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Pregnancy and Methadone Maintenance? Please help!

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Old 08-02-2007, 05:48 PM   #1
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dancinshoes HB User
Pregnancy and Methadone Maintenance? Please help!

My daughter is 24 and is 5 months pregnant and in detox for addiction to lortabs. She has been taking about 20 tabs/day, for a couple of years (prescribed after a car accident). She tried quitting on her own several times after being rejected by clinics, but she just couldnít do it. She went through her first detox last month and was doing great.

Although she is no longer with the babiesí father, he goes out of his way to play mind-games with her and to be abusive toward her and she has trouble dealing with the stress. She began taking the lortabs again. Fortunately, she has been readmitted to detox.

The hospital is recommending a methadone maintenance program until after delivery. She is terrified of delivering a methadone addicted baby. If anyone else been through this, was it successful? What was your experience and the babies experience after the birth?

She knows she needs intensive counseling after she is released from the hospital which she plans to go to. The hospital is encouraging her to go to a half-way house after being released from the hospital. She knows she has a home here with me and wants to come home. I have no idea which is better for her. Does anyone have any experience with this?

Any help you can offer is greatly appreciated.

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Old 08-03-2007, 12:28 AM   #2
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ReadyToBeDone HB User
Re: Pregnancy and Methadone Maintenance? Please help!


I don't know any of the answers to your questions, but I wanted you to know that I am so sorry for what you must be going through.

If she makes it through detox and wants to stay with you, you need to be firm about the no using policy. I know she's grown, but she needs to be willing to drug test weekly, stay away from her using friends, go to counseling, and whatever else it takes for her to stay clean. The halfway house may be better for her when it comes to her ex though. He probably knows where you live, so he could continue to cause her problems there. Does he know where the halfway home is? If not, would she keep it from him so he couldn't find where she is staying full time?

You're in my thoughts and prayers.

Old 08-03-2007, 03:07 AM   #3
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dancinshoes HB User
Re: Pregnancy and Methadone Maintenance? Please help!

Thank you for your thoughts. Yes, her ex knows where I live but he has no idea where she is right now and has no idea about the half-way house. He did call every hospital in the area demanding to know if she was there. He thinks of the baby as his possession. I doubt he will actually stop at my house, but he does drive by frequently. My biggest concern is that she will tell him where she is. She is not thinking clearly and believes that somehow, this guy will change and will start being a loving person. He is very charismatic and very good at fooling people.

Old 08-03-2007, 06:40 AM   #4
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skych HB Userskych HB User
Re: Pregnancy and Methadone Maintenance? Please help!

Hello Dancinshoes,

I don't really have an answer for the Methadone question either. I did take it for pain and although I did not abuse it, for me it was very hard to taper off of.

you may want to try going to an Al-Anon or a Nar-Anon meeting. This is a place for parents and family members and friends to go if they are dealing with an addict or alcoholic. There will be live people there for support and a hug when you need it.

Best of luck...CHrissy

Old 08-03-2007, 07:46 PM   #5
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oh-notagain HB User
Re: Pregnancy and Methadone Maintenance? Please help!

almost 6 years ago (in september to be exact) i found out that i was pregnant. i was already into my 7th month. because of my active heroin addiction, i didnt know i was even pregnant. long story short; it had been a long long time since my body was able to function properly as a female should and i was so high all the time i just didnt know i was pregnant. when i found out i told my doctor that i was an active heroin addict and they immediately suggested that i go into meth maintenance. i was terrified of having a meth addicted baby and found a hospital to take me in to detox. they told me that if i detoxed rapidly or let myself go into withdrawls that i would spontaneously abort and lose the baby. i wanted so badly to just be clean and have this child. i was told i would never have another child because of past female issues and oh, i wanted this baby. i wanted to be sober so so badly. the hospital detoxed me over a period of 10 days. when i came home i was still so sick that i used again. believe it or not i tapered over a period of one month at home (with the help of my mother, God Bless Her) and was clean by nov. 13. i had my child on dec 17th. he was a perfect, God Given, beautiful, non-addicted baby boy.
i was so blessed. i still find it hard to believe. but i know that the doctors and all the professionals out there suggest the meth detox because the probability of having a spontaneous abortion when going through detox is very big. i was lucky.
if you dont like the hospital's decision, you can try another to see if they will agree to the detox. but i assure you that if she goes into meth maint, after the delivery the hospital will slowly and safely detox the baby over the period of about a month. its a decision you have to make. they are only looking out for the best interests of the child.
i do wish you the absolute best and will pray for her and that beautiful baby. please keep me posted.


big p.s.
because i had admitted my use to my doctor, she was required by law to inform children's services, so when i had my child they came to the hospital and did a sort of "intervention". in order to regain custody back from my parents i had to attend a very strict rehab program for 7 months. i stayed sober for almost 6 years. i relapsed in may on pain meds for 10 days and am now in the process of a taper, almost done.
im pretty sure that all/most states have this requirement of doctors when dealing with pregnancy and addiction. if so, dont be surprised if they show up and require a stringent rehab program. it was the best thing that ever happened to me, although at the time i thought i would rather be dead than go through it. it grew on me
some sort of ongoing support/help will be so important for her to be able to stay sober. Big Prayer for you and for her.


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Old 08-03-2007, 11:02 PM   #6
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bdean HB User
Re: Pregnancy and Methadone Maintenance? Please help!

I just wanted to add my input here because for most opiate addicted pregnant women methadone is the way to go..What ohno_notagain said is true though not the entire truth..It is true that one of the reasons they suggest(most often highly suggest) a pregnant woman that is either dependant or addicted to a high dose of opiates to go on methadone is due to the risk of miscarriage with being taken off a high dose of opiates while pregnant..Like I said that is true enough though the other reason is that whatever withdrawals your daughter feels while she is pregnant and going through detox the baby/fetus is feeling it and being affected by it up to 10times worse.(I have read this info on several sites that are just for pregnant women on methadone or considering such)I have personally never been pregnant while on MMT(Methadone therapy) but have done lots of research for friends that were faced with the exact situation your daughter has found herself in..I am also a MMT patient myself and have done personal research as well..
Personally at a habit of 200+mg of hydrocodone a day I would definately reccomend the methadone program.Most babies have minimal withdrawals in the hospital if the mother is allowed to get on a stable(24hrs+with no withdrawals) dose..The 3 mothers that I have personally known to use methadone while pregnant had great outcomes.Two were allowed to bring their baby home when they came home with just some phenobarbital prescribed prn..Though only one of those babies used the phenobarb and that was just once..Neither of those two babies had to be medicated for withdrawal symptoms. The third baby had what the hospital considered mild withdrawals symptoms and had to be kept a full week during which they used an tiny amount of opiates to slowly withdraw the baby..The baby however did NOT suffer and wasnt allowed to by the hospital..He was home 7days after birth..
I have also read and I agree that its much better for an infant to deal with the withdrawals(IF there are any) after birth in a hospital setting where it can be monitored and given nessacary medications to kept him/her comfortable than to have to deal with them inutero where it CANT be monitored and while its in the delicate stages of development..It would be the choice I would wanna make for myself and my child if it were me.In an ideal world none of these decisions would have to be made but then this isnt an ideal world and being as its not we just have to make do with the cards we are dealt and make the best of them..

As far as oh_notagain's story about how she did a 10day detox and all that with her baby being fine thats awesome and I am proud to hear it.BUT her story is more the exception than the rule and I dont know if I would wanna take that chance..I am soo glad it worked out as well as it did for her..She was very lucky...Thank GOD she was too!!!..

Anyways there are alot of resources on the web if you will look for them..I cant point you in any directions on here due to the rules but if you will put a few keywords that you are dealing with and wanting info on in your search engine I am sure you will find lots of info...Good luck to you,your daughter and your grandchild..My thoughts and prayers will be with the 3 of you as you make this difficult journey..I dont post a lot but if you have any questions you need answered or whatnot please feel free to ask away..I try to check the boards every day or so so if I see something with either my name on it or from you I will make sure to check it and answer to the best of my knowledge and ability..

Oh and one more thing..If you decide to go the MMT route make sure you find an OB that is methadone savvy as well as a hospital that is used to dealing with babies born to MMt moms...If you live in a small town you may wanna look to the nearest "big" city or town and call the hospitals there..It wold be worth the extra drive to get the best treatment for your little one.I will explain more about what to ask and look for in a doctor/hospital when and if you decide what yoru daughter is gonna do...All I can add to what I have already wrote is that I would have NO life if not for methadone..You can read up some past posts of mine and find some of my story about how I ended up on MMT..Its not alot different from your daughters story except I wasnt pregnant..I truly think this could be the best thing for your grandchild and the sooner she gets on it and gets stable the sooner the weeone does too...

Again Good Luck and God Speed.

Last edited by bdean; 08-03-2007 at 11:07 PM. Reason: posted wrong members name for oh-notagain...sorry..

Old 08-04-2007, 03:47 AM   #7
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oh-notagain HB User
Re: Pregnancy and Methadone Maintenance? Please help!

hi! i do want to add that bdean is absolutely correct !!! i was an exception. If i would have known then what a big chance i was taking i might not have taken it. i was still on drugs and making life changing choices for myself and this child.
i am glad to hear that the meth detox for the baby is not nearly what i was told when i was pregnant and trying to make that decision. i didnt go through it that way so i dont know what the outcome would have been had i made that choice.
its always best to be completely informed about all of your choices before you make them. do your research. ask questions.
God Bless You.

Old 08-04-2007, 04:40 PM   #8
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dancinshoes HB User
Re: Pregnancy and Methadone Maintenance? Please help!

I want to thank everyone for their support.

I am printing your replies and bringing them to the hospital for my daughter to read. I know she will find them highly encouraging. Right now, she is doing well, but she has a lot of questions and the doctors aren't giving her much in the way of answers. I have been searching the web for info to print for her.

Thanks again!

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Re: Pregnancy and Methadone Maintenance? Please help!


Einstein was the 13th kid born into a very poor family. His mother was an alcoholic, his dad a kind of bum. He had a lot going against him before he was even born and you know what.. HE WAS EINSTEIN!!!!

Hug daugter and tell her to keep the faith. In God's hands, we never know just what might happen.

In God's hands

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