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Day 5 Off Of Suboxone

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Old 12-31-2008, 08:17 AM   #1
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frogster HB User
Day 5 Off Of Suboxone

Ive looked all over the internet and still have not found more then 5 people who have quit suboxone like i have. I took it for 12 months tapered down to
2 mg and quit 5 days ago..Basicly i am writing this due to the fact that i am really ****** at the fraud i feel is being commited by the drug maker of suboxone. I was taking 15 10 mg a day of percocet and 10 mg a day of norco a day b4 i got on sub. Anyways the reason i am so ****** is that these last 5 days have been the worse 5 days ive ever had.My Dr says oh youll just feel little tired for a few days is all.. ya right... 5 days of not being able to move,anxiety,depression you name it.. and no i am not crazy i took pills for shoulder injury so i have an idea where these feelings come from and its the
good ole subs that all these Drs are making a fortune off. You must remember
that out of all My drs patients i am like the only one whos quit totaly and can actually sit here and tell you what its like.. Its terrible and after considerable thought
i think people need to know this sub is just another opiate and what gets me is the withdrawls are even worse then reg opiates. I CLOSE WITH ONE LAST COMMENT: ITS ALL ABOUT THE MONEY WHEN IT COMES TO SUBS: Think twice before some slick talking Dr wants you on it.. its far from a magic pill. Just ask the few of us out of 1000000,0000 people who quit the phoney stuff.
There is no magic pill for addiction to pain pills and if you think sub is then think again..One last thing, try and google suboxone withdrawls and guess what youll find??? first 50 sites pop up are paid for by the drug maker of sub and you have to dig to find real facts from patients with experience.. Drug maker pays big bucks to keep all the info " positive" on subs... They are no dam different then the crooks on wal-street !


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Re: Day 5 Off Of Suboxone------read-----

Hi Frogster

I am not sure how, or even if, I can make you feel any less angry. Yes, Subutex and Suboxone do contain an opiate... bupuphrine (sp?). And yes, there are absolutley withdrawals from it, from which you are obviously suffering greatly. I am so sorry that misery is filling you at this time.

Sub has been like a miracle for many... it has a ceiling effect on opiate somehow and often buys time for an addict's thinking to change so that we are prepared to facew withdrawal head on in a practical manner. Oh, even being practical as the day is long does not alleviate the withdrawal, but we can be in a better frame of mind to face it.

From my friends on this site who have, or are, coming off of it, it seems all agree that if it has been used for any length of time, a slow, steady and calculated taper is the best bet to coming off and staying off. Coming off 2 mgs is no walk in the park, but rather a jump into the Arctic Ocean. It is a pretty powerful drug for sure.

I agree with you that the drug companies do not do much to promote anything but the positive about the drug. This is what doctors hear and tend to believe until the petient anecdotes start coming in over a long period of time. And yes, some doctors do overcharge for the service with prescribing this drug, but not all.

However, Friend, you are wherte you are and must work from that position. Perhaps it would be better to search and read about how to fight the symptoms of withdrawal with practical, solid remedies. There is noting that is going to eliminate the symptoms of withdrawal and make it a breeze, but there sure are things that help control the symptoms.

I learned many controlled breathing techniques to help deal with the anxiety. Another tactic that really made a difference was to recognize that each symptom I endured was a symptom of healing and restoration. I could endure with more grace and dignity as I understood more and more that the symptoms were my body's signals that it was righting itself, working to find balance again.

I had to work hard at facing the fears and emotional trauma that we so often feel in withdrawal and remind myself constantly that it all is but a process of healing. A process of healing.

My prayers and hopes are for you and with you that you can allow yourself to turn the rage and upset to a more practcial level of healing. Work with your doctor as you continue tapering. In tapering, it is not imporatnt how fast we go as long as we continue to make progress and do not go backwards.

I know how hard this it. I know also that it can be done. Stick with it, read a LOT here on the board, and discover ways to cope. Our brains and bodies have magnificent powers of restoration. A happy life can be yours again. That is a promise.

With sympathy and care

Old 01-01-2009, 05:43 PM   #3
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Tommy23 HB User
Re: Day 5 Off Of Suboxone------read-----

I TOTALLY AGREE! SUBOXON NEEDS TO BE STOPPED! THESE DR'S ARE JUST DRUG DEALERS IN A SUIT! It took me two years to kick suboxone, and looking back.. i wish i would have just grew a pair, and withdrew in rehabe. When i discovered suboxone, i totally faked being clean, and im lucky to be alive because i was taking all kind of benzos and doing coke and all that other ********! When you finally kick an opiate, your in for the biggest test of your life... you totally have to teach your self how to live again, you think your never gonna get better, but you do, you really do. YES SUBOXONE IS NO DIFFRENT THAN HEROINE OR A PAINKILLER! ITS REALLY NOT EASY, BUT IF YOU CAN DO IT, I GARENTEE THAT YOUR LIFE WILL CHANGE FOR THE BEST! IM SO GLAD I DID IT! GOOD LUCK TO YOU, STAY STRONG!

Old 01-02-2009, 10:08 AM   #4
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billfisher01 HB User
Re: Day 5 Off Of Suboxone------read-----

Ok so I read these posts and My heart goes out to everyone. I want to say that when I started the sub I thought it was fantastic and was indeed a miricle, but as others have said, once I stopped taking it the ugly head arose! It is a remakable drug and did in fact make me feel 100% normal, I was happy, confident, living and leading a normal life, I still am!( as long as I take my sub) with my family and friends, until that reality struck once I quit them for a week, horendous nightmarish withdrawel's the likes of which I never want to experiance again, so I am now taking it regular as told by the doc and will just give in my will and allow myself to realize it is what it is and I will be on this stuff for a long long time..I feel much more stidies should have been done, more clinical trials, could this stuff kill you? who knows? what are the long term effects? what will it do to the brain? very scarry thoughts indeed...I feel like I was sold down the road by the best salesman and pitch I ever heard and now, they got me, I am a slave to it. Please any one quiting drugs, try and go it without this stuff it only puts off the inevitable! Someday , someplace, somehow you and I and everyone else on this stuff will have to face the music and withdraw! Its a terrifying thought to me..But since I am only 3 months in maybe there is hope, maybe there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow..

I am trying hard to be normal, I keep my appointments with the doc, I do as I am told, I am a robot now to suboxone.

Old 01-06-2009, 10:43 AM   #5
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telattt HB User
Re: Day 5 Off Of Suboxone------read-----

wow, Just want you all to know, for those of you who are thinkong about getting on suboxone, that you don't have to withdraw from suboxone. Don't let these negative people on this board fool you. Maybe you have not met anyone that has successfully come off of it, but I have. I talk with them everyday, and they are wonderful people. They have successfully tapered off of sub, and lead normal lives. It can be done, and there are those out there who have done it.

Old 01-06-2009, 12:57 PM   #6
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mk7657 HB User
Re: Day 5 Off Of Suboxone------read-----

I know some people who are on and have successfully tapered from suboxone. If you jump off at 2 mg, there will be some pretty severe withdrawals, that is certain. However, detoxing from this particular synthetic opiate can't be harder than, say, detoxing from heroin, oxycontin, or methadone? These are all very strong narcotics, despite the biochemical differences in mechanism of action or half-life.

I understand the original poster's frustration. Withdrawal from opiates, any opiate, is no walk in the park. I have had the agony of withdrawing from both hydrocodone and oxycontin. I honestly can't say which drug had a tighter grip on me. All I have learned in any certainty is that the withdrawal from any opiate is BAD.

Hang in there. You'll be clean soon enough. Your doctor should have told you that you will have withdrawals from suboxone. I talked to a doctor about it, and he told me that I would have some pretty bad withdrawals if I used it. However, he also pointed out that if I couldn't successfully detox from my DOC without relapsing, then where would I like to find myself? On suboxone in a doctor's care or on the street buying illicit narcotics? The answer to that question is easy.

When we are confronted with the disease of addiction, we have some very important choices to make. Do I want to try and beat this thing by myself? What have I tried before that didn't work? Do I want to try 30 days in rehab? Can I afford suboxone treatment? Do I want to become involved in NA or AA? What is the good and bad of any program that I decide on? In my current frame of mind and if I'm in active addiction, am I even capable of making a good choice?

In my opinion, any choice that gets me off of the street and in a doctor's care is better than the alternative... "jails, institutions, or death."


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Old 01-24-2009, 06:17 PM   #7
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Secrets1983 HB User
Re: Day 5 Off Of Suboxone------read-----

Hi Frogster,

Reach could not have said it better.. (as usual she has the knowlede and eliquence to explain things so well)

I too am very sorry to hear that anger has consumed you. I sympathize with your sitution greatly and imagine the frusteration of feeling that you were not fully informed. That would make me angry as well.. However, I say this with great care and respect... Take a step back and breath... sowly breath and get control of the anxiety. You have to remember that we have all gotten ourselves into this mess in the first place and unfortunetly getting ourselves out of it is A LOT harder. I do agree that it sounds like suboxone is just a quick fix for putting off dealing with withdrawal however, Reach is right.. For some people it was what they needed to gain their mental clarity before they could face things head on. I think your taper sounds like it was WAY too fast.. Slowly but surely is always the best route.... I have read of people going off of crumbs of this drug and still suffered greatly... So.. Friend... You are in my heart and in my prayers most definetly...

I will pray for your strength and for peace of heart and mind to consume you. I really wish you the best.. Keep posting the anger, frusterations, the proud moments.. EVERYTHING.. It's theraputic and we are here to help!


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