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Hello Im new here and have a few questions about a PAINKILLER addiction i have.

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Old 01-21-2008, 06:13 PM   #1
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Blackie1 HB User
Hello Im new here and have a few questions about a PAINKILLER addiction i have.

Hello all!, my name is KC. ive never been on a forum like this and was refered from a fellow member. I have been hiding a painkiller addiction for 3 years now, started of taking lorcets every other night or so a for a few months then started taking them everyday, then three times a day, now i take them three times a day around 120mg a day, sometimes less. Im not proud and want to quit because its taking over my life now. Im a self employed hardworking person with a family to support and everytime i try and ween off or stop taking them i get a fever, chills, sweats, no sleep, and completely scatterbrained where i cant work safely. I was going to talk to my shrink that prescribes me antidepressant because i ve been hiding it from her as well. Whats the best way to go about kicking this habbit without the horrible withdrawal symptoms? I feel really bad for my wife and kid for all the crap i put them through when i run out of pills or try and quit. I read that suboxone might be a good thing for me to try, what do you all recommend i do?? what should i say to my doctor??

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Blackie1 HB User
Re: Hello Im new here and have a few questions about a PAINKILLER addiction i have.

How long should i take off work during the first stage of detox? what should i use to help me with the withdrawal symptoms during the bad times? should i get medication from a doc before stopping? please advise me the most realistic way to kick this painkiller habbit, thanks in advance.

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Re: Hello Im new here and have a few questions about a PAINKILLER addiction i have.

Hello Blackie

Nice to met you on the board here. I remember well how big a step it was for me the first few times I posted. Smiles. My fingers shook as I typed. Chuckles. Glad you have put your story here.

There is a thread, maybe the second one?, on this board called Sample Home Detox. It is a good thread to read and print out with suggestions on what can help during detox. Because you take an antidepressant already, be diligent in reading what things, like St John's wort, to avoid. The things on that thread will help, but truthfully, no one can go through detox either cold turkey or with tapering without some rough symptoms.

The guilt comes with the territory. Put it aside if you can for now. It is counter-productive. While my husband walked beside me during my own long tapers from Oxycodone and then Xanax, it was much more a personal journey to detox. I had to concentrate on myself alone or I never wiould have made it. When I let the guilt wrack me, I could not progress. Oh, a time will come to deal with it, but first the detox must come.

Myself? I started with my family doctor and spilled my guts. I sat and sobbed out my story, my dosages, the nine yard full disclosure. As I sat and sobbed it out, he didn't blink an eye. The storyteller was new to him perhaps, but the story sure wasn't. Along with my husband, the three of us developed a plan to come off the drugs. My husband being constantly in the loop was one of the most productive things that occured. We became a team in my getting better... me, hubby, the doctor. All things were out in the open and no more secrets to prey on my conscience. I cut off all my sources by calling the offices of all the doctors who treated me and notified them that I was withdrawing from all opiates and benzos. Cut off the sources. It is a good safety net to put into place.

Come back and share with us the plan that is developed, ask all the questions you want. It is a hard path to walk, but easier to have others walking beside you.

With all hope and best wishes

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Wink Re: Hello Im new here and have a few questions about a PAINKILLER addiction i have.

Welcome Blackie. Congrats on having the courage to address the issue. I know this may not seem right to you, but judging by your description of your addiction, it's not nearly as bad as what many others have. Lorcet/loratab isn't all that strong in the grand scheme of things. It could be much worse....Oxys, fentanyl, or morphine.

Tapering is a great way to go. The slower, the better. And, when I say slow, I mean slow. For example, if you're taking 3 pills 3 x day, start cutting one of the doses by 1/2 pill. Do that for a few days, then cut another dose by 1/2 and so on. Go at the speed you feel that your body can handle. Your body will give you signals. The first couple of tapers will probably be the easiest. However, if you go slow, your body will adjust fine. If you go fast, your body will reject it. The faster, the worse the WD.

Hopefully, you will have enough pills to go this route. If you are a legitimate patient, it will be fine. If your supply has been cut short, you'll probably need to go in for treatment.

I'm not a Dr., but I think the SUB is probably = to or stronger than the Loracet. You're just replacing one narcotic with another. With as little as your on, I'd try to get completely off.

Good luck.

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mano2008 HB User
Re: Hello Im new here and have a few questions about a PAINKILLER addiction i have.

I think the very slow tapering is a good idea, and the fact you are seeing a shrink already is good too. I would come clean with her. A more4 reasonable taper would be cutting back by 10-20 mg's every few weeks. Many shrinks can prescribe suboxone, and she may suggest it. I do agree that you shoud try and taper on your own 1st though, but using suboxne under a doctors care really isn't trading one addiciton for another. It is using a medicine to help you recover from your addiction, and although it is a very powerful opiate, it does not work like normal opiates do. There is no high with sub, no euphoria. All it does is block your brains opiate receptors and keeps you from having withdrawl, then you wean slowly, while working on learning how to cope without taking pills. Being self employed and having to work to support your family can be a hard thing to do while detoxing, which you already have found out. Weaning from sub is much much easier, and you only take it 1 x a day, which there alone helps get you out of the cycle of reaching for pills every 4 hours.

There are many ways to quit, from cold turkey to weaning to drugs like suboxone, and many other methods. None of them are easy, and they all involve some sort of withdrawl period. Your shrink should be able to set you up with a reasonable taper schedule. Ask her to explain what changes have occured to your brain. She also can help you with a sleep aid and other things to make the process more comfortable.

Good luck to you, and welcome to Healthboards!


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hydronomore HB User
Re: Hello Im new here and have a few questions about a PAINKILLER addiction i have.


Welcome. I admire your courage. There are some "high level talent" on this board, no doubt, and I would recommend you study them closely.

The only help? (if any) that I can offer you is in the fact that I was in the same boat as yourself not that long ago taking similar dosages and lengths, etc. I simply made up my mind to do it as I could clearly see where it was going.

Opiate addiction is a very seductive path that has a stronger "hold" on the person than the person perceives while on them. I always kept putting "the quit" off telling myself things like, "Next month will be a better time to quit", or "Now's not the time to be quitting because of reasons xyz", etc., etc., etc. and the list goes on and on. Weeks went by, months, years.

Finally, now I'm doing something about it and could have never made it this far without God's help. That's simply the truth. I am now at day #20 of the cold turkey quit and feeling better than I have in a long time. The first few weeks were rough, at times, very rough but keep your focus. Find your own special way of dealing with it until it passes - and it will pass I promise!

God bless,


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2young2hurt HB User
Re: Hello Im new here and have a few questions about a PAINKILLER addiction i have.

That is GREAT tapering advice. I am in the taper process myself and your idea is what I pretty much figured out for myself. Still have some issues with sleep but Dramamine helps that some as well as Advil PM ( aches as well as the sleep issue )

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