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crawlerbaby 01-10-2013 12:49 PM

Inpatient Methadone Detox with Ultram and Clonidine??
I am 44 & have been on methadone for 20+ years. I decided it is finally time to go inpatient to kick this stuff. My insurance is crap & only a handful of facilities are in my network in NJ where I live. I'm on 27 mg BTW, pretty low dose. So I've got 2 choices pretty much, Endeavor House in Kearny and Seabrook House in Brick..
Endeavor House detox with subutex/suboxone but couldn't tell me if there would be anything given in between the last dose of methadone and the first dose of subs..uh oh.
Seabrook House told me they do not use [B]any[/B] narcotics in their detox and would be giving me stuff like phenobarbital, Ultram and subs. That to me seems inhumane. I mean geeze? Off 27 mg??
Anyone have any help or has anyone ever been to eithere Endeavor House or Seabrook House in NJ?

Gabd284 02-10-2013 01:10 PM

Re: Inpatient Methadone Detox with Ultram and Clonidine??
Can u try tapering 5mgs every 3 days? That's what I did, I was on 120 but missed going to the clinic for 3 days and they dropped me to 30mg, got arrested the next day and they detoxes me in jail from 30, 5mgs every 3 days. After my last dose I was mildly sick for about a week and hot showers gave me a lot of relief

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