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day 12 suboxone withdrawl

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Old 02-04-2009, 09:32 AM   #1
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subtrain HB User
day 12 suboxone withdrawl

1st time writing on any forum. i've gone through hydocodone dependency and withdrawls once, oxy twice and now suboxone. I have major pain problems due to auto accidents, being hit from behind by drunks. sad!
today i hope i can shed some light on sub withdrawls for those who might be thinking about going through it. my first suggestion would be to immediately begin your plan to taper down as soon as you begin taking it. stick to it! let me say that again, stick to it at all costs. you should really put someone else in charge of your pills that will stick to YOUR plan no matter what. when you first start taking sub you will be at your best to make up your mind about a plan to be free from dependency. the longer you take sub without a plan, you will begin to form the same dependent behavior you have with any other drug, so start right away at the beginning. you can read else where the best ways to taper.
I, being the smart guy i am jumped off the subox train at 4mg a day. I would not suggest it. no need to suffer like that. if you decide to jump off at 4mg, you might as well forget sub and go though ct on you drug of choice.
i would say personally that ct off off sub at 4 mg is physically more difficult to ct than dependency and then ct off of hydocodone or oxy. it is designed to stay in your system for a much longer period of time.
for myself, and I speak only for myself, at day 12, life still sucks! i am much better but, with all i am doing, i still have absolutely no energy, i can't sleep, i have this nervous energy that just creates a need to pace both knees and arms anytime i try to rest. And i was only on sub for about 3 months. i had been on oxy for about 18 mos with one ct after about 13 mos.
the pain was still pretty bad after detoxing for 10 days, ct off of oxy. after about 2 mos of being free i could not handle the pain and went back to the oxy thinking i could handle it. ha! but, after 10 days ct i was coming back strong, feeling good except for the damn pain which began to increase the more active i became.
well, this is where i am today at day 12 of being off sub. i hope that tomorrow is better. each day seems to be. i am anxious to get my life back. i feel like it was hyjacked. i wonder where i went for the past 18 mos. my advice to all is tto listen to the people around you. if someone tells you they feel something is wrong, that you don't seem the same, listen to them! you are not you on pain meds. YOU ARE NOT YOU ON PAIN MEDS. get off of them. stay away from them.
oh, yea, to you doc's out there who think with all you training that giving someone a presription for 120 pills a month is helping them,......NO! you have pobably just signed their warrent to dependency. think again. these things are bad news. and as a doc, give prescripts out to your patients as if they where you daughter or son. think about that with what you know about drug dependency.
good luck to all, i'm going all the way! i keep reading that it will pass and i know it will, i just always thought i was smarter than the average bear, booboo.

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Old 02-04-2009, 12:16 PM   #2
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amed225 HB User
Re: day 12 suboxone withdrawl

hey yogi, you are right you will be better each day. i kind of went thru the same thing as you. was on and off vics for years, the last deal lasted over a year so i got on sub. 3 months later i quit at 4 mgs, i ran into a car while driving home from work. said enough is enough. i'm at day 14 and can say i am pretty much back to myself. by the weekend i should be great!! hang in there, you have the right train of thought, stay strong and stay away from that pic-nic basket!!

Old 02-04-2009, 02:33 PM   #3
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Re: day 12 suboxone withdrawl name is Lyn, I post under ANGELINMICHIGAN.

I am not going to repeat my story, please type in Suboxone Withdrawls and Chronic Pain and Insomnia in the square above where it says search (one at at time obviously, I am telling you this as I know you are new to these boards). Please read my story as I am now 35days off of Suboxone and it took me about 20 days to feel better. I too read this on other posts that it took a month or so and was petrified. I am still not feeling great, but now I am in chronic pain in my neck and shoulders and have had a headache for over a month now that won't go away and I can't sleep either like you. If you can't find my story then I will explain. I also just wrote to Denon in another forum in addiction and recovery. My post is over a month old now so scroll down and read what you can.

I was tapered by my addictionologist. I was on it from Sept. 3 to November 28 and I when I came out of the addiction clinic I was only on 2mg and my doc started tapering me down from there. He didn't start the taper for a while and then he cut me down approx. every 2 weeks at my next appt. If I was still feeling bad he wouldn't cut me down. He alternated days also at first, one day 1 and then second day 1/2 and so on. I tapered down in the whole time from 2mg to 1 1/2 to 1 to 1/2 to 1/8 and finally to "crumbs". I went off of the crumb on Nov. 28 and the next day I was in "full blown" withdrawl for 20 days (at least). I don't want to scare you but I don't want to sugar coat it either. I think you jumped off rather quickly. You need a doctor, even maybe a specialist to help you with this or it could be dangerous!!!! I am not a doctor but have some experience with this. Please read my story. I agree with your post 100%. It brought tears to my eyes as you are correct, the doctors hand out pain killers like candy. I am in chronic pain and now am not taking anything and I feel terrible but I am not on any opiates or narcotics and that was my goal.

Take care and talk to you soon.

Lyn in Michigan

Old 02-04-2009, 03:14 PM   #4
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Secrets1983 HB User
Re: day 12 suboxone withdrawl

Welcome subtrain!

WELCOME! It sounds like you are talking the talk and walking the walk!!! GOOD FOR YOU! You should be very proud of your accomplishment!

I agree PAIN PILLS SUCK! They were my DOC and I never thought I was going to be able to break free of them... I am so thankful I never went the sub route because from the few people on here that discuss it.. it sounds horrible! Not that w/d are not bad enough as is... However, I don't want to offend anyone who is currently taking that or... has in the past because any form of being proactive in sobriety is HUGE! Each to their own is my moto.

I think within the next week you will be feeling a lot better.... Keep fighting! You can win this fight and we are all here for you!


Old 02-05-2009, 04:32 AM   #5
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Re: day 12 suboxone withdrawl

Subtrain......How are you feeling today?

Secrets.....Haven't seen you on here recently, how are you feeling?

Take care all....


Old 02-07-2009, 06:42 AM   #6
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telattt HB User
Re: day 12 suboxone withdrawl

I hear ya. I jumped from 12mg of sub to nothing. withdrawals lasted about two months, but eventually got better from there. I swore I would never take sub again. Because of the big jump tho when I started feeling better I began to use opiates again, and was right back where I started. So guess, what I went to detox and was put back on sub. I am now four months clean (the longest ever), and I am on 16 mgs of sub a day. It has saved my life. Now that I know how bad sub withdrawals are, I will taper when I am ready. If I taper too soon I will use again. Yes I do consider myself clean even tho I am on sub. At least I am not using my drugs of choice, lying, cheating, or stealing. I have my life back, and I am an honest and productive member of my society.

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