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Cherrydrpepper 01-29-2013 01:23 PM

Methadone and labor/delivery
I'm due in 3 weeks with my fourth baby and on 30MGs a day of methadone. I talked to my OBGYN today about not wanting an epidural, but also not wanting to go all natural. I've done both before and neither worked well for me. He talked about getting intravenous medication, and mentioned Stadol, Nubain, or Demerol. According to things I have been reading since I left the appointment, Stadol and Nubain are definitely out. Demerol, given at the high doses needed to "bypass" the methadone, can cause seizures. Clearly my OB isn't aware of any of this, and I plan on printing out some information to give him. I would like to know of other medications that would be considered safer to have administered during labor. I've read of morphine and Fentanyl, but know nothing about them. If anyone has advice I would love to hear it, as well as a site I can go on to research and print for myself and my doctor. Thanks in advance.

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