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Izzyconrad2 05-19-2011 06:03 AM

When i was younger i went to a lot of parties and started to do drugs. I`ve been clean for a couple years. I went to rave parties with my foster brother. The thing is i didn`t do light drugs then go to heavy drugs i went straight to heroine. I did it for a while. It started to run my life for a long time. Then one day i was doped out in my bathtub with the water running and my foster brother broke the door down and he basically took care of me till i was better. It was a really hard month for me. He wouldn`t let me do anything till i was threw withdrawl. I haven`t touched the stuff in a long time. But deep down i still want to do it. Usually i forget about it but something will remind me of it. Then i`ll want it. I`m tired of it running my life. Has anyone actually gotten rid of it completly

flintrock 05-19-2011 07:23 PM

Re: Anyone
That demon will try to get back in but don't let it. The longer you refuse to let it in, the better chance the demon will give up. You can do it and WILL do it. My 25 yr old sn died May 3 in a car accident. Alcohol and pills.................if I could reach one person, young or old, and tell them the outcome is either death or prison and them believe me, I could rest better at night. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stay clean....get to a meeting, church, visit a something. Don't let that demon kill you.

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