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  • Hydrocodone withdrawls & need advice

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    Old 06-14-2006, 06:36 AM   #46
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    Re: Hydrocodone withdrawls & need advice

    Good Morning, You are very welcome, that is why we are all here, to give each other the support it's hard to get from our loved ones' due to them not truly understanding what we are dealing with.

    What did your doctor prescribe you for that issue? Just curious. It's a non-narcotic right? Hopefully it is. Cravings? Well, I don't want to lie. Of course I have my days where I crave the "high". I just think about how difficult it is to stop taking these and how agonizing the physical and mental withdrawals are and that helps eliminate the cravings sometimes. I think for a while I will have cravings, part of being an addict I guess. When you try to substitute that craving with another drug or find means to get the Norco is when you fail. So, as as long as I am only "craving" and can get through it, I have to give myself kuddo's for that and not hold the cravings against myself in a bad way :-) May 15th was my last day so that puts me at day 30 today. I'm doing okay. I could be better if I get up and start being more active again. That part has been difficult for me. I guess I'm trying to let my body run the natural course of getting off the pills and I've always been the type of person who just jumps up when the time is right, I think I'll do that when I'm ready to start working out again. I am trying to go outside more, even if it's just to take Brittany for a walk (she's my miniature yorkie). I found that being outside in the sunshine helps a little. I'm really proud of you, I truly am. You are doing fantastic and I hope you are just as proud of yourself. I have been experiencing severe migraines for the past few days. I've had about 5 in the last 4 days. That's more than some people get in a month. I used to get them all the time several years ago and then they went away, now I'm getting them again. Not sure what the cause is but last night it was so painful I actually wrote down all of my personal information in case my son had to call the doctor....that's how bad it was. I am going to try some over the counter migraine medicine first before talking to my doctor. It has been very hot in south Texas and I'm a bit stressed from work and what not. I want to think it's a combination of the ungodly heat and stress so am just seeing what happens. I just don't want to take another prescription just yet so hopefully these will work. Being in so much pain and not having anyone to go to the store for me last night , I had to try and sleep it off. I did pick up some medication Saturday morning (Excedrin Migraine) and later that morning I realized the lady at the grocery store must have missed putting them in my bag because they were no where to be found (that is just my luck) the time the next one hit, it was unexpected and I couldn't get up off the couch to go back and deal with the whole customer service/receipt issue. As far as the back pain, I'm trying to stretch a lot and just deal with it. It's bad sometimes but not bad enough to where I have to take the Hydrocodone. I'm just dealing with it I guess. Taking things one day at a time, that's all there is to do.

    I want to apologize to you for all the long posts. I am a fast typer and I really don't have anyone to talk to so I guess that is why I write you about this so much. Thank you for taking the time to read them and for being so supportive of me also. Take care and hopefully I'll hear from you soon.

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    Old 06-14-2006, 10:49 AM   #47
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    Re: Hydrocodone withdrawls & need advice

    Strongwilled, I'm so sorry you're having to deal with migraines....and deal with them alone. Ugh.....I can't imagine coming home from the store and having the migraine medicine being the only thing missing from the bag!!!! I think you'd have an iron-clad defense against any violence carried out on the sacker at that store! just kidding. I'm sure you didn't feel well enough to carry out any violence. ;-)

    I just wanted to say hello...I think you and I have some things in common...about the same age and mothers.....and I'm in Oklahoma just above you. Oh, and there's that pesky pain pill issue. You can see in my post replying to Kim's that I have once again relapsed and am on the wagon again, but not liking my wagon very much. It sounds like you are doing very well with over a month behind you....that is absolutely awesome. Hang in there and know that you're providing inspiration.

    Old 06-21-2006, 05:01 AM   #48
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    Re: Hydrocodone withdrawls & need advice

    Good Morning All,

    I've not posted in a while as I was away on business travel. Boy - It sure was nice not worrying about counting enough pills to last through the business trip.

    The cravings hit in the afternoon and on weekends when I am relaxed. I get this thought out of the blue "Wouldn't it be great to take three right now?" (That was my normal 'abuse' dose) I tell myself NO! and re-read the messages that I posted on here and in my journal during the physical detox phase - how uncomfortable and sick i felt and the major depression that lasted for two weeks.

    I have taken two pills so far, but i do not consider them a slip, as I used them for legitimate pain at night after my back acted up and i could not sleep. When used as prescribed they reduce pain to a manageable level and i did not get a high. My Doctor is aware of my abuse and when I saw him during the flare up he said that I may have to take these occasionally but that he would only write me a script for the lowest hydro dosage (5/325) with 10 pills.

    So far so good. I want to congratulate Strongwilled on over a month being clean!

    Old 06-21-2006, 09:28 AM   #49
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    Re: Hydrocodone withdrawls & need advice

    Hello All --

    These posts have meant so much to me. I wanted to let you all know that. I shared in another thread that I went to treatment 23 years ago (1983) and was addicted to regular cough syrup with hydrocodone in it and Tussionex (time released hydrocodone) and Forinol (sp?) #3.

    I stayed totally clean for 20 years. I had to have several surgeries for several things for which I had to have narcotic pain killers in the last 3 years and have begun to struggle again with addiction. These forums have helped me so much. I just decided to start writing some. I only found it about a week ago. All of your comments have been such a great comfort, inspiration and help to me.

    I am blessed to have a 30 year marriage to someone who is truly my soulmate. I have been honest with him from the beginning of these last 3 years. He has not judged me but has helped me so much. I started a week and a half ago to get totally off of the pain pills. He is helping. The first weekend with nothing, I really needed someone's help -- not just the physical part but the emotional and spiritual and mental anguish. I didn't sleep much and had one peak day that was horrible. I saw my pain management doctor a week ago this coming Friday, and she gave me my regular prescription, but my husband is keeping it.

    So, I went one full week without any, now my husband is giving me a certain number each day and we are doing a taper. I don't feel them at all in my mind It helps some with the pain. It hasn't totally stopped the w/ding, but has somewhat eased things. I know I couldn't do it without his help.

    Reading all of the post here has really helped me. I'd like to know how everyone is doing, even if you are having a hard time or have fallen in your efforts, please let us know. I was a drug counselor once, and I have fallen! How much worse can you get? We are not here only to cheer one another on in the great victorious times, but we are here to help one another even in the times we fail. We need each other through it all.

    I Hope I've helped -- Meme

    Old 06-21-2006, 11:08 AM   #50
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    Re: Hydrocodone withdrawls & need advice

    Your absolutly right we need to be here for each other in good and bad times. Your story is very simular to alot of others. I too have taken lortab for chronic pain started abusing them got off them and due to unbearable pain I started taking them again and felt myself slipping fast. I caught it early and like you I cannot have control of my meds. Only if I am in so much pain that I cannot walk or even stand up do I ask for a 1/2 of one. I dont get the high but I do get a little comfort. Glad you found us, I am currently in college and want to be a drug counselor well at least I can say I know exactly how you feel and what your going through and really mean it. So welcome and keep on posting. Kim

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    Tanya Marie C.
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    Smile Re: Hydrocodone withdrawls & need advice

    Wow reetz1960, I would just like to commend you on being so doggone honest ! I believe it really takes alot for someone to be so honest about their addiction because most people would leave out those "little" details that really help someone like me (I myself am wondering if I'm an addicted to Lortab 10's) really understand all the many facets of addiction.

    I would really like to thank you for opening up and not hiding your reality that you faced with addiction. Most people I know won't even admit half the things you did knowing they did the same thing but are too proud or too embarrassed to admit it.

    I really admire your straight forward, pull no punches, realism.
    Thank You for sharing your story, and thank you for not sugar coating anything. I truly respect you and admire you for that. I think alot of folks will be able to learn something from your story as I did.

    I wish you much luck with this problem, and I'd like to say that by being completely real with yourself as well as others is a very big start on the road to recovery and getting your life back.
    ~Best Wishes,

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    Old 06-24-2006, 12:43 PM   #52
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    Re: Hydrocodone withdrawls & need advice

    You are so right about the honesty thing. Most of the time we aren't totally honest because we are still in denial about so much that we don't even realize. Denial is a powerful thing and sometimes really takes some time to break through. Sometimes it is pride and embarrassment, but it also can be just blindness, not seeing through the thick clouds of denial. Denial is a big part of our disease. That leads into justification and self righteousness. But the root of it is denial.

    Denial is what makes us blind to the fact that we drink too much. We will tell our selves, "I wouldn't call myself an alcoholic, maybe I just drink too much, because I'm not hurting anyone but myself....." -- When we already have two DUI's and have to drink 3 six packs of beer when we get home from work. But we find a way to "deny" there is a problem. So we aren't honest.

    Or, we may be honest, but not ready to give it all up yet, so we tell part of the story and "deny" the rest. The truth is, we won't get really well until we let it all go. It is a good place to start where we each are, but as we grow, we show let go of more and
    more of that denial.

    Most of us have been betrayed and find it hard to trust, and that is a reason we hold back. But the more we post and realize we can be safe here and trust and be trusted, more people will lay it out on the table and not hold back!

    That's my 2 cents anyway.

    How is everyone doing? I haven't heard from strongwilled -- and then I noticed her name says banned maybe heard from her privately -- how is her w/ding going? Does anyone know how she is doing? Would love to here how all the ones who have posted here are doing. I'm doing good still. I'm very excited!


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