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  • can't stop smoking weed

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    Old 05-10-2006, 02:03 PM   #1
    Join Date: Jan 2005
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    VeryTired HB User
    can't stop smoking weed

    this is insane, i have been spending 40 a day on it for ten days, been smoking daily for a year, don't get high anymore, need it everyday, and daily i resolve to quit, and daily i fail. what the hell?

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    Old 05-10-2006, 05:59 PM   #2
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    kim4074 HB User
    Re: can't stop smoking weed

    Its an psychological addiction. You feel as though you need it to maintain a certain amount of normalcy have you been tested for ADD or ADHD? Are you really hyper without it? I was told years and years ago in a pysch class that there was no physical addiction to pot that it was all mental we had THC receptors in the brain that broke it down and used it. Now I think things have changed about that one research the effects of addiction and if it is addiction. I know after much use you do go through a w/d but search around and do your research to find out how to stop and what arethe w/d's. I'm sure anger, irritibility, hyperness, energy, lack of focus all might be part of it but I'm in now way an expert. I think if you google "drug addicts revovery" and withdrawl u might find something your looking for and maybe others who have been there. Sorry mods had to post that one. Kim

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    Old 05-11-2006, 05:44 AM   #3
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    mpvt HB User
    Re: can't stop smoking weed

    I agree with Kim, there is no physical addiction to pot same goes for cocaine.There is a mental addiction of sorts.What kind of lifestle are you leading.Who are you chumming around with.How active are you in exercise or sports ect.Also how is your diet.Alot of people are having the same problem that you are and for most it comes down to lifestyle and/or mental disorders like ADD....Good luck and don't give up.I stopped smoking pot after smoking a half ounce a day back in the early 80's and I haven't touched it since,to boring a high.....Dave

    Old 05-12-2006, 11:09 AM   #4
    Senior Veteran
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    flintrock HB Userflintrock HB Userflintrock HB Userflintrock HB Userflintrock HB Userflintrock HB Userflintrock HB User
    Re: can't stop smoking weed

    It's all in your head. If you would keep yourself busy with something else, it would be much easier for you. Just set your mind to it, and get busy.

    Old 05-12-2006, 12:09 PM   #5
    Senior Veteran
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    Blasterboy HB UserBlasterboy HB User
    Re: can't stop smoking weed

    Your behaviour seems to be additive and you appear to be in active addiction!!! You can try and look at this reason and that reason and some may be reasonable, but ultimately I image that you have a broader additive life style if you look at it. I used to smoke a lot of pot and when I went without; I'd drink or pop pills etc. So really the addiction ran deep for me and although it was alcohol that brought me to me knees, I would roll over and smoke a joint, long before I would roll over and pour a vodka, but it's a path of progressive illness that affects us all in different ways, ALTHOUGH that there's one common thing that links us and thatís the mental obsession to use and if we're not using we're planning how we can use, our whole life is consumed by the drugs that we consume!!!

    So until we find recovery there's just an endless spiral of depression and madness, I found recovery in the 12 step way through AA/NA and I would encourage anyone else who's suffering from what seems like additive addition or behaviour that they're not sure whether it's Alcoholic etc to go to their local AA or NA meeting. Just pick up the local phone book, the meetings or everywhere and the people at them are almost always friendly (except the ones who are just a few days in, they are well taken care of like you could be) and they will welcome you and advice you if you want. If you don't want all you have to do then is just sit and listen at the meeting, you don't have to say anything and you can just leave. It's up to you, but the AA/NA is there to help people who don't know how to move forward from their current hell!

    Best Wishes however you choice to go on.

    Old 05-13-2006, 01:58 AM   #6
    Junior Member
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    Paine HB User
    Re: can't stop smoking weed

    That is an insane amount to be spending on weed. But I shouldn't talk, I've been there. For a long time, I was spending at least $200 or more a week on weed. But anyway, yes it is insane. That's where the whole addiction thing comes in. Addiction makes you do insane things like that.

    Addiction made me go from a magna *** laude grad, to a jobless penniless 24/7 potsmoker. Note that I said that addiction caused this, not the drug itself. I have an addictive personality, so I know that if it wasn't pot I was using, I'd find something else. So you can't blame pot.

    Anyway, I've been saying "I'll quit tomorrow" for about 5 years now. I smoke every single day and night without fail. Even when I had pneumonia and could barely breathe. That's how strong of a hold this disease addiction has.

    And even now, my life is spiraling out of control right before my eyes and I still find it impossible to quit. Just a few days ago I found out I have no money, and I'm getting kicked out of the house. I need a job now, but I have to get myself clean first so I can pass a drug test. But even though I desperately need a job, I just can't find the willpower to quit. I know that all my problems will be surely and instantly fixed if I just stop smoking and get a job, but I just can't do it. It's either stop smoking now and get a job and everything's gravy, or keep smoking and be a bum out on the streets (seriously I have no where to live once I move out). It seems so obvious what needs to be done, but addiction has no logic. It's just so easy to go back to the pipe (or bong, or j).

    In the end, I know (and I'm sure every addict knows) it just boils down to pure willpower. As with any other addictive substance, you just need to stop doing it. Sounds simple, but I know it's the hardest thing to do in the world.

    If it helps any, I'll be here trying to quit too. I have to quit today, it's do or die. So yes, I am gonna do it. It might help to know that somewhere, somebody else in the world is trying to stop smoking weed, and going through just as much agony and torture as you. It's hell, but we'll suffer together.

    Old 05-13-2006, 07:37 AM   #7
    Join Date: Jan 2005
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    VeryTired HB User
    Re: can't stop smoking weed

    yeah, that sounds terrible, sounds like me.

    it's depressing. these days, even when i do smoke, i hardly feel anything. the last few days, i have noticed even my first joint of the day does next to nothing, yet i must still have it. by the way, it's not necessarily that i am even smoking so much, just that my dealer is a jerk and ripping me off.

    the problem is, if i don't smoke, what do i do? this is my room: a twin size mattress on the floor, a bookcase, and a desk. i don't watch tv or have any friends. i messed up school and this term have been restricted to next to nothing as far as classes.

    but if i do go get some, i know i will just want to smoke the rest of the day and i will feel depressed come nightfall.

    this is crazy, it's been going on for a year, and i can't stop.

    Old 05-13-2006, 09:52 PM   #8
    luvkitkats's Avatar
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    luvkitkats HB User
    Re: can't stop smoking weed

    It's been about a year since I've smoked but I was every bit as addicted to pot as you are. With my addictive personality, I'm pretty certain that even now, one joint would send me back on the path I was on. It wasn't will power that stopped me but rather circumstances that stopped me (i'm working in a country where thankfully, pot is not as readily available).

    For many years, I lived at the mercy of this habit that dictated my life. I struggled to find jobs as I was always in a haze. Even turned down a job that would have been mine for the taking after I found out there was to be drug test. Even when I was broke, I scraped together money to buy weed and when I had money, I just smoked even more. By looking at me, one would never have suspected I had such a major struggle going on in my life. I was smart, articulate, attractive but leading an increasingly isolated life. Somehow, I managed to nab a well-paying job that also included much time spent alone travelling (by car) which for a pothead was the best cuz now I could smoke all day instead of waiting to come home from work to smoke. So when I wasn't working, I was home ALONE smoking all day. I preferred to stay at home with my bag than socialize. I was smoking about an 1/8th a day. And if I wasn't smoking I was thinking about it. It was a never-ending cycle. I told myself over and over I would quit but I just couldn't. If I managed to stop for a short time (usually because my source was dry ) I would make the decision to quit and then tell myself, I'll just start smoking less. Of course, that wouldn't last long and I'd quickly be up at my usual pace. And here's the kicker, most people would have been shocked to know the truth about my life.

    So here I am now in another part of the world and I still think about smoking but I know now that I am not capable of smoking just one bowl. That one bowl would lead me right back to where I was. If I was still in the states, I have no doubt I would still be smoking like a maniac. Please consider a 12 step program. Some of us are not able to smoke socially because our brains are not wired that way. I know the struggle you are going through and I wish you strength and wisdom.

    Old 05-14-2006, 08:50 AM   #9
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    ethos987 HB User
    Re: can't stop smoking weed

    Dude. I tell you this: about six weeks since I last smoked up.

    I still can't believe it.

    I don't really know what I did. Let's of now, I have completely immersed myself in work and have moved to a less drug consumed area, in fact, I live in a completely drug free area now.

    That's all I know about that.

    Good luck and keep looking for a way.


    Old 06-02-2006, 01:21 PM   #10
    NeoOsiris's Avatar
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    NeoOsiris HB User
    Re: can't stop smoking weed

    I had a developing problem like you. Spent 40+ bucks a day to get weed and smoke up. I did that for a couple months straight then realized what I was doing was stupid, I wasn't getting half as high as I used to which was the reason I started and my marks were dropping. So I came up with a plan to let me enjoy the drug more and do less. Just try to cut down to once a week, you will find you will get high and enjoy it and it helps you cut down. I found doing it everyday was pointless and stupid, it was ruining my lifestyle. If you can get it to once a week, then eventually you will just realize you dont need it. Also try keeping yourself busy, as simple as it sounds. I got full time job, started going to the gym regularly, and I am going to join a mixed martial arts gym at the end of the month. If you are keeping your schedule busy with things you really wanna pursue and do, you will find you have no time to even think of weed. All my friends still smoke up, but I find I'm just too tired too go out and smoke up cause i have work the next day. Really find something you always wanted to do, whatever it is. And just aim towards it, do whatever it takes to do it. For me it was wanting to learn mma, and possibly pursue a side career in it. At the time as unrealistic as it sounded, I just told myself let's do it. So I just went clean and I am currently training and its lotta fun. You'd be surprised how effective just setting goals is, its simple yet effective. Try it out, it might work. It has worked for me so far.

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