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  • Question??? About upset tummy after going off opiates??

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    Old 07-03-2007, 06:15 PM   #1
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    skych HB Userskych HB User
    Question??? About upset tummy after going off opiates??

    Hi everyone..

    I totally got sick to my stomach today just came on out of no where and I puked!!

    This afternoon after I had therapy I just all of a sudden had to hit the bathroom and throw up. I had a light lunch after I made some posts earlier and then it just happened and I had a stomach ache so I had to take an anti nausea thing for that.

    I made it through the rest of the day and even went to dip in the pool.

    I am just wondering if any others have had this issue and how long will it last? I have only been off the Methadone for about a little over 2 weeks.

    Yes the pain is back and I have been comunicating with the nurse on my case about the nausea and the pain issues.

    She said it could be days or even up to months before my tummy gets right. Is that anyone else's experience? Months?

    As far as my pain goes I have taken about a total of 1000 mg's not all at one time but divided into 2 doses today of Ibuprofen. We also agreed that most of the pain stuff is because of the severe disuse and atrophy of my arm.
    The PT gal today felt the rock hard muscle in my neck and decided to give me some shock therapy and heat. It felt good for a while but it is not a permanent fixer.
    I just gotta slowly gain the strength and it will be painful and long process.

    Anyway anyone have any experience with the pukey tummy stuff? I went about 4-5 days without anti nause stuff and then today after being sick I just could not take the nausea so I took the stuff and my tummy setteled some.
    What do you guys think? Time or what?

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    Old 07-03-2007, 10:53 PM   #2
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    shay4bliss HB User
    Re: Question??? About upset tummy after going off opiates??

    Hi Chrissy,

    Sorry it's been so long since I've posted to you. I'm trying to slowly catch up with everyone. I've been reading everything though. My little boy is going out of town to see his grandparents in a couple of days, and I've been spending my time with him because I'm gonna really miss him while he's gone!

    But I've been reading about your pain and your tummy probs. I'm so sorry about all the mess, I think alot of it is just what you said....time. You just have to keep in mind that your body isn't going to bounce back from your injuries or addictin as fast as you want it to. When you think about it, our bodies are a miraculous piece of equipment. The things we do to it. And actually it bounces back pretty fast. But we are just impatient, and trying to re-learn how to cope. Your little 'receptors' are having to think for themselves now without being numbed. I've heard of people having stomach issues for a year or two after being clean. Also, just think about it Chrissy....a month ago you were having upset stomachs ALL THE TIME, ALL DAY!!! So you're making progress, you're just forgetting how bad it WAS.

    But I do have a couple of other 'theories' you may consider:
    1. Valium-Girl, when I take valium, it gives me diahreah something terrible. I guess because it relaxes me. But it always has. Xanax and Ativan, although benzos, don't do it to me, just valium.
    2. Could it be nerves? or anxiety? I've been kinda timing you on things throughout your posts over the last month or two, and it SEEMS like, (not saying this is how it is) you get the tummy problems when you're in stressful or emotional situations. Now, like I said, I may be WAY OFF track here. I just remember you talking about this when you had tests at school alot. Or when you were really stressing over w/d's. And now you said you were with your therapist. I can also remember you saying this came on at a meeting. Were they talking about something in particular that my have upset you or stressed you at the meeting or in your therapist today? Were you particularly overly stressed about those tests? Just a thought. Maybe try some relaxation techniques? Deep breaths? Good thoughts?

    Hope it doesn't offend you that I brought this up, I'm just hoping I can help you cuz I'm just crazy about you and hate to see you ....well....puking and whatnot....

    Ya know, I've got muscle atrophy in my left leg, both thigh and calf, and I've been told by my GP, ortho, and Pt that the reason I've got alot of the pain I do in my knee is because of the atrophy. There's not enough muscle to support the joint. I'm hoping to get back to PT soon! Do they give you exercises to do at home? Do you make sure to do them? I know it would help alot! You said you were using your arm and hands more now. In what way? Just wondering if there is something you might do differently. I know how that kind of pain is...not in the arm/wrist, but in my knee. The knee supports the entire body,so you can imagine! They say it's the worst joint you can injure and even worse than back injuries. I've learned to walk 'normally' though. I can't fully extend my left leg, but you really can't tell I have anything wrong with me unless you really look. Which makes it hard sometimes because I have to have a wide path to walk, and people don't get out of the way because they can't tell anything is wrong with me! HaHa! But, one good thing, I've got this cute little swing in my booty now when I walk! Ha!Ha!

    Well, just keep doing what you're doing so well, and try not to get impatient. You have made progress, we can all see, it's just hard for you (to see) because it IS YOU.
    A little story: I was told once that the reason it's easier for 'others' to see things about us is because it's like a camera. When a camera is too close to the 'subject' the picture becomes blurry. When it backs away, things come into focus. Same with us.....we are too close to 'our subject' (us), others are back far enough that "we" are in focus to them. Make sense?

    Hang in there girl, you're doing great!

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    Old 07-04-2007, 06:35 AM   #3
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    skych HB Userskych HB User
    Re: Question??? About upset tummy after going off opiates??


    Thanks girl for reminding me about stress. I am a bit stressed now that you mention it!

    I have made huge progress and that is awesome....I will really try hard to remember to take care and be gentle to myself as Reach has said.

    I will be going to a wedding on Sat and I am stressed about all the truck and car travel.

    I will drive 2 1/2 hours to my parents tomorrow and then Friday we go in Dads truck about 8 hours to San Diego to my sisters. Thank God my brother in law is in AA. I will be asking if he is going to an early meeting on Sat.
    Anyway we turn right around and drive 8 hours back to parents on Sun and then Mon i drive 2 1/2 hours home.

    Yes...this is a stresser. Oh and I was at PT not my regular therapist. I see her when I get back form all the travel and unfortunatly it will be my last visit untill I get my new insurance and even then I don't know if it will cover that.

    Anyway thanks for bringing up the stress point because pain stresses me and then when I can't relax from the pain it only makes it worse.

    I have not taken any valium for a while. My sponsor told me not to do that unless the PM doc said it was ok. I was going to throw them away, but at the last PM doc visit he said I may have jitters weening off the other meds.

    I got it down to only a few things now and that in itself is good.

    As far as my tummy goes I am just going to bring the anti nausea medicine with me incase I need it. Just to be prepared.

    I am so glad you reminded me about stress. I am not even in school anymore because when I came off the Methadone I could not keep up with the summer session becasue I was so sick and then the computer thing on top of everything.
    Oh well I guess my HP is preparing me for the fact that work is in my very very near future. That is a stresser to.
    Oh!!! I just realized I have a lot of little stressers going on in my head....
    I better discuss these with my sponsor.
    Thanks again for reminding me about how my tummy and stress go hand and hand...gotta work on that

    Old 07-04-2007, 03:12 PM   #4
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    coder HB User
    Re: Question??? About upset tummy after going off opiates??

    Don't forget also that dramatically increased pain goes hand in hand with cessation of long-time opiate use. I am at the 7 week point clean and my pain levels (neck and back) are STILL much elevated over what used to be "normal". I WILL say that things have calmed down a bit from the first 3-5 weeks, which were pure hell pain-wise. I literally dragged myself to my doctor in tears, at the point where I was ready to throw sobriety to the wind just to get some pain relief. But I ended up toughing it out and the pain is finally starting to lessen on its own. I am finding that things such as ibuprophen, which used to work on pain as good as a sugar pill, are actually starting to become effective once again on my pain. It's like our pain receptors get SO screwed up by the opiates that it can take quite a long time to get things calmed down.
    As for the nausea issue, I am sure my hydro / darvocet addiction & withdrawal did not approach what you went through with the methadone. But I can attest to an ongoing chronic nausea that I have had since I discontinued the drug use. There are only a very few things that I can eat without the fear of "losing it". I have lost almost 20 lbs in the past six weeks due to my simple lack of eating full meals. Bananas have been a life saver for me. I eat at least 3 a day and can keep them down fine (they actually calm the stomach....remember the old fashioned BRATT diet for stomach flu~ Bananas, Rice, Apple sauce, Tea & Toast).
    Another funny thing I found that calmed my stomach as well as some of the anxiety that I have been experiencing since withdrawing: eating oreo cookies. I keep reading about chocolate and its useful properties in detox and had even been reading about oreos helping. I do not like chocolate (never been much of a candy eater), but I thought I would try the oreos (was getting desperate to find ANYTHING that could settle the tummy)....THEY WORKED!
    Also, one other thing that always settles my tummy during this difficult time is eating a salad with oil and vinegar (not any packaged dressing...just red wine vinegar). Vinegar is a GREAT tummy settler and helps me immensely. I have even been known to sip a teaspoon of red wine vinegar to get great stomach relief.
    I know each of our situations and bodies react differently, but maybe a couple of these suggestions give you a little respite.

    Good luck and congratulations on getting to your 2 week point in your detox. You are definitely over the hump and should see improvements as each day passes.


    Old 07-04-2007, 04:30 PM   #5
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    skych HB Userskych HB User
    Re: Question??? About upset tummy after going off opiates??

    Thanks Coder

    Man I am so happy that you stuck it out and I can't tell you how proud of you that I am. If you do the work you get through it!!!

    I am doing the work and it is just a process.

    This is a package deal and I am almost off workers comp but that does not mean I am out of the woods yet. I am sure that I will be working to gaain my arm strength back for a long time. I just need to do some work on acceptance.

    Some days I got it and some days I got to surrender it 1000 times but I do know that the one thing that will always happen is change soooooo for now I do what is in from of me and thats it.
    Thanks again for your thoughts...Chrissy

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    smoochy39 HB User
    Re: Question??? About upset tummy after going off opiates??

    Did you just get nauseous and throw up, or are you having stomach cramps? Like high up, the actual stomach?

    The first time I detoxed, I went through hell for a few days, and about two weeks into it, started getting those awful cramps.

    Now, If I go more than 12 hours, it's like having labor in my stomach. I've had to go to the ER twice, cuz I couldn't take the pain and the heaving.

    If you are having cramps, there are medications to help with those.

    Congrats on your recovery, and just keep in mind, it took awhile to build up this addiction, it's going to take a long time for your body to rewire itself and be normal again.


    Old 07-05-2007, 05:38 PM   #7
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    skych HB Userskych HB User
    Re: Question??? About upset tummy after going off opiates??

    Thanks Smoochy,

    Well when I was still detoxing i was pretty sick and I too went to the ER to get rehydrated.
    I have had issues with my stomach and colon for many years so I think that the system is just going to be touch and go for a while.
    It is better than it was. The other day it was an all of a sudden just nausiated and then bam throw up but I did go to PT earlier that day and I have been having soreness form that.
    I was a bit nausiated today but my Mom and I had errands and it is pretty toasty out there. A bit more humid here than where I live.
    Since I am traveling and away from home muntil Monday I did bring the anti nausea stuff with me just in case.

    I guess it is part of my bodys way of recovering from not only the meds but the hell and injuries and pains and surgery traumas it has been through. I also have a thyroid that is acting up at the moment.
    Anyway thanks for theinput and the support.
    Some days are good and some days are not....
    I deal with them as they come.


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