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Victor_Newman 09-24-2001 05:49 PM

I'm addicted to the internet and it's hurting me?
Ever since my new computer I got last Christmas.... I just cannot stop getting on the internet.It's like a habit... I can be on it for a whole day either downloading video games,music or just reading in forums or chatting or whatver.I just want to stop evolving around it.It's gotten so bad that I don't even do my homework because when I get home from school I click that computer right on.I tried to move the computer out my room until the weekends but I start chickening out.On top of that... when I try not to get on the internet... I find life really boring and I get really depressed and lonely especially when I'm cooed up in the house on the weekends.I tried reading books but that doesn't help and I tried watching tv but there is nothing on in the weekends.Constantly lieing to my parents about not having homework so I can just get on there.What can I do and how can I stop getting on here so much?? I can't help it the internet is so much fun though.

retiredyoung35 09-25-2001 07:29 AM

it'll wear off just give it some time and stop beating yourself up! When i first got mine i stayed on it all the time...the info you can find is mind boggleing at first but you'll soon tire of it. Just as long as you don't have small children that are being neglected like some of the trash-news shows on t.v show about. Ease up on yourself and enjoy!

LeeEllen 09-25-2001 07:43 AM

Hi - I agree that it will probably get boring after awhile, but right now what are you going to do about your school work??? Can you make a deal with yourself and stick to it, i.e. get the homework done FIRST, then hit the computer??? Believe me, the internet isn't worth your education. I know I sound like your parents or other adults, but take my word for it --- it's not worth screwing up your grades.

Get your homework done first --- then hit the computer all you want. Just stay away from junk out there, ok? Peace, Lee

retiredyoung35 09-25-2001 11:21 AM

Oh yea one more thing....if you start growing hair on the palm of your hand and feel like your starting to go blind then for sure give it up! LOL

julieboolie 09-30-2001 06:11 PM

I understand you pain, too. I can stay on my computer for so long that hours will pass and I won't even realize it. You really have to dicipline yourself. That is what any kind of "drug" is about. When you let it take over your life and it starts to take over your decisions, that is when you are addicted. But the good thing here is that you know you have the problem! You just have to dicipline yourself. Do you homework first! Only let yourself stay on the computer for a set amount of hours a day.
If it makes you feel any better, check this out.. When my boyfriend wakes up, he goes straight to the computer, plays around for about 45 minutes. Goes to work at his computer job. Stays on the computer ALL DAY! Comes home, eats dinner, gets on his computer until he goes to sleep. Some nights he will read or watch a movie. But there will be computer in-between. He doesn't reconize this as a problem, and it isn't. It doesn't influence him to slack off in different areas in his life. You know, he still goes to work, and all that fun stuff. It is a problem for you because you are almost depressed about it. Just dicipline yourself. That is what makes people in control of their life! Practice it, and make sure the things you do on your computer a benifical to your well being. These health forums are good, researching, studing, learning, even games are good for hand/eye coordination (just not too much of them).

ps. sorry for any spelling errors!

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