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nicole88ac 01-23-2013 12:34 AM

Caught on Oxys
i started doing oxycodones about a year ago, no i wasnt prescribed, dont kno why i started really, they were just easy to come across.. and they were great.. made everything seamless, everything easy, everything more tolerable, handle anything, talk to anyone, stay up later, speak easier.. then i found myself wanting them, then needing them. got to a point where i started to use them ya kno, only if i was going out because it was fun.. then started to break my own rule about never doing them at work.. then started to do that. now most a my friends think im this amazing person with this great attitude and personality... and truth is, i need to take these to feel like my normal self. when in reality, i dont kno who my normal self really is anymore. lost that person a year ago. but i want to stop. and this might be the hardest thing ever possible. ive been lying to so many people about who i am. the whole ship is going to sink if i stop. but i got to... dont know how tho.

rosebuddy 01-23-2013 12:44 AM

Re: Hi, I'm Paulos and an opiate withdrawler.
use the Thomas Recipe. I have 5 clean days. You can too.

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