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Jazzeyjazz79 09-12-2014 09:59 AM

Help!!! Need help with opiate withdrawl
[B]hello all!!! I have been searching in internet for a while now readying what everyone had to say about stopping opiates etc.. I am 34 I am married and have kids. I had gotten kidney stones during a pregnancy since doctors couldn't give me anything to help pass them I ended up taking vicodin 2 500 every 4 hrs. It was a prescription well I ended up giving birth and finally passed them about 2 weeks after delivery. By that time I got hooked I couldn't stop and I ended up buying off the streets. It started as 1 or 2 a day then ended up going up just to get the same feeling. I could take up to 12 a day sometimes and sometimes it would only be 4 a day. It was basically whatever I can afford. I never thought I could end up like this!!! From never taking anything to being dependent on a pill. I was spending all my money on these pills If I didn't use one day I would be sick I just wasn't me anymore. Finally 7 days ago I finally had enough and stopped. The physical symptoms are gone but it's the mental part now that's hard to deal with. I feel very anxious especially in the am because that's when I first started using. I have a lot of ups and downs through the day. I guess I was just numb to any feelings all day and now I feel very anxious. I wish I can push a button and skip this part of my life. I am so depressed but I manage to get up and do some things around the house. I tried to stop one other time and all I did was lay down and cryed my kids thought I had the flu this time I am not doing the same mistake I am trying to be more motivated but I run out of energy fast!!!! I started taking a multivitamin when I stopped taking the pills. I take tylenol pm to sleep at night and started effexor for the anxiety which seems to be helping right now that's why I think I made it so far. I really just need to talk to some of you about your experiences and kind words!!! Any help out there??

janeli2 09-13-2014 06:08 AM

Re: Help!!! Need help with opiate withdrawl
Hi! Wow, it's weird what your mind can tell you b/c all the years I've taken pills and I'm on day 5 of being clean, I thought I was the only person out there going thru what I was going thru and noone would be able to relate and your story could very well be my story just about! I've had a 6 year history with taking opiates for a knee injury, first with vicoden and then percocet and then oxycodone and in 4 of the 6 years I used as needed as intended. Then two years ago family life changed significantly with my brothers and neices and I started numbing my pain by taking the pain pills I've been taking as prescribed as needed and it turned into a daily habit of whatever I could afford. I can tell you, for me being a mother, wife, "good member of society" who never ever got into trouble, my addiction made me someone I didn't want to be. I ended up getting into legal problems, lost my job, and fortunately since I've never ever been in trouble i'm on probation. Treatment began last year in Sept 2013 until May 2014 and I felt great! Problem was, I went back around people, places, and things, ie:my brother who continues to have an addiction thinking I could "help him" since I've had a great amt. of sober living and it only took a couple times to be back at it again. This time, I've lost much more in life and I can say that I'm done "touching the stove to see that it's hot." Dammit it's hot! :) Keep going on with this. Our children, our families, and we owe society to be a healthy well participant. We can agree that on this stuff we forget how we used to do ALL things before without drugs and was fine! We can do it again. I really hope you continue to stay clean b/c it gets better. I would suggest treatment or counseling/therapy of some kind and definitely N/A mtgs b/c this is a disease of the all over person and if you've tried to get clean before you know that you can't do it on your own. Period! Learn from other peoples history and mistakes, so you don't have to go through that yourself. Good luck,I'm here with you!

Jazzeyjazz79 09-13-2014 06:28 AM

Re: Help!!! Need help with opiate withdrawl
Thank you so much for your support!!!! It made my day!!! Today's day 8!! Anxiety is still there but dealing with it, what gets to me is not having any energy. As you know when your a mom we never get any breaks. I been trying to do little things then sit I do that back and forth through the day. I totally agree with you about how we change when we get addicted to those horrible pills. The things I started thinking to get money actually scarred me and it always came to my mind "wow I am going downhill quick" it's such a horrible feeling. I know what you mean when you get caught back into it that happened to me the first time I quit I was on day 6 and got a text about someone having pills and like an idiot I started again. We just have to keep our distance from whoever we get them from. I blocked everyone's number this time. I am so happy you wrote it's great talking to someone who can relate to this situation. Hang in there, there you will have ups and downs through the day just stick with it!!! 5 days is great!!! Your physical withdrawls should be over with my now.

kaybella 09-15-2014 07:35 PM

Re: Help!!! Need help with opiate withdrawl
i have been clean two years and three and a half months. it was a very difficult thing to overcome. you've already gotten through the physical withdrawals, that for me, was the hardest part. there were times where i almost slipped because they were so easily accessible to me. i knew someone. family, that would give them to me and get them for me too. and i completely understand the mental
anguish. "i could just sell my brothers play station and i could buy so many pills!" it's those thoughts that made me realize i had a problem. i stopped cold turkey and fought with my brain all the time. i ended up disconnecting with said family member, completely. i was extremely irritable and reacted negatively towards everyone for a while..blamed a lot of people. then before i knew it, it had been a month. that's when it started getting easier. i still got cravings, but i started to feel better, physically and mentally. i looked at life more positively and started talking to people again. after i hit that first mile stone, it really put everything in perspective for me. i never sought help..i just kind of stopped using and tried to pull everyone around me down with me. i wish i had had your strength then! i applaud you both for talking about this while you're still in immediate recovery. it takes a strong person to ask for help, especially when it comes to addiction. keep going strong! :)

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