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Hi old friend and hello new friends!! Been awhile since I posted here! Just checking

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Old 07-17-2008, 06:37 AM   #1
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skych HB Userskych HB User
Hi old friend and hello new friends!! Been awhile since I posted here! Just checking

Hello friends.

well it has been quite some time since I have posted over here. So I thought I would check in and let you know how I am doing.

Just a brief re-cap.

Last year in May I came to this forum because I was detoxing off some medications for a work related injury to my left arm. I had 4 surgeries on that arm.
I am also am addict and alcoholic in recovery and I am very active in my recovery and attend 12 step groups and functions. I am not sponsoring anyone at this time but have been in service in that way in the past.

I am in Pain Management again due to the fact that right after getting off all the pain meds and recovering from the 4 arm surgeries ... I was really almost pain free.
Unfortunately right as the workers comp case was closing, and I had been pff all medications and doing well for about 3-4 weeks, I was in an MVA that left with a bad neck injury. SOrry to say but I was shoved right back into the cycle of pain meds and Pain management.
All the while I have still going to 12 step meetings and working with my 12 step sponsor who has 33 years of sobriety.

At this time I am unable to make as many meetings as I would like to make due tothe fact of my physical condition...hard to sit for an hour. I did complete the spring semester of collerge and had planned to apply to the Nursing program at my college, but was told by my doctors not to do so. So I did not apply and was now going to plan for spring of 2009, but even that may now be put off untill 2010. I had a neck surgery in Jan of this year and was told at that time I would need to be fused later so now I am awaiting another surgery that hopefuly will be in Aug. Sad to say but the docs are telling me no school this fall.

How do I deal with all the pain and injury, the medications and life on lifes terms as an addict/alcoholic in recovery??? Well, this is how I do it and I am in no way trying to tell anyone how they should do it. Only sharinging what has been working for me for almost 4 years now. I actually would have had 8 years this past Jully 13th but unfortunatley the desire to drink and use drugs became more than the desire to stay sober and I relapsed for 60 days about 2 weeks before I would have had 4 years. My original sobriety date was July 13th 2000 and my knew sobriety date is September 9th 2008. This 4 year mark is very special to me since I never made it to the first one.

This time around I did something different! Everything! I jumped right back into 12 step recovery and got a sponsor (not the sponsor I have today) and started to work on myself. I went to treatment and 2 days after getting out and going back to work I injured myself on the job. Since I have been sober this time around I have been thrown a lot of health and pain curve balls. I have managed to stay sober through all of it, with the help of others and God.

The way I have done this is to get a sponsor and work the 12 step and find a Higher Power that I choose to call God. I have applied the 12 step principles to my life. Despite the injuries and despite trying to learn how to be sober the rest of my life has moved forward and I have been able to go to college to pursue my dream of being a nurse. I have carried a 3.5 GPA for 3 years, who'd of thought this ole druggy would be able to accomplish that! See what you can do!! Because of the injuries It has been a slow going process with the amount of classes I can take at a time. Now with this neck stuff were at the point where all the scool is on hold. This was a really tough thing for me to accept because after the work injuy came to an end I was excited to go back into the work feild only to find that God had some other plan.

I share my story because I hope that it will give others HOPE! I was so spiritually sick while abusing drugs (Methamphetamines was my Drug of choice for 20 years). I have to work on my sobriety every day. I can actually say that because I maintained a spiritual fitness, the craving to use and abuse drugs and alcohol has been lifted for me. I get a daily reprieve!

Drugs and alcohol are no longer a solution for anything in my life.

Reachout...I am sure you still must be around! You and so many others here have touched my life in many many ways. Thank you.

I will need to do some catching up here in the near future. Right now I am having a tough time typing so I must stop for a while.

God bless you all! I will pray for all those addics and alcoholics that are sober or struggling to stay sober. There is another way of life out there just waiting for you. I won't say it is all a bowl of cherries, but what life does not have its ups and downs? I have just learned how to handle them differently, and you can too.

I have a lot going on in my life right now. Many fears and uncertianties, but I guess the only thing that keeps me going is that I trust the process and I believe in my higher Power which to me is GOd. Again...I am in no way at all trying to push my beliefs or anything on anyone else. Only sharing what works for me.

God Bless,

Your Friend Chrissy

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Old 07-17-2008, 08:58 AM   #2
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ohiogal HB User
Re: Hi old friend and hello new friends!! Been awhile since I posted here! Just chec

Thanks for sharing your story. You do give me hope. Its nice to read story's like yours that have a positive outcome. Thanks for coming back and taking the time to share with us that are struggling to find recovery. It really does help to know that recovery is possible. I'm sorry you have to live with pain. You sound so positive even though you are suffering. Thanks again.

Old 07-18-2008, 05:14 AM   #3
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skych HB Userskych HB User
Re: Hi old friend and hello new friends!! Been awhile since I posted here! Just chec

Thanks Countrywife!!

Yes your right there is HOPE out there.

I have my bad days just like everyone, but the first things I think of when having a bad day is no longer about what I can put into my body to alter the way I feel so I don't have to feel. What a huge gift of life that is!
Thanks for the kind words about the pain and health issues. It is hard to be spiritual when your in pain, but I do the best I can.
I am mostly hanging out on the Pain Management forum, but if you ever need support and want to find me and do not see me here...please feel free to come over there and ask me to meet you here.
I for sure have a lot going on with my health these days and I have been sad a lot. When I made the post here I remembered how grateful I really am to be a sober person.
I wish you all the best

Old 07-21-2008, 02:59 PM   #4
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badgirl1978 HB User
Re: Hi old friend and hello new friends!! Been awhile since I posted here! Just chec

Good going Chrissy!

You are doing a great job of handling the load that you have been given. I may understand a bit where you are coming from. As if med issues are not enough, you have the lovely privilege of dealing with a comp carrier. You hang in there and keep doing whatever it is that is holding it all together!
~as within, so without.

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Old 07-22-2008, 06:19 AM   #5
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skych HB Userskych HB User
Re: Hi old friend and hello new friends!! Been awhile since I posted here! Just chec

Hey Bad girl,

Thanks for the reply! I am actually not on workers comp anymore. The Comp stuff was for an arm injury. Right after getting aff all the meds from the arm injury ( I never abused them but still had to taper off).

So basically in July of 2007 I was just awaiting to have my rating of disability on my arm done in Aug of 2007. Unfortunately on July th 10th 2007...while waiting for the rating, I was in this car accident and injured my neck. SO I traded the Comp injury for my arm for the neck injury and a lawsuit. Not what I expected!

I was so devasted to have been shoved right back into the pain cycle and Pian management and all the stuff that come with a serious injury. In August the workers comp case closed and I went on and on untill now with the neck injury.

I swear there is just no way to explain how I stay sober other than I keep a close contact with my higher power to keep my spiritual self in check. I look back at everything that I have gone through over the lst 4 years and I know in my heart of hearts that I was not the only one that carried me through. All my 12 step friends and keeping the faith and trust in the 12 step process along with my daily repreive from the spiritaul fittness and I have managed thus far to keep it together with out relapsing.

I actually found this board before my car accident and neck injury. I came onto the board while in the process of detoxing my body off all the medications they had me on for the arm. I learned that even though a person does not abuse the pain medications their body still is so accustomed to having them that the body will still go through a physical detox.

At least I did not have my head telling me that if I took more pain meds I would feel better. I am sure that was a God thing too. I really do despise them. I am now and have been back on them since around the end of July 2007 and I know that if the injury to my neck gets better I will again go through the process of detoxing my body.

I hope there are some lurkers out there reading that will see there is another way of life then being in the throws of a nasty addiction to whatever your Drug of choice may be.
Every day that goes by that I am clean and sober gets an A in my grade book. No matter how hard the day or discourageing, how painfull long as I am sober I am good.


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reachout HB Userreachout HB Userreachout HB Userreachout HB Userreachout HB Userreachout HB Userreachout HB Userreachout HB Userreachout HB Userreachout HB Userreachout HB User
Re: Hi old friend and hello new friends!! Been awhile since I posted here! Just chec

Hey Chrissy!

It is nice to see you here. I have been keeping up with you by reading the other board. Boy, when it rains, it sure pours sometimes. Bah!

Chrissy, you have stayed strong in your thinking and active in your recovery even through all the woes. It is amazing, isn't it, when the thinking changes? I know there is no choice in taking the meds now, but a huge change is that there is no misusing and abusing of them.

I am doing well. Spent the day with the grandbaby.... whew! There is sure a difference between being 2 and being 57. Chuckles. Just watching the energy he expends poops me out. Hubbby ran 'races' with him for an hour... hubby is in bed mnoaning right now. Hahahaha!

Keep sharing your story, Chrissy. You are an example of how thinking can change, and for us as addicts, that is where it lies.

Big hugs

Old 07-23-2008, 06:21 AM   #7
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skych HB Userskych HB User
Re: Hi old friend and hello new friends!! Been awhile since I posted here! Just chec

Hi Reach!

So nice to hear from you. You always have a special place in my heart!!

Yes it is amazing that when we can open the door of willingness to do and think differently...well the sky can then become the limit.

I know I could not handle all cards that life has dealt to me if I were drinking or using. I am as a sober person so accountable and responsible and I really got to stay on top of all this health stuff and pay attention to what is said and on top of that be my own advocate.

In the past while drinking and using I was my own advocate but I was not a nice person. I was a bully, lound foul mouthed and pretty much obnoxious(sp).

There is so much going on right now with all the health stuff and I do dislike taking the meds, but right now they are a necessity and becuase there is a need for them for the pain, I as a sober person have to stay spiritualy fit which is very hard to do when your in PAIN. I really don't feel like being spiritual on some days..ya know?

I did go to a meeting yesterday...well a 1/2 of one because it is soo hard to sit for an hour in a hard chair.

I thank God every day for the sobriety becuase even with all the other life things going on I will always have the daily repreive as long as I do what I need to do to keep spiritualy sound.

Reach I do appreciate you keeping up with what has been going on with me...your so sweet. I bet it is just such a treat to watch that grand-baby running around all care free. I remember that when I was little. No worries just be!
A little harder to "just Be" as an adult but it is possible.

If your lurking and reading...I want you to know I am thinking of you and praying for you!


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