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  • ultram withdrawal symptoms how long they last

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    Old 01-15-2009, 07:55 AM   #1
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    ultram withdrawal symptoms how long they last

    ultram withdrawal symptoms how long they last

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    Re: ultram withdrawal symptoms how long they last

    Well, I would say the normal 5-10 days or so but it probably depends on how long and how much you have been on them... So.. I am not sure. I think though this is a drug you need to be CAREFUL coming off of and it needs a taper program.. I never have taken this med so I don't know for sure. Maybe someone else can give you more info.

    Good luck to you!

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    Re: ultram withdrawal symptoms how long they last

    I was prescribed Tramadol (Ultram) and was on it for about 8 weeks. I became addicted in that 8 weeks. When I ran out, I was not given a refill, so I inadvertently went cold turkey. I had withdrawal symptoms for about a week. Flu-like symptoms, unable to sleep well, unable to rest or sit still, aching bones and muscles, headaches...for about 7 days, then thankfully they went away.

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    Re: ultram withdrawal symptoms how long they last

    I have been using Tramadol everyday for years.
    I used to take approx 10-15 50mg tablets a day, I'm currently taking 2 50mg tablets at night.
    I have never gone through a full detox, I lasted about two days before the cold turkey became too much.
    I don't know how long detox lasts but I know its <really> awful and I never want to feel it again!

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    Re: ultram withdrawal symptoms how long they last

    I have successfully weaned off several meds and can list them starting with the worst withdrawal misery to least withdrawal misery here:

    Duragesic patch (Fentanyl)

    I won't even go into the hideous detail of the patch withdrawal - {shudder}

    I was surprised that the Tram w/d was so bad. Since it never gave me a "high" feeling, I didn't think it could possibly be worse than Vicodin. But it was worse in a different way.

    Vike w/d was painful with muscle spasms, diarrhea, nausea, sweats, all that wonderful stuff. But Tram w/d was different because I did not sleep .... at all .... for a very long time. When I first went cold turkey, I did not sleep at all for 5 full days and nights. Days 6 & 7 I got 30 minutes each night, then worked up to 2 hours a night during the second week of w/d.

    I was desperate to sleep, but every time I would lie down the restless legs would start up. I was wild & had all kinds of desperate, crazy thoughts. I never knew how bad sleep-deprivation could make you feel or how badly it could mess with your mind! I was full-on hallucinating - seeing AND hearing things that weren't there. My short-term memory was also shot. I couldn't carry on a conversation, read a magazine, or follow a tv show.

    Just when I thought this was it, I was losing my mind & I'll never be normal again, I got 2 hours of sleep and got a glimpse of what it felt like to be rested. It gave me enough hope to hang on! My sleep pattern varied, but after the first 2 sleepless weeks I think I got 3-4 hours a night for the next 2 weeks. After that first month I finally got 6 hours and a couple of weeks after that I was getting a normal 7-8.

    So, with Vikes I was really only miserable for about a week. Tram w/d lasted more like 4-6 weeks (but the first 2 weeks were actually the worst). There was some diarrhea & sweats, but it was manageable. The worst of the w/d was the insomnia.

    I hope that didn't scare you too much because as bad as the w/d is, being ON the tram is worse. I looked like a cancer patient --- my hair was falling out, I lost 20 lbs, and my skin was dry and GREY. I looked really ill, and I felt how I looked. My only regret is that I did not recognize what it was doing to me sooner. I couldn't believe how healthy I felt after I finally got off that poison!

    Weaning down instead of going cold-turkey off 14-16 a day like I did would probably be a LOT better though.

    ~ Good Luck! ~

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    Re: ultram withdrawal symptoms how long they last

    I have had a knee condition since I was a junior in high school. The doctors could not figure out what was wrong until I was 23. By that time, the condition was so bad that there were 2 options, pain management or total knee replacement in both knees. Feeling that I was to young for knee replacement, I chose pain management. Worst mistake of my life! They kept me on hydrocodine for 2 years straight. I began seeing a new doctor because of insurance changes. I told him I was interested in other options because of addiction. By this time my husband and myself were already addicted. He suggested Ultram because "it is non narcotic and not addictive" Yeah, right. I was on the Ultram for 3 months, then the doctor decided that he wouldn't treat me anymore unless I got the knee replacements. So I was forced into withdrawal from the Ultram. The very first day without it, I had a mental breakdown. I was physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausted from 2 1/2 years on all the pain meds. My father, a recovering addict and counselor forced me to just deal with all the withdrawal. Needless to say, my family put me on suicide watch. This was the worst time of my life because I had always been very happy and active and had never had a problem with drugs.
    Still refusing the surgery, every now and then I have had to go 2 weeks at a time on pain meds, and the withdrawals aren't that bad like that. I know that this might sound silly but the best cure for my withdrawals has been the 5 hour energy drink. It actually has a lot of ingredients that are in wd recipes. It restores my energy and helps me focus. It also (helps) with body aches.
    It will not help everyone though, my husband is just now trying to get off the pain meds. and we are going to the health store to get higher doses of the vitamens and amino acids because the drink doesn't help him enough.
    My heart truly goes out to each one of you because these drugs have truly changed my life and for most people addiction to pain meds. does not start out the same way as with other drugs. I begged for something to help that was not addictive because I grew up with drugs. But there was just not anything strong enough that wasn't addictive.

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    Re: ultram withdrawal symptoms how long they last

    I have read this thread with great interest, Like I said before I have been using Tramadol for years (as does my husband).
    I'm terrified to go through wd, yet I can totally agree with hollyday they are poison!

    I too look like a cancer victim or something, My hair is very very thin with bald patch and my skin is grey/very very white, I have huge black rings around my eyes, I look very very ill.
    I just had my gallbladder removed and I have a cupboard full of Tramadol, codiene, Pethidine (which I love!!) and loads of other stuff.

    I used to be heavily addicted to Tramadol taking huge amounts daily but I weaned myself to just 2 a day and I thought I was doing well but after reading this I know I was kidding myself, Those two tablets are just as damaging.
    I LOVE Pethidine and have only just recently started using it again,
    approx 12 years ago I was a major Pethidine addict!
    I used to make up illness's so I could get injections of the stuff.
    I even pretended to have appendicitis etc... I was a junkie!. It's shameful

    I have been kidding myself that I have control now because I only take 2 tramadol...those 2 tablets are killing me just the same...
    I'm tried one night a few weeks ago to not take the two tablets thinking it couldn't be that bad...I got the insomnia straightaway and the restless legs and I gave up after about 14 hours.

    I take the two tramadol at night or I can't sleep, I thought this was ok....
    How wrong I was....Tramadol is poison!

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