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  • Tapering percs to detox OR use Suboxone??

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    Old 10-14-2007, 07:10 PM   #1
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    Question Tapering percs to detox OR use Suboxone??

    I have read manymany posts. I have questions about suboxone vs just tapering down then stopping while using OTC meds, Requip & Naltrexone type drugs?

    Pros & Cons here? I'm planning to come off of Percocet 80 mg's (give or take) daily for nearly 6 yrs!

    I am single parent, who may have only 5 or 6 days TOPS to get through the withdrawral/detox process..scared it may not be enough time? I have to get back to work ASAP after - and my job requires a steady hand! Do the hands shake after the 5 or so days???

    I hear people say suboxone was so helpful, but then hard to get off of to? (is it even covered by insurance?) Then I hear that once you get past 5 days or so without any of the "helpful" drugs you feel better?? I don't know what to do?
    What are the differences in these processes? Which method will help me function better without another problem??

    Thanks in advance...

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    Exclamation So many views of posts but I'm not getting answers?

    Hey Everyone,

    I have posted previously and noticed many views to the thread but not so many responses yet getting on the edge of my seat with decision making? I'm fighting myself whether to go with a detox at home (with a medical practice willing to assist me with this) by using medications such as requip (for the restless legs) and OTC for the symptoms, vitamins etc, However, I see people on this board talking of Suboxone being a life saver from w/d and I'm so afraid of which way to go - the clock is ticking while I taper & make these decisions? I need some insight soon??? Please.

    My largest concern is the withdrawral off of percocet & how long it will take. How bad or long willl the W/d take? My body is use to being on 60-80mg's of percocet daily. I've been tapering off for a week & if I wean myself down to 30 mg's daily (my current dose now) then plan to go down to say 15 mg's by the time I come off of them totally? I've been on them for pain managment since 2001- a long time! Can I perform/ go back to work within 5/6 days or will my hands shake after 5/6 days, after this point? Acutally, With either method?

    Is suboxone an alternative so that my body will not want the opiates & eventually have to get off of that drug too? Will I be able to perform in my life after 5/6 days on the suboxone after being off percocet - how long or harsh is that withdrawral from that drug?

    I'm so confused & need some advice? Is it possible to get off of suboxone within a few months or is it a long term commitment?

    Please advise - getting desperate for a direction of which path to take that will cause minimal damamge (as I'm a single parent, working f/t, and need to be very discreet about this)

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    Re: Tapering percs to detox OR use Suboxone??

    Hello Sweetie

    The route taken to get off the Percocet has to be a personal choice. I came off Oxycodone in a long slow taper (months). It was not an easy ride, not at all. I do not foresee you coming off and being capable of working or much else for a stretch of time. I know this is probably tough news for you to take, but detoxing is not 6-8 days by any means. Oh, we can stop the drugs, but there is much aftermath physically and always a period of extreme depression that follows. Nobody, nobody, steps off an opiate with a mere breeze.

    I have not used suboxone, but I think you need to research and understand more about it before starting it. Suboxone contains Buepophrine (sp), an opiate. It has a 'ceiling' to prevent getting high. However, at some point , detox off Suboxone must take place. Some use it for one week, then kind of cold turkey. It is hard, really hard. Others stay on it for a year or longer and then must come off. For those, it is a time of getting the thinking straight about drug use and to prepare mentally for the challenge of totally being off an opiate.

    I have to be honest with you here.. your timeline of having to be back at work in 5-6 days is totyally unrealistic. I was in pain management for over ten years. It has taken me a year to really get through detox and withdrawl and to truly be living in recovery. There is progrss along the way, of course, but issues like lack of sleep, depression and physical escalation of symptoms for a time all come into play.

    Deotx must be the sole priority in order to make it through successfully. There is so much more to it than just stopping the drug intake, so much more.

    I will not recommend Suboxone only because it is not in my realm of experience. What I would recommend is that you sit down with your doctors and have a conversation on what they see as best for you. Understand that many doctors do not truly have a handle on what it is like to go through withdrawal, whether from the standards like percocet or from suboxone. It is a jpurney that must be endured to truly understand and a textbook just doesn't cut it.

    Please. Do not lose hope that you can accomplish this. Many do. I just think you need a more realistic understanding of what you are planning to undertake. Planning... that is, to me, THE biggest element in success in getting off the drugs. Whether we are on them because we started in pain management or because we started for 'pleasure' does not matter at this point. It is the same trip off for the street junkie as it is for the pain management patient. It is a struggle.

    I have sad feelings that I am bursting your bubble here. I know you want to do this, I know all the good intentions. What I don't know is if you really understand how much of a struggle it is. Read the Sample Home detox, one of the first threads on the board, and get a feeling for some of the things that can help us all in withdrawal. Armed with knowledge and a solid plan in place, you can do this.

    Best wishes

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    Re: Tapering percs to detox OR use Suboxone??

    Hey Reach,

    Well, I'm not sure what I will expect. BUT I have made a decision to taper until I go completely off. The good news is that 3 weeks ago I was on 80 mg's percocet a day - would take pills 6/8 or so times a day! This week alone....I have been down to 1- 10/325 tablet 3 times a day. Thats down to only 30 mg's. Lastnight, I actually made it from my Noon time dose until 8pm! Today - I skipped my NOON DOSE all together!!!!! I have ONLY had 2 pills today! I watched Noon pass, then 2, then 4, then finally at 7pm...I took 1/2 of my pill....and the other half at 8. This will be IT for the night! I didn't get those deep seeded cravings inside during my 10 hour duration, BUT felt something different, and sluggish (went to the store & bought liquid B to put under my tongue) and I MADE myself pass it. I feel proud. Seeing this transpire, I do believe my desire to be FREE & each little accomplishment I make is what is doing it! I do believe that it is possible I will not have as severe as a w/d as I've read about- I will be using OTC remedies & getting assistance from a place that helps people get through w/d comfortably without use of more addicting drugs. They say by day 3 of no opiates -peeing clean - I will turn the corner and hopefully with my determination, I will not be as bad as I have read I could potentially be if I came off of the 80mgs without this taper I have done. I realize I will probably get flu symptoms, and then after that bad couple days, I may not feel RIGHT/GOOD for a bit after, I will be achey & sluggish, but, I do realize at some point my brain will remember what using it's natural opiates & endorphines are like and will kick back in!! They say - the mind is an amazing tool and it REMEMBERS things that even we don't remember?

    I was told by the place I'm dealing with.....I have been reading TOO MUCH - I got too much info and everyone is different based on how far they have come in the process before going completely off & the mental status prior to it, the psychological place they are at.....I may not go through that "nightmare" that people talk about - I can only hope that is true & think positive!

    Lets hope we just all get through - congrats on your road as well.....My best to you...

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    Re: Tapering percs to detox OR use Suboxone??

    Sweetie, the most important thing you said is that everyone is different, and that is so true! Everyone's mental outlook is different, and everyone's body has different physical capabilities. So I have no doubt that you can do this taper and be off of the percocet. What I would prepare for, and I think what Reach was trying to gently tell you, is that getting off is one thing. Many people get off in a 3 to 10 days and are feeling great about it. And they should, getting off of opiates is a huge accomplishment. But that is actually just the first battle. The actual war occurs with staying off of them, a much greater accomplishment, and obviously involves much more time. I think we all just want you to be prepared for the fact that after you get off of them, you may hit a period of time where it doesn't seem so easy anymore. We will all be here for you through your taper, I admire you so much! I can't imagine doing it all alone like you, you make me feel like such a weenie! You go girl!


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    Re: Tapering percs to detox OR use Suboxone??

    LISTEN TO REACH...he knows from experience as well.

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