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Razumikhin 04-16-2008 05:51 AM

Percocet Taper - Day 22
Hello Everyone,

It's 5am here and I've been coughing for the last hour due to a bad cold. The ironic thing is that had I jumped back onto the percocet the cough would have been history! But I did not (1 small step for me...). OTC cough remedies don't work quite as well, but they do work.

I slept sporadically last night, had very odd dreams: I had parked my car on a rural road somewhere and was trying to find it. While walking down the road we (I and my companion) chanced upon a group of lions lounging in the sun. There were children there as well playing with the lions' cubs. I hopped off the curb and petted the cubs, rubbing their scent on me, as a survival strategy, hoping that the lions would not attack their offspring's scent. We got past the lions but were cought by the local evil authority. (no I have no issue with authority, it's a deam eh, and this one happened to be evil) I tried to get away, knowing I would be lion food otherwise, but could not - he was too strong. Then I woke up sweating, thinking, I still have not found my car!!

It's a little off topic, and probably the Nyquil at work, but I felt I should share. This was a non-drug dream btw. I can't remember dreaming much while on the Percs, maybe this is a sign the old brain is on the mend... :-)

Today is day 22 of my wean off Percocet. I'm down from a max of 100mg/day (10 x 10/325) to 13.33 mg divided into four 3.33mg doses. One more day closer to none at all. I'm doing my best to work to plan, so far so good.

Well I wish you all a good, drug and pain-free day.

All the best,


reachout 04-16-2008 07:07 AM

Re: Percocet Taper - Day 22
Hi Raz

Good job sticking with OTC cough medicine!.. a good, positive action against addictive thinking. I don't know if you have started sneezing a lot, but that is a sign of withdrawal as we get to lower and lower doses. It is the respiratory system on the mend. Sneezing is a violent exhaling of breath, and it is a sure sign of the respiratory system repairing itself. The body just has such an amazing ability to repair itself, doesn't it?

Seems like a good plan you are following on the taper. Just to share... as I got to smaller doses, I started stretching out the time between doses until two of them melded into one. That way, I went slowly from 4 doses per day, to three, to two, until I was left only with the night time dose. Then I started to move that final dose farther and farther back from the time to go to sleep so that my brain would stop associating it with falling asleep. That was one of the scarier times of the taper... moving the dose away from sleep. However, it was doable eventually and falling asleep became more natural little by little.

I am wishing you so well with everything. I know it is hard work! That dream was sure a strange one. The subconscious is trying to work things out for us when we dream, problem solving during sleep. The meaning of the dream may just suddenly pop into your conscious mind when you least expect it. I remember when I started dreaming again as I neared the end of my tapers ( I tapered from Oxycodone first and then from Xanax) and it hit me that I had not dreamed for so very long. Strange, huh?

Stay strong, stay steady.

Razumikhin 04-16-2008 08:55 AM

Re: Percocet Taper - Day 22
Hi Reach,

Good morning and thanks for the reply!

I think the sneeze is 90% cold, and 10% w/d. When I went through w/d the first time some years ago I remember the sneezes - usually five at a time. This is just three. :-(

As far as doses go, I've been lowering the total daily dose by first cutting the incremental dose, and then the number of doses per day. So, for example, 15mg 4x per day, then 3x per day, the 12.5mg 4x per day, then 3x etc. Not always exactly so, but you get the idea. I don't take the stuff just before bedtime, as I had always taken it during the day. At one point I was having trouble sleeping from night pain and the PCP prescribed Oxycontin, 10mg., before bedtime. It didn't do much - still woke up - so I stopped taking them and did not refill. I'm really glad I did given what I'd read since! (e.g. time release is harder to withdraw from!)

Funny as it may sound, I'm looking forward to the sneezing. As you said, it's the body healing itself.

Best Wishes,


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