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Todd D. 10-01-2004 02:10 PM

Chris or someone, Adrenal Fatigue help please.
To give a summary, I've been feeling very tired and exhausted since November of 2003. I also have trouble concentrating and keeping focus. My short term-memory is bad and I have problems with my stomach such as bloating. I can barely do anything. Nobody can seem to find anything wrong with me. In late June of 2004, I had some thyroid tests done at my previous doctor, who's a D.O. My TSH level was 5.38 with a normal range being .40-5.50. My Free T4 was 1.5 with the normal range being .8-1.8

In September of 2004, my current doctor told me that the normal range for the TSH level had been changed, and that my TSH level was high. He put me on Armour Thyroid and had my Free T3 tested. He expected it to come back low. My Free T3 result came back being 2.9 with a normal range of
2.0-4.9 My doctor said that my Free T3 result was good. I've been taking Armour Thyroid for 23 days now, and I haven't felt any benefit from it. My doctor had wanted to taper me off of it because my Free T3 result was good, and since I'm not feeling any better. I told him I'd like to stay on it for a few more weeks though to see if it helps at all, and he agreed. I started off taking 30 mg for 10 days, then 60 mg for ten days, then 90 mg a day. My doctor said he could raise it to 120 mg a day to see if that helps. So I'm going to take 90 mg of thyroid medication for 7 more days, and then raise it to 120 mg.

I mentioned to my doctor about adrenal fatigue, cause I heard about it at the thyroid forum. He gave me a saliva test kit, to test for Cortisol I believe. I had my Cortisol tested before in late June, but that was by a blood test. Is the saliva test more accurate than the blood test, or does it test for more things? What is a normal range for Cortisol? I was looking at a copy of my Cortisol blood test from late June. It just says my Total Cortisol is 26.8 MCG/DL Does that sound like a good level? Also, I live about an hour from my doctor's office. When I do the test next week, I'm going to have the doctor's office send it out for me to the lab. Does it matter that the saliva samples won't be in a refrigerator during my hour trip to the doctor? I wasn't sure if that could alter the results or not. Thanks.

Todd D. 10-01-2004 10:04 PM

Re: Adrenal Fatigue
I tired to change the thread title, but I don't think it worked. :(

Todd D. 10-01-2004 10:42 PM

Re: Adrenal Fatigue
Well I'm wondering if I am hypothyroid. Cause my Free T3 was 2.9(normal range of
2.0-4.9). My Free T4 was 1.5(normal range of .8-1.8). Don't my Free levels sound pretty good? My Free T4 doesn't look low.

So you're saying that I should have waited at least three weeks to go from each increased raise in dose of Thyroid medication? Shouldn't I have felt at least a little better by now though?

My cortisol blood sample was taken sometime between 7-9 am. Below where it lists my Total Cortisol, it says reference range for 7-9 am is 4.0-22.0 So it looks like my cortisol is high according to that range. But it may actually be low because of the flawed ranges?

Which type of stress test do you mean? The only kind I heard of before was that exercise stress test for your heart. Will the stress test be inaccurate since I already started thyroid medication?

Todd D. 10-02-2004 11:13 AM

Re: Adrenal Fatigue
Thanks Chris,
I'm still confused about some things. How come the thyroid medication suppresses my existing thyroid hormone production? I thought the thyroid medication would add help to my existing thyroid hormone production? Also, when you started taking the thyroid medication, how many days or weeks was it until you started taking 2 grains and started to feel better?

My doctor prescribed Armour Thyroid for me. Though, on my medication bottle and pamphlet, it just says Thyroid. Some people have told me it sounds like I have the generic version of Armour, while others have said that it's the same as Armour, but it doesn't have the fillers and binders which some people can be allergic to. So I don't know which one it is? I'm in the United States by the way.

I was wondering when a stomach is considered empty? Cause I've heard that you should wait at least two hours after taking the thyroid medication until you eat something, and after eating you should wait two hours until you take your medication. Other people have told me you just need to wait an hour, while others have said just 30 minutes. Also, after I take my thyroid medication, should I always wait four hours until I take my multi-vitamin? Cause it has some calcium and iron in it. Also, what about the calcium and iron in some foods like cheese and meats? My doctor said that he thinks they are overeacting by saying you should wait four hours.

By the way, which type of stress test do you mean? The only kind I heard of before was that exercise stress test for your heart. Will the stress test be inaccurate since I already started thyroid medication? Thanks.

Todd D. 10-02-2004 01:29 PM

Re: Adrenal Fatigue
Thanks a lot Chris. I was just curious, when you started taking the thyroid medication, what dose did you start out at? How many days did it take from the start of going on thyroid medication until you were raised to the level of 2 grams a day? Cause you had said that it takes three weeks at each level for the thyroid medication to get fully into your system. So I figure you tried to wait at least three weeks at each dose level before getting raised to a higher dose? Except for when you began to feel bad two weeks after starting to take 2 grams a day.

I think I'm going to take my medication bottle to the pharmacy just to see for sure if they gave me the natural or the synthetic Armour medication. Cause I know my doctor told me that he prescribed the natural kind called Armour. So maybe the pharmacy made a mistake. And I heard that switching from one to the other can cause problems and how the generic might not be as good.

Ok, so the acth stimulation test is also called a stress test? Is this test usually covered by insurances?

chi33 10-02-2004 02:18 PM

Re: Adrenal Fatigue
Hi Todd,
When I started Armour thyroid, my doc told me it could take up to 3 months to see full effects. You might want to stay on the same dose for a longer period of time before you get your blood levels tested.
I also did the cortisol saliva kit, it has you test your saliva at 7 am, noon, 4 pm, and midnight. This more accurate than the blood test b/c it shows your cortisol activity throughout the day. Hope this helps. I have been on Isocort since April and noticed immediate improvement in my energy and muscle weakness.

Todd D. 10-12-2004 10:07 AM

Re: Adrenal Fatigue
Does a person usually have muscle weakness if they have Adrenal Insufficiency? I believe I may have Adrenal Insufficiency, but I don't have muscle weakness. I do have extreme tiredness though.

Has the Armour Thyroid helped you?

Concerned Male 10-13-2004 08:29 PM

Re: Adrenal Fatigue
So the ACTH Stim Test is always covered partly by insurance or insurance might cover the whole thing?

Do you advise getting the ACTH Stim Test done even if the am and pm Cortisol saliva test comes back in the normal range?

Concerned Male 10-15-2004 10:54 AM

Re: Adrenal Fatigue
Thanks Chris,
Concerning Adrenal Insufficiency, besides testing Cortisol, DHEA, and Aldosterone, are there any other things that should be tested?

Concerned Male 10-15-2004 11:20 AM

Re: Adrenal Fatigue
So a male can have problems with estrogen? I'm not sure what progesterone is?

Are there certain minerals and vitamins that I should get tested?

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