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rosebuddy 12-27-2012 08:48 AM

Re: Started my taper yesterday... Have a question
Thanks to everybody who took the time to respond in the thread. I am tapering off of oxycodone 10/325. And I have been all caught up in how much to take and when and if I should just go cold turkey.
What I haven't done is: 1.) Make a list of why i want to quit.
2.) Ask my higher power for strength to get through this.
3.) Think about how great it would be for my life to be an open book, and not have the secrets of oxy addiction and active alcoholism. I avoid people that will interrupt our drinking/using.
4) I have a paper script for 180 oxycodones for January 2013. I can't tear it up without the list above. I drink every day--a half a fifth of vodka. And I can't tell my pain management doctor to stop giving me pills. That is very, very hard to do. 180 pills for $10. But I can if I am honest with myself and I have my reasons to quit, pull it out and have them embedded in my head when i want to use or drink, go to meetings, read the bb, and pray a whole lot.

To just say I want to get off the pills isn't enough. Why? How? and Get help, you don't have to do it on your own.

I needed to post this for me! The answers come when I'm honest with myself.

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