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briannamermaid 10-08-2012 07:18 PM

Tapering Norco help
i have been taking norco 10/325 for about 6 months for help treating the ain of a damaged nerve in my jaw. now i have gotten to the point where i am just tired of it. i don't want to be taking it anymore. i have tried quitting cold turkey but the withdrawals are too much for me. i talked to my pharmacist today and they said cold turkey just doesn't work for some people and they i need to taper it down instead. my boyfriend is willing to regulate the medication for me and help in any way possible. i take about 8-10 per day. i have around 200 left to taper with. my boyfriend and i were thinking of cutting 2 pills a day every week. (8 a day this week, 6 a day next on so forth) but i needed some advice on whether that is a good idea or not. HELP! i hate this and just want to get off of these devils!

Wendy88 10-09-2012 12:19 AM

Re: Tapering Norco help
Hi B! Welcome! :) :)
Pills are my thing (not that I'm proud, I mean like, they have been my issue for years) so I'd like to at least think I know what your asking. There is nothing wrong, at all, with seeing your doctor- make an appt and say you need next available/ get on the cancelation list too. If the appt isnt for a while, ask to leave a message on his PRIVATE voicemail. Or I suppose u could say u need a change with your , that there is an issue u need to see him about and u can't wait that long... They must squeeze u in. Be nice but assertive. (sorry to tell u exactly how to act, just some people are afraid to make demands of their doctors, when in reality THEY are working for YOU. always remember that.
Anyway, once u see her/ him, Then explain the situation.
Lots of docs see this, addiction/ needing to wean even if u are following the rules. They are prescribing an addictive substance. The wean is part of the job.
Even if you aren't abusing them ( I don't believe u said if you were taking as prescribed so I'm assuming for the most part u followed the script.) but after 6 months, he needs to help u with a taper. No need to do it alone. Really.
I was on morphine for pain (my issues are with roxy, another story for another time) but when I was healed, my doc said , ok it's time, and I had a great taper. Was never sick, it was fine and supervised. Of course, I did have a short acting narcotic in my system for breakthrough, but according to my doc if the morphine withdrawal was done too fast I'd be a puking mess. I experienced none of that and am thankful to my doctor for her sloooooow taper (I was on it longer than u are I'n yours).
Also since u have an ongoing medical issue (I'm reading that u want off cause ur tired of the side effects etc, but it's not like you are cured) he may be able to give u a non -narcotic, like lyrica or neurontin which deal with nerve pain. I've been on those too and they helped me a lot. They have side effects which he can discuss with you, but man, those got rid of my nerve pain better than any narcotic (for me). My nerve pain has now resolved, result of meds or my body I don't know, but I was grateful for them.
Anyway, I'm not a doc, but I've been around the block ( lil rhyme for ya) :) ... So I recommend holding off on your taper and get in to your doctor ASAP so u can get a plan going. it's the safest, most comfortable way to do it. and if what u wrote is correct and u are taking as prescribed, he won't be surprised that you need to taper with him at the healm. (btw 2 a day in your own taper plan is way too fast in my opinion).
Now if there is more to the story, fill me in.... I can only tell you what I think is right based on your post.
Please keep us/ me posted! You are on your way to MUCH better days.
Good vibes!

briannamermaid 10-09-2012 09:13 PM

Re: Tapering Norco help
thank you for your kind and encouraging words! in answer to your questions ( or at least the ones i remember) yes, i have been taking them as a prescription. he gives me 240 a month and sometimes i run out early and that is how i know about the withdrawals going cold turkey are too much for me. basically, i am tired of going through that every month and just want to get the need to take them every single day so frequently so that i never have to go through withdrawals again. and also, like you assumed, my condition has not improved in my jaw. i still have frequent pain, but when i need the medicine to treat it my boyfriend will give it to me. i have full trust in him and he knows everything about the situation so he wont let me down. as for trying medications to treat my nerve problem... i take 1200mg a day...and it doesn't help much.
i tried calling my doctor today to speak to him about it and he still hasn't responded. hopefully i get my answer soon because i am ready to be free.
if i forgot to answer any other questions or if you have more please let me know.
also, if anyone has a taper plan that they suggest i am open to suggestions!

Wendy88 10-09-2012 11:02 PM

Re: Tapering Norco help
I hope he calls too. Call again.... Like every other day. You can even tell the girl who answers the phibe, I'm having an issue with my meds and have left messages with no reply. If the doctor doesn't call back, I will have to take it upon myself to take myself off the medication due to unwanted side effects. Tell them it firmly and to add it to their notes to him.
As far as your own ween. Maybe half a pill down for a week, then a whole pill down for a week, then add another half down for a week and so on. That would be a slow taper, I believe.
But if u can, try once more to reach the doctor. He may be able to make it more comfortable for you. Unless he's a jerk, it's always best to have it supervised, especially since u still have a condition. You may need his help, which is why involving him this stage is best.
Keep us posted!
Im rooting for u!

NeckIssueGuy 10-10-2012 10:13 AM

Re: Tapering Norco help
Hi your taper sounds great at 2 pill cut per week is around a 25% reduction, and in about a Month you would be ready to jump off.
The Doc would most likely do a fast taper sometimes as short as five days and it's not fun, your idea sounds like it would work as it may not be symptomless for you, shouldn't be bad at all my thoughts,BUT a lot easier to deal with than jumping off at the level your at. Maybe some fatigue and the norm when stopping that's probably about it though.
Alot of folks that get suspected of abusing their Meds, get told no more when they go to their visit, so be happy you have these to fall back on.
only you can make the decision to do this, and to talk to your Doc. about it as you may have a very difficult time in the future if Meds are medically necessary, if you need the support get your Doc. involved though as it may be a blessing. The Doc. may respect you more to want off the meds after this long too.

You could probably reduce by 25% dose every 3-4 days and go through a little discomfort and be done alot faster.
Well good luck with it and see what your Doc. thinks and work it even if it's uncomfortable will it definitely be worth it if your ready to stop the meds.

Edit: I almost forgot the level of acetaminophen has got to be over the new Regulations of 2000mg, so get it down fast to prevent liver damage as we never know when it can happen and onset is fast take care

briannamermaid 10-10-2012 05:52 PM

Re: Tapering Norco help
thanks! i have an appointment with him tomorrow morning to discuss the change. i am looking forward to it. i will update you all tomorrow when i am done with my dr. appointment to let you know his suggestions... and what our plan is!

Grantmetheseren 10-12-2012 06:05 PM

Re: Tapering Norco help
I am also addicted to norco ...I take 40 mg a day and can't get off. I try then at the end of th day I feel crappy and take the rest. In less than 2 years I've more than tripled my dose. I really feel your pain. I think you are smart to get off at 6 months. Before you know it 2 years will pass and you will be in deeper! Good luck to you!

briannamermaid 10-12-2012 07:28 PM

Re: Tapering Norco help
so, bad news. dr. says i shouldn't stop the meds. we had a very very long talk about the fact that until i have my jaw pain under control i will have to take pain medications. there was a lot of crying on my part because i was really wanting to stop the pain meds, but in the end i agreed that it's either all or nothing. i need them for the pain. and the next step to get my jaw issue under control is an oral surgeon and that will most likely require me to be on more pain meds anyways. :( when i finally DO stop, i will be back here though. i will you all the best of luck in getting off of these terrible medications.

Wendy88 10-13-2012 02:05 AM

Re: Tapering Norco help
It's very hard when u are a chronic pain patient and have an issue that is not under control and need the meds, despite wanting to get off.
I think it's good that he saw that you are trying to look out for yourself.
Let your b/f keep controling yet meds do u don't get into a bad cycle.once you get the jaw under control, we will be here to help u and so will your doctor it seems. who knows how bad your pain would be without the meds, and then the stress it would put on your body.
I hope your surgery happens fast (the sooner it's over with the sooner you can get off the meds), but there WILL be a time when you can and will get off the meds safely and when medically it's best.
We are all still here for you if you need to post about anything!
Best of luck! You will be on the mend soon!!

briannamermaid 10-13-2012 03:10 PM

Re: Tapering Norco help
thanks wendy. this past week has been so scary for me but knowing i have this community to come back to when i need support has been so comforting. none of you are judgmental or pushy and i am so glad i found this group. iam sure i will stay around to get support for my other medical issues that i am having major problems with. :)

Phoenix 10-14-2012 02:27 AM

Re: Tapering Norco help
[QUOTE=briannamermaid;5071423]so, bad news. dr. says i shouldn't stop the meds. we had a very very long talk about the fact that until i have my jaw pain under control i will have to take pain medications. there was a lot of crying on my part because i was really wanting to stop the pain meds, but in the end i agreed that it's either all or nothing. i need them for the pain. and the next step to get my jaw issue under control is an oral surgeon and that will most likely require me to be on more pain meds anyways. :( when i finally DO stop, i will be back here though. i will you all the best of luck in getting off of these terrible medications.[/QUOTE]

Hello brianna,

First and foremost, let me state for the record,that it brings me no joy to know that yet another person has crossed over to chronic pain status.
I use to view chronic pain as a sentence I had to serve while not knowing the offense.This made me not only angry at myself but at the world in general.I was always left with the same question at the end of the day:"why me and why at this point in time?"
Long story short,I was addicted to cocaine for approximately 10 years(there were times that I would discontinue use for 7 months or longer and then relapse but this is for another time).
When I finally stayed stopped,I began to do some wondrous things(looking back at it all know,I even amazed myself).
Little did I realize that it would last for the better part of 5 years.
You see,I was involved in a motor vehicle accident,which has become life-altering in more ways than one.
Not a day goes by that I don't replay the events over and over.My inability to control it can be frustrating.

Some 7 years have passed,since that summer day in 2005(I can even recall the weather).

I now realize that life owes me nothing and I should be grateful for each day that life provides for me.
With that being said,I report today that I still struggle with issues and my thought processes are less than desirable but i'm alive.

As long as I have another day,possibilities are endless,not ending.

Please feel free to share as often as you like,for you are amongst those who work through the pain on a daily basis.
There's strength in numbers;please try not to weather all the weight by yourself.

Respectful Sincerity


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