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Inpaininoregon 10-20-2012 04:41 AM

Withdrawal from 50mgh patch
8 days into cold turkey withdrawal from 6 plus years on the fpatch.
Original pain that I was being treated for has returned full force, yet no temptation on my part to use that last patch or do the refill I still have.
I have started my old pain management routine of 7.5vicodan every 6hrs as needed along with Zanaflex and 1800mg of gabapentin daily. I will see the new California doctor on October 30 to relive my 30year horror story yet again.
I can only offer that going cold turkey was one of the most difficult things I have ever done in my life. Please do not try this alone. Go to a detox center or at least do as I did and plan to have a trusted and patient friend there to help you through. Read up on the Thompson Method,follow the threads of those who have gone before you and Pray. Keep your Dr. In the loop. They are the go to for Ativan or other drugs to keep you from crawling out of your skin. A good doc understands and will not over prescribe while you are detoxing.
Stock the house with fluid replacement like G2 and jello. Pray. You will come out the other side, but remember the pain the Fpatch was covering up or in my case helping to manage will be there at the end of Fpatch detox. I am again using a cane and cannot sleep due to the cronic and very persistent pain I am in.
Did I do the detox only to be placed back on the Fpatch to have any quality of life? Only time and my pain will tell. I have thought do a treatment center but how will I address my cronic pain, and I have yet to have one of my famous 3 day migraine headaches lol. Now I pray the pain will subside long enough for me to sleep for an hour or two.
I wait for dawn
A gift of another day
Another day closer to seeing my grandchildern
Another day of cronic pain
3 of 4 is pretty good

Thank and bless you all

Phoenix 11-05-2012 05:42 AM

Re: Withdrawal from 50mgh patch

Certain medicines; even one's of this nature, react differently when administered to certain individuals.

Was there any progress made on your behalf?


Inpaininoregon 11-21-2012 08:34 PM

Re: Withdrawal from 50mgh patch
Dear phoenix

I am still off the patch but the pain continues. I see a new pain management Dr. Next week. It has been suggested that I consider methodone or returning to the patch. I have no interest in becoming addicted to yet another pain med.
Thank you for caring

In pain in Oregon.

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