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bajaboats 02-11-2008 06:30 AM

Need Some Info On Paws - Calling Out The Troops - Thx Jules
Hey everyone,
Jules brought up a great point about paws.

I have found so far that the type of (CHEMICAL) or Opiate, quan and duration of use all have an effect so I was looking for some info on that level.

I did some searching so I know what I'm up for.

Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome or PAWS

Thanks Jules. We all need this info.



Hey Reach, Do you have anything on this I could use?

reachout 02-11-2008 07:59 AM

Re: Need Some Info On Paws - Calling Out The Troops - Thx Jules
Hello Baja

I am glad Jules brought this subject up. It is important. I can share with you some of what occured for me, remembering that I did a long slow taper as opposed to a quick one. What I experienced over a long period of time is apt to hit you more suddenly, but will still have a lot of similarities.

Physically, I had a lot of exagerrated pain. The brain will send out search parties looking for any remnants of the drugs it is used to receiving and no longer getting. This caused lots of muscle pain and deep bone pain. Also, for me, a long term headache... as in months long. It was not enough to incapacitate me,but it sure was an aggravation constantly. Wears one down. This pain syndrome will last as the brain regroups and begins to produce its own natural chemicals again. It is a process that takes time. It is wonderous how the brain can restore its ability to do the job that we did for it artificially, but it is a process that takes time.

Mentally, depression sets in. While I was already in deep clinical depression when I started to taper, a 'second layer' of depression was very noticiable. Again, this is due to the brain needing to begin once again to produce chemicals that the receptors need and we had been feeding to them artificially. It can be miserable, it can be a dangerous time when some relapse. Understanding what was happening and why helped me to endure it. The depression came with a lot of anxiety. Our nerves are in a state of high alert wondering what the heck is happening to the daily supply of opiate and are tense as anything as they work to get everything straigtened out.

I found that the calcium and magnesium helped a great deal to calm the nerves. That is a property of both of these elements. I forced myself to be physical walking and doing household chores even though my mind tried to force me into inaction. Keep up those vitamins and supplements!

I also spent time with a clinical social worker who helped me with some issues I had stuffed pretty deep inside. They needed to be dealt with. Supprt as aftercare from detox is, in my opion, vital for each and every one of us. We need to learn why we allowed... sometimes a whole lot..... ourselves to get into the hole of drug abuse. Drug abuse is an illness in itself, but there is a primary cause behind it that we need to discover and deal with. I sought out the professionals to help me with my thinking... I didn't know what had to be changed about it at first, but had a strong sense that something did. I spent a lot of time in reflection and learned to understand what was in my subconscious that caused my conscious to think and cause behaviours. I learned a lot about myself working with the social worker and in the end, I emerged a better balanced person. I understood things about myself I had never consciously thought about.

Getting clean absolutely need to be a goal for us. However, it is really but the short term goal. Staying clean needs to be a long term goal. I think that we need to stay clean not out of fear alone, but because we come to a better understanding of ourselves and why we think the way we do about everything in our lives. A great deal of my thinking has changed about a lot of things. How I interact with others, why I have the immediate reactions I sometimes do. When conflict hits now, I no longer have the urge to reach for a pill, but instead, I have tools to allow me to sit back and reflect about what I am feeling. I live in the day, but no longer react in the moment.

Continue to enjoy your victory in meeting the goal to get clean. It was a hard job well done. Smiles. To know we have reached recovery, restoration, I think we must measure by truly evaluating the changes that become permanent fixtures in our being... contentment, happiness, balance.

I will be around if there are any specific questions.

The best to you

bajaboats 02-11-2008 08:28 AM

Re: Need Some Info On Paws - Calling Out The Troops - Thx Jules
Thanks so much Reach,

You have no idea.
I mentioned my alcohol problem 8 years ago in other posts but I don't specifically remember and severe PAWS. Really only the pink cloud stands out.

I did keep really busy. I am a thin person (6ft 165-170lbs) and I can eat anything (my wife hates it) and not gain weight. I always eat pretty well.

I hear that is a biggie also.

I will remain right here to document my progress as you have been so gracious to do.

Many Thanks and bless you.


Wavin at bass and acapt.!

jules3 02-11-2008 03:21 PM

Re: Need Some Info On Paws - Calling Out The Troops - Thx Jules
baja, im glad i can sure its different for every person..depending on how long one was using and what and how much they were son was using large amounts of opiates and benzos and is very very lucky to be alive, and that is not an understatement..he will tell you the exact same thing..somebody up above was watching out for him...for him detox is the easy part, staying drugfree is going to take years for him..

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