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mwilki 12-17-2004 10:04 AM

How much Cortef to take and what else to take?
I used to be an active person and worked out vigorusly 5X week and now I can barely function and have not worked for 3 weeks. It was brought on when my Dr.increased by Synthroid from 88-125 and I just came to a crashing halt. I am seeing an alternative MD since I have doen the usual rounds with all the ENDo's and they just give me more synthroid which has made me so sick.

My salivary cortisol test came back AM .31 (.27-2.06)
Noon .09 (.03-.77)
afternoon .08 (.03-.56)
evening .08 (.03-.55)

Dhea 88 ( 14-277)

I have been given a Cortef like replacement of 2.5mg 2Xdaily and then to increase to 5mg 2xdaily in 2 weeks also to add 10mg of DHEA

I have seen that some folks are taking much more and also adding Fluorr-something. Any thoughts about the amount based on results and if I need to add anything else for replacement.

When can i expect to be able to exercise again and go back to work? I don't want to overdo it and have a relapse. Thanks for your thoughts!


mwilki 12-17-2004 12:06 PM

Re: How much Cortef to take and what else to take?
Thanks for you advice!! :)

I did have the ACTH stim test and it came back within normal reference ranges according to the ENDO and the same with the Prolactin. Although I do not have the numbers at present to post.

I have not had an ACTH Serum test done though, how is that different from teh ACTH Stim?

My TSH shot up to where it was when I was first diagnosed with Hashi's at 3.77 probabaly because I took myself off th T4 for about 1.5 weeks. On t4 it was 0.5 last we checked a few months ago.

I am also trying to shedule with another Endo at UVA but I hate wasting my time with the "I know what is wrong with you before I test you" attitudes these Endo's seem to project.

If it is not a pituatry problem what do think about recovery time for energy level?

Thanks so much! Preciate the help.

mwilki 12-17-2004 04:03 PM

Re: How much Cortef to take and what else to take?
Where can I find an Osteopath? I am in VA.



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