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  • How to Stop Cold-Turkey Tramadol / Ultram

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    Old 11-20-2010, 05:53 AM   #16
    darkscience's Avatar
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    Re: How to Stop Cold-Turkey Tramadol / Ultram

    I'd like to start off by saying thanks to wytt and all the other posters, without your input or knowledge i dont think i'd have been able to get through this.

    I'm on day 3 of cold turkey from this Evil drug (zydol/tramadol) and i'm slowly as from this morning starting to feel a touch normal, day 1 was weird, i did'nt feel any CT until 4pm that afternoon, first signs for me were hot n cold flushes with minor sweats also brain zaps, went to bed that night about 11pm feeling pretty normal, went too sleep and woke up about 1.30am, this is where my body decides it wants some more tramadol and it wants it very bad, i was aching all over with strange sensations in the legs and groin, a splitting headache and hot n cold flushes, i lay there wriggling around for about 3 hours when i decide to go downstairs with a blanket and lay on the freezing leather sofa, strangely after about 15 minutes i fall to sleep and wake up at 7.15am. DAY 2 almost straight away the CT feelings are back, Obviously no work for me today. I Go back upstairs and lay on the bed not sure if i'm still dreaming or awake everything seems so surreal, i put my eyesleep patch on to block out the light and again i fall asleep for about 90 minutes. I wake up and the CT feelings seem to have doubled and I have a strange feeling for a red hot bath, i go and run the bath and it seems to take ages to fill up, i finally get in and it feels like heaven, be warned though you will feel freezing when you get out and maybe out of breath like i was. The rest of the day was just pure CT symptoms as described above, also a feeling of regret and sadness for doing this to your body in the first place. Went up to bed that night at 9pm could not get to sleep no matter how much i tried, the kids were stopping at grandparents for the weekend so i decided to try their beds, which did'nt work, then the sofa again, which did'nt work, i decided to try one of the kids beds again at about 2am and this time i fell usleep more or less uninterrupted till 8am.
    Day 3, after managing to get a good few hours sleep i feel a lot better today, still feeling hot n cold and gettin brain zaps but nowhere near to the extent of Day 2, i have decided to go shopping with my wife today and get some fresh air it's about 2c outside so it's lovely n fresh...happy days are gonna be back soon...

    Just on a final note, CT from tramadol feels like hell especially Day 2, if your not a stronged willed person or are not up for the fight i would suggest trying other methods to get of this demon drug...good luck everyone.

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    Old 04-26-2011, 03:29 PM   #17
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    Re: How to Stop Cold-Turkey Tramadol / Ultram

    Omg wytt, your story is mine. I started detoxing over two weeks ago and am sitting here with chills. Thanks so much for taking the time to write all this. Reading it i felt like i wrote it myself. People like you and carolyn literally seem like you are giving me a high five! I cut down to two pills a day for a week and have been clean for 10 days and still feel like my body and mind are fighting. im taking b vitamins drinking diet coke and taking a multivitamin. i want my body back. I want my life back. When in the world will I feel like myself again???

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    Old 06-03-2011, 12:33 AM   #18
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    Re: How to Stop Cold-Turkey Tramadol / Ultram

    Hi I'm Daniel. I am currently going cold turkey off tramadol. I'm on day two and I've found the energy to write a message about your post.
    I've only been on tramadol for 2 months due to an incident I had. I had a really bad fall from a high height and broke my back and left leg but I was extremely lucky that I didn't lose feeling in my legs but I did lose some feeling in my left foot which I can deal with. I'd rather walk more than anything.
    While I was in hospital for the 9 days I was given tramadol. In all honesty it was a great pain reliever because of the shape I was in I would look forward to my next dosage of the drug. It's really hard talking about it now but I want to post to you to thank you and to achieve something that I can talk about it. Anyway as I was saying, I was talking 8 50mg pills a day. Most mornings I would need it to get out of bed.
    Once I was sent home I was given the tablets to take home while I was recovering, a few weeks after my tramadol had run out and wasn't able to get a re-prescription for the drug because it was the easter hoidays, (by the way I'm from England). I was able to get the drug the next day but I instantly felt withdrawal symptons kick in. I started feeling nauseous, my temperature was going up and down like a yo yo, sweating, no comfortablilty and my body ached all over. That first day was hell. But the moment I had my first tramadol again, it was like nothing happened and I was completely fine.
    That shocked me in quite a way because that made me think of how hard it would be to get off the drug and the was only being on it for a month, it scares you how powerful these drugs can be.
    It's now been two months since I've been on the drug and 5 days ago I had an appointment with the doctor just for a check up and I notified him on this. He said it was a highly addictive drug and I was upset that I had no warning off this, I understood that it was a strong drug but not like this. I said to the doctor about weaning off the drug and he said that the best thing to do is to go cold turkey. He said it's going to be hard but I should do it so I can get it over and done with.
    After knowing this I prepared myself for a few nasty days. I had my first day of being cold turkey yesterday and I definitely felt it. I had the worst night sleep, I fully woke up in the morning and noticed that I was in sweat, my head felt terrible, I felt nauseous, sneezing all the time and my temperature was going crazy. I'm am lucky because I am young I still live with my family and I can depend on them. My dad spurred me on that I can do this and it's "Mind over Matter'. I am also lucky that I have the most amazing girlfriend, she has supported me through everything. She came ad visited me to nurse and she did say the I looked like I was a corpse. She helped take my mind off of things and she took care of me. As I went through the day things got slightly worse, I had really heavy breathing, my body was shaking and twitching a lot and make back was causing me an awful lot of pain along with all the other symptoms. There were moments where I did want to take every drug in the house to compensate for the tramadol but I knew that's the most stupid idea I could ever think of. You said in your post that "You feel like you want a meteorite to crash the house and case an unorthodox death". I can fully understand what you mean. I know you was on it for a year and that doesn't compare to my two months but I really am struggling with this cold turkey business.
    I am now on day two, I got a better sleep than I imagined but things haven't got better, only the heavy breathing. I must admit my nausea is the worst of all my symptoms because it's preventing me having the urge to eat, to sleep, to drink and to be optimistic. I was curious whether anyone else has gone through a similar thing because I've never heard of any of my friend or family going cold turkey on any drug. So searched and I found your submission. I read through it and it has really showed me how to attack this horrible stage of recovery and made me think that there is an end to all this. I am so thankful because you have given me the best advice that I could ask for and I can really relate to your post. I thought I was the only one but you've shown me that there are others and 'I CAN' get through this. I praise you for getting through this because it is so hard to do and you had a longer addiction time to the drug than I have.
    In your post you said that if you make it to 3-5 days then you've already done the hard bit and it's all ok from then on. I'm glad I've made it to day 2 and I really look forward to making it.
    Thank you Thank you Thank you and wish me luck.

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    Re: How to Stop Cold-Turkey Tramadol / Ultram

    Ultram is one of those sneaky lil inconspicuous drugs that everyone thinks is fine, but it is very very dangerous, and very very addictive. I've went through Grand Mal seizures from it, takeing prescribed doses from a dr. and I've overdosed on it before, not directed by a dr.

    It's very easy to get in way over your head with this medication. People need to realize that you don't mess around with it, and you don't quit it cold turkey, unless you have a death wish.....

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    Re: How to Stop Cold-Turkey Tramadol / Ultram

    I couldnt agree with kaitlyn more actually. I find myself lecturing people all the time on tramadol-thats why i stay away from boards that are not related to me meaning i give my advice on addiction and recovery boards because i have actually experienced what its like to withdraw. If i were to go to the back pain board for instance and say TRAMADOL IS THE DEVIL--id have lots of people claiming its a wonder drug--ya right!! They have no idea what they are getting themselves into when they take this for the first time. Im certainly not a an Angel-Tramadol is what brought me to this board in the first place. I was severely addicted to it badly--I ready Wyatts post to back then--(this is a very old post) I will tell you he was certainly getting in my head and making feel strong enough to do it too! But the truth is its dangerous--TRAMADOL IS VERY DANGEROUS going cold turkey. One thing that made my experience diffrent though is that i was prescribed zoloft. antidepressants mixed with tramadol is not good --causes serrotonin syndrome and grand mal siezures- I was super scared and all alone--was way to afraid to share my secret and the what was really scarry is i have 3 kids-way to young to know what was really going on. I tapered really fast in the beginning and then started a slow and steady taper at then end. my thread is called "Please help me properly taper of Tramadol." you will see in the end i do end up going cold turkey because i loose my meds..I got by with taking a valium at night to stop any seizures. It was not easy but it can be done. I really hope you start your own thread and log your journey. Make sure you keep us posted on how your are doing.

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    Re: How to Stop Cold-Turkey Tramadol / Ultram

    Carolyn.... You are the bomb! On June 9th I will be two months clean!!!!! And yea.,,,,,,,tramadol is the freaking devil.... Period : )

    Old 08-23-2011, 03:05 PM   #22
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    Re: How to Stop Cold-Turkey Tramadol / Ultram

    You are my role model now. I will follow all of your advice once I take on the same journey you survived to write about. Thank you so very much!

    Old 08-24-2011, 03:36 PM   #23
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    Re: How to Stop Cold-Turkey Tramadol / Ultram

    Ultram/Tramadol is a nasty pain reliever. I was prescribed this after my first back surgery in 2001, being told it was a NON addictive synthetic alternative to Vicodin. Non addictive my fanny perpendicular

    I cold turkeyed this stuff several years ago from probably 250-300mg a day, and it was no picnic to be sure. I do not recommend it AT ALL.

    That said, my having supported on another forum and in direct contact, numerous others to free themselves from pain meds, benzos and anti depressants, I have learned that there simply are those who do not have the option to do a much safer and highly recommended taper from their poison. The main reason I have seen is having an extremely addictive personality. Some individuals clearly do not have the will power and determination to do a successful slow taper. Others simply do not have the luxury to do a slow taper due to life's daily responsibilities, i.e. work, child care, caring for their elders, etc., and/or lack spousal or family support to help them endure a lengthy taper.

    I am not condoning C/T anything, for I agree it is extremely dangerous. I did it naively not knowing any better, and thinking it was no big deal. I have since learned I was a complete fool to do it the way I did and I would never attempt it ever again. But again, some have little choice.

    If you are now, or are planning to do a C/T BE SURE to inform at least one other person you trust of your intent and have them check in on you, if not stay with you through the worst of it. Please don't attempt to do this on your own, there is simply too much risk involved.

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    Old 09-11-2011, 12:50 PM   #24
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    Re: How to Stop Cold-Turkey Tramadol / Ultram

    day one man, i found your info good, i have been on tram for 2 years now and damper ed down my meds slowly but today was day 1 of stopping... i dont feel good right now. just typing to get my mind off of it. wish me luck...

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