going and buying the stuff. Make sure you stop doing that so that you don't end up hurting yourself. Methadone is A LOT stronger than oxy.

    But things sound like they are really looking up for you!!! I am SOOOO happy Tonnie!


    Old 04-07-2006, 05:38 AM   #48
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    Re: Fentanyl Patch for Withdrawal?

    wow toonie, I found your story really breath taking, I am typing to you with tears in my eyes!! MY hubby has had severe neck/disk problems (almost typed d_ck, but thats a whole other story lol) for over 6 yrs now, he has had 2 surgeries and recently had the nerve endings burnt off around where his last surgery had taken place. he is BIG TIME addicted to fentanyl pops (1600 mcg) 3 times daily as needed and of course, as I am sure you know, he NEEDS them for withdraw if not for pain. He had been on the patch several years ago for a lower back problem and almost died coming off of them. You say you are addicted to oxy's, well let me tell you from experience, coming off fentanyl is much worse, I can't see going from one addiction to a much more severe one, the patches are so hard to come off of. but I also know....... you have to do what you have to do. I will always hate all kinds of narcotics, our son, now 24, then 16 got addicted to pain pills also, because Kevin (my hubby) had them and Dusty (my son) decided to try them. We have been through so much with this injury and the drs seems to just want to keep him on meds and as much as he is taking now. where do we go from here. If you can get into a pain clinic... I'm sure they will give you the meds you need, alot f them seem to push meds, it was a dr in Cumberland Maryland that so freely raised Kev's dose of fentanyl pops for 200 mcg to 1600 mcg in less the a 3 month period. let me know how things are, I just wanted you to know that you are not alone. You are in my prayers, your story really touched me, God Bless!

    Old 04-15-2006, 06:38 PM   #49
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    Re: Fentanyl Patch for Withdrawal?

    sweet sweet lovely sister
    I know your pain to greatly....I have been exactly were you are.. up to 240mg habit...I best advice to you is go to the methadone clinic.. seriously.. YOu have to do something now.. ASAP. you have some options.. Either the long and tideous painfull experiance... find your self a safe environment with loveing support If not at home in a hospital and stay there as long as your need to. I know I"m scared of withdrawls I lost my job because of my addiction and honestly I could never just qwite cold turkey. It was really hard for me because my boyfriend had this insane hook up getting 80's for like 15 bucks.. its just was the crazy insane exsessive lifestyle.. because I was his girl I got it free..rapidly my tollerance just getting higher and higher.. I felt suicidal at times.. Just going from being so "high" then crashing and hateing yourself for polluting your body with fake chemicals... And even though he had this good ho ok up every addict knows that you will allways run out of your drug...and when that time comes... the sickness the despair I want to cry to think of what your going through. To hold you.. Well as of now Im in the methadone clinic.. I decided that was better then a life of steeling and lieing hurting everyone around me.. and I'm great.. slowly I'm puting away "the lifestyle" becasue its not just qwiteing the drug its the life style.. its hard.. but I feel alot better about myself right now. I finally got a job I like! that I'm truly passionate about and represents the essence of who I am. I got A job working at are local community oraganic co-op.. as a cook, cooking wholesome natural organic foods. its amazeing to finally feel good about my actions.. at the methadone clinic the allso give you conslor wich is great ...just to have someone who is compassionate and careing. Listen sister you have so much to live for. If you want to no more about the details of the methadone clinic you can e-mail me personally or if you just want to talk! my e-mail is [email]REMOVED[/email].

    the time is now. You know its pointless to go chaseing after that high. guidence and protection

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    Old 05-31-2006, 10:15 PM   #50
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    Re: Fentanyl Patch for Withdrawal?

    Hi! I am a fentanyl patch addit and have be for 3 years (on pills for about 2 before that) and I have to quit. I am not ready to but have to. I got some Suboxone from one of my friends that was a heroin addict. She didnt get them prescribed from a doctor either and was fine and off heroin. I was just wondering if it is a good idea to do it on my own. I really dont want to got to an inpatient detox. I am not on my own, my boyfriend is quitting with me which is good I think but I just need some one to tell my its going to be okay.

    Old 10-12-2006, 06:00 PM   #51
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    PretenderZenith HB User
    Re: Fentanyl Patch for Withdrawal?

    Looks like my post is months too late, but thought I'd add a little insight from personal expeience with using the fentanyl patch. I am currently in the process of withdraw from stopping use so this may not come across real clear. I was prescribed the patch at 25mcg/h around maybe 8 yrs ago. I quickly was changed to the 50mcg/h and finally to the 75mcg/h (which I've been on for close to seven years maybe. I am a Veteran and go to a VAMC for treatment. The VA decided to stop prescribing the patch to any Veterans other than those with cancer. I was reduced from 75 to 25 level patches for 15 days along with methadone to assist with the withdraw. Fentanyl is 80-100 times stronger than morphine depending on where or who you get your information. I took off my last 25 patch 6 days ago and then was to start using morphine sulfate sr for longterm and hydrocodone for BT pain. I am still reeling with the withdraw and it has been a nightmare. Total agitation, irritability, isolatation, lack of sleep, worms crawling under the skin, so on and so forth. I had to go back out to the VAMC 2 days ago and tell them that I needed help thru the withdraw. The said to double a dose of ativan that I take to help sleep at night by cutting a once a day 2mg tab into 1mg tabs and taken 1mg tab four imes a day for so many days, and then 1mg tab of so many days, and so on. My point is that fentanyl is very hard to withdraw from after extended use....prescribed or otherwise and I thought I was going to lose my self in the process. The patch is designed to release and stabilize the amount of the drug in the system of the person using it for a 3 day period. The effects requires a period of time for stabilizing. Many don't think the patch is working well so they choose to put anothe patch on. I've lost several people due to this thinking process. It is not and immediate influx of pain reliever and takes sometime (depending on the person) to get the the level needed to do its job. I have read about many horror stories of people using more than one patch at a time that wasn't prescribed or using methadone or other drugs not prescribed for use by the Doctor. It's a case of over medicating and the organs will just give out. Please be careful with the medications and/or thei illegal drugs you use and how you use them. If the body gets over loaded then there isn't much that can be done to avoid the inevitable stage of organ collapse and death.

    Old 10-12-2006, 10:15 PM   #52
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    Re: Fentanyl Patch for Withdrawal?

    Thank U for your post my fiance has been on the patch for a few yrs now due to back pain and he knows it will be hell to get off of. His Dr bumbed him up to 75mcg's and after a few months he asked to be put down to the 50mcg and suffered some w/d's. He was alright though he also takes vicoden for the breakthrough pain he has. I have read all this stuff about the patch and I hope his Dr is smart enough to wean him down if they find something better that will control his pain. He has forgotten to take of his old patch before putting on a new one and did get sick from it. I really feel for you and my fiance trys to make his patches last as long as they can since he got laid off from his job and they are 300/mo and he and I can tell when they are wearing off he his sweating, cold, legs uncontrolable, irritable and this is just from making it last a day or two longer I couldnt imagine anything longer. He finally got insurance coverage but the annual prescription amount is 3000 and he is diabetic and has to have insulin and due to that he had testosterone and his patches the testosterone alone is 300/mo plus his patches 300/mo and his vicoden 120/mo so he wil reach his limit soon. thank goodness he just got a job. Just in time for hopefully my knee surgery that my insurance doesnt cover. Good Lord does it ever end!!! Kim

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