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DIAL 06-07-2007 06:33 PM

Adrenal Fatigue??
[B]Hi\I am a 24 year old male and I have been sick for 8 months. I am a Police Officer and now my Career is about to be put on hold. In October 2006 my life started to go upside down. I was standing on a domestic call at work when I suddenly became very dizzy. I began to feel like I couldnt breath very well and had to go home. when I got home I began to get tremors and shake. I went to the emergancy room where I was tested and sent home with no relief. I have been to the Emergancy room a total of 9 times since that night, and has had every test known to man conducted. CT of brain, heart, lungs, ETC. all came back normal. I had the following symptoms: Light headed, dizzyness, shortness of breath, tremors, extreme exhaustion, always tired, heart palpatations, anxiety, and more. I had to take a medical leave from work due to the fact it was unsafe for me and I couldnt function. In a 3 month period I lost 30 pounds! One day I was drinking some tea with honey, I suddenly began to feel light headed and dizzy. My brother, who has a diabetic son mention I looked as if I was going "high." I bought a glucose monitor and found my sugars hitting 195 and 200 off a cup of Mountain Dew! this was rare b/c I would drink soda like water when on Grave yard shift. I went to a Endo who tested me and agreed that my sugar was abnormally high, but my A1C was normal so he said "I believe your becoming a diabetic, come back when your full blown and hitting 200 all the time" I was shocked and very frustrated.

I went to a second Endo who said that was nonsense and started me from scratch. They found some interesting things. Yes my sugars were high, but why? they stated they thought it was due to something else. Well it turns out My Cortisol is low, on two different 8:00 AM test it read at 2.3, they stated it should be 5 or higher. Also they found my testosterone was low as well at 199, they stated it should be 400 or higher. They stated due to low Cortisol, and testosterone, this would explain why my insuline is not breaking the sugars in my body down thus causing it to go high. So great now what??? I have taken a Cortisol stim test to see if I have Addisons but I suspect it will come back stating "normal" so I must figure out the best form of treatment. I tried Andro Gel and Andro derm for the testosterone problem, but those medications made me sick. I went to a Certain "famous" clinic in Scottsdale and saw a Doctor who said "your levels are fine, you have Anxiety" I asked him well if i have Anxiety, couldnt it be a biproduct of another condition? he stated "no" I found this hard to believe and reasearched on my own. I found exstensive creditable sites with very acredited doctors on the subject of Adrenal exhaustion, and its symptoms, which I had almost all of them. one symptom most sites listed was Anxiety! I am very Frustrated and dont know where to turn for help. has any one else had these problems? or heard of such a thing?


Diane44 06-08-2007 01:52 PM

Re: Adrenal Fatigue??
Nick, Until you get the test results back don't rule out Addison's. Any Dr. that tells you to wait until you are a full blown diabetic before he wants to treat you is NO Dr. I am glad to hear you went some where else.
I will be watching to see how your tests turned out. There is definately something wrong and a lot of Addisons symptoms. Diabetes also has a number of those symptoms that too is worth a second look.

Hang in there, there are good Drs. out there that will continue to try to help you if you continue to ask.

sarah92202 06-08-2007 05:37 PM

Re: Adrenal Fatigue??
Nick, have you looked into taking DHEA? Did they test your DHEA levels when you had your cortisol and Testosterone levels checked, usually it is checked the same time. I also have been told that I am pre-diabetic, I have insulin resistance. All these things were checked at the same time, I have low cortisol, DHEA, progesterone, estrogen. My endo has put me on Cortef, pregnenolone and DHEA. I was afraid to take the DHEA at first because I am a woman, and didn't want to end up with a hairy face, but you being a man it is a perfectly safe thing for you to take and it will raise your testosterone levels. There are also things that you can do on your own to help with your dizziness and fatigue, follow a diabetic diet, you don't have to follow it to the tee, but alot of it is helpful. the Mountain Dew must go!! You will end up with diabetes if you continue to drowned your body in this toxic substance, the sugar and caffeine constantly being put into your body is causing your adrenals to work overtime and wearing them down. Also, white flour, sugar, noodles, white rice, it is best to avoid them completely, they are empty carbs. I know it's almost impossible to completely take these things out of your diet, but try to avoid them as much as possible. Eat mostly protein for breakfast, that means NO DOUGHNUTS, no pun intended!! LOL, have a breakfast burrito made with a corn tortilla, or McDonalds has a breakfast platter that is eggs and sausage, you guys get a discount or something right? Just don't eat that hashbrown thing, UHG!! I'm trying to think of things that you can eat while on patrol other than the basic hamburgers and fries. I know how hard it is for police officers to be able to have a good healthy meal. I used to own a graphic design co. with 2 officers, and my brother in-law is a sherrif's deputy. You guys work so hard and spend your lunches and dinners in the car, plus the rotating shifts make things hard too. But all this fast food will just make you worse. If you are put on meds but you don't adjust your diet it will not help you. there are alot of books out there that have info about what should be eaten and what to avoid, one real good book is "adrenal fatigue the 21st century stress syndrome" by James Wilson. Also take probiotics, you possibly have candida overgrowth in you intestinal track from all the Mountain Dew. You can buy this OTC. And when you get up in the morning drink some sea salt water, this will help replenish the sodium that your body loses with the low cortisol. Have you had your thyroid checked? Hope this was of some help. And good luck with everything. Sarah

making777 06-08-2007 08:48 PM

Re: Adrenal Fatigue??
DIAL - We know how you feel. Many of us suffer for a while before being seen by an endo who listens. Most endo's like to focus on diabetes, and I am shocked by what the first endo told you. How silly! I also started coming down with some diabetic isues at the same time as my adrenals really started going down hill. It's supposedly rarer to have two endocrine glands malfunction at the same time (Schmidt's Syndrome) but from what I have read from this site and another Addison's site, it seems pretty common!

I am quite impressed that your current endo already administered the ACTH stim test. That is wonderful and should be a fabulous tool in discovering what is going on. I suspect that you will find you have an abnormal response, esp since your cortisol is so low to begin with.

Hang in there! What Diane and Sarah have encouraged is wonderful advice. Try to decrease your stress load as much as possible, and get plenty of rest. I can't say enough about the no sugar, flour, and caffiene diet. It kept me going before I was diagnosed and on meds. Salt is also a big must. I must have a cup of chicken broth every morning to keep my head out of the 'fog'. BTW, what were your sodium levels when you went into the ER? Often times they are on the low side with Addison's. They were always on the low side of the normal limits for me pre-diagnosis.

Take care of yourself, and keep us posted!

cossette2 06-08-2007 09:54 PM

Re: Adrenal Fatigue??
Dial - I try to keep my blood sugars balanced by eating every two hours and I know that would be really tough when you're on shifts, being a police officer and all, but my suggestion would be to keep a bag of raw walnuts, brazilnuts, almonds, hazelnuts and/or sunflower or pumpkin seeds on hand and have a handful of those every so often. These are my snack foods and they have really helped keep me on an even keel.
I sure hope and pray you get diagnosed soon. I know firsthand how frustrating it is to get doctors to help you. I ended up at a Naturopathic Doctor and she was the only one who was able to see what was going on and why i could barely function. For me, a glandular adrenal supplement has been the answer along with eliminating sugars, white flours, white rice, etc. like Sarah mentioned.
Let us know how you make out.

dreemilyn 06-09-2007 08:54 AM

Re: Adrenal Fatigue??
You do seem to have alot of Addison's symptoms - I'm no doctor and I'm trying to figure out if I have it myself though so I really can't give you much information on that. But I will say this. Don't let a doctor tell you it's anxiety. That's ridiculous. If his heart was palpitating and he couldn't breathe, he'd have anxiety too.

Hope you get treated soon! Dont give up.

sparkles916 06-09-2007 10:14 AM

Re: Adrenal Fatigue??
Just to let you know, a typical soda, like mountain dew has approximately 9 teaspoons of sugar, per 8 oz. Between that and the caffeine, not a good idea.

I understand completely how you come to depend on these especially when you are fatigued already. I am hypothyroid and always feel the need for bad carbs, like I crave anything sugar filled. But, it is just a vicous cycle, the more you consume, the more you crave and the more tired you become. :dizzy:

Reading your post, I wondered if your endo had also looked at your thyroid levels? It is not uncommon to have a thyroid problem and adrenal fatigue/insufficiency. Just a thought.

chrisS81 06-11-2007 12:26 AM

Re: Adrenal Fatigue??
Testosterone was taht low? I'm a male too around the same age. I was very healthy and fit but had issues with sexual function. For years I went to doctors and they told me I was just depressed and that's why I didn't have good function down there.. finally seen an endo at 24 when I started getting too fatigued to do anything and found out i have low testosterone, low thyroid, and addison's.

Doctor that sees there is obviously something wrong with your endocrine system, and claims you just have anxiety is full of crap. The best doctors are the ones that know they don't know everything.. and an obvious sign of a problem in the endocrine system could open windows to so many things we don't know.. since this stuff is still very misunderstood and unknown.

[QUOTE=cossette2;3034385]Dial - I try to keep my blood sugars balanced by eating every two hours and I know that would be really tough when you're on shifts, being a police officer and all, but my suggestion would be to keep a bag of raw walnuts, brazilnuts, almonds, hazelnuts and/or sunflower or pumpkin seeds on hand and have a handful of those every so often. These are my snack foods and they have really helped keep me on an even keel.
I sure hope and pray you get diagnosed soon. I know firsthand how frustrating it is to get doctors to help you. I ended up at a Naturopathic Doctor and she was the only one who was able to see what was going on and why i could barely function. For me, a glandular adrenal supplement has been the answer along with eliminating sugars, white flours, white rice, etc. like Sarah mentioned.
Let us know how you make out.[/QUOTE]

You mind telling me what glandular adrenal supplement you are taking? I bought something called Adrenergize..dont know how good it is. Would love some help.

silkakc 06-11-2007 05:34 AM

Re: Adrenal Fatigue??
Hi Dial,

I am so glad I saw your post because I was just going through my links deleting things!!

You need salt. LOTS AND LOTS of salt and please buy a blood pressure monitor and take your temps several times a day. See if your BP and temp has gotten lower.

You need to have your Aldosterone + Renin levels tested immediately. I have low aldosterone and cortisol and have the symptoms that you do. I am guessing you are going into shock when your episodes occur. I found a way to stop it IMMEDIATELY when it starts to happen. I sit right down on the floor and chug salt water and I carry salt water with me everywhere now.

I'm guessing that when you have your episodes- your BP and temp has nose-dived- that's what mine does but the salt makes me well. I can't even describe how good the salt water feels when I am sitting on the floor. I will be all shaky and my head is spinning and my legs are cramping up and the salt hits me within seconds and I will feel warmth go down my legs and I will get all tingly and warm and my head clears up and my legs relax and stop shaking.

And even when I'm not having an episode- I have zero energy and I have been a hyper person my whole life!! I honestly had the energy of 3 ppl up untila, year ago and coffee would make me Flyyyyyy!!! Now- coffee does nothing and I'm tired and weak all day long:( I wonder if sunlight is bothering you too like it is me- my eyes burn all the time from bright lights.

But you should make the salt water ahead of time and carry it with you because during the episodes- if you are like me- I can't control my hands very well. They get all sluggish and slow and I can't move my fingers good so making the drink is hard during an episode. Having a little sugar during the day is also important- so munch on raisins or something off and on all day.

And your Cortisol level is horrendous and the Dr that said you should be at least a 5 is an idiot Im sorry to say. Cortisol AND Aldosterone are Diurnal hormones. They should be at the top of the range in the morning and be at the bottom of the range in the evenings- that is how the Human body works. That's why we have energy in the mornings and not much energy in the evenings. Those levels should be like a ski-slope during the day- starting at their HIGHEST points at 8 am.

A normal cortisol test is usually 5-25- thats what my range was on my Lab sheets. You should be around 5 in the middle of the night when you are asleep!! You should be at the TOP of that range at 8 am- ideally 20-25.

Research Aldosterone please. It controls your electrolyte balance and salt+sugar levels and fluid in your body. Aldosterone also plays a part in muscle strength. It controls your BP too. Cortisol is equally important.

Low aldosterone + Low cortisol + High renin/Acth = Primary Adrenal Insuf./ Addisons
Low adlosterone + Low Cortisol + Low Renin/Acth = Secondary Adrenal insuff,/Pituitary gland problem

That's why it's so important to have your Renin and ACTH levels tested too- to see WHERE the problem lies- even though the treatment may be the same. There's lotsa things that cause Secondary Adrenal Insufficiency also- like kidney disease, liver disease, hypopituitarism, pituitary lesions/growths- so please research that too.

Here is a TON of links. The BEST advice I have been given is on the first link.

Aldosterone- *****

Cortisol- *****.com

Hormone linear chart

I am seeing an Endocrinologist- but he isn't very bright ( he performed the ACTH test wrong and doesn't order the correct blood tests) but I learned from that message board about the salt and some other things I can do to help myself.

Good luck to you. Please get all the information you can and request the tests you want done because Dr's are sadly not very good at diagnosing hormonal problems. Get copies of all your bloodwork too- they can't deny too them BTW. That way- you can research better on what you need for tests and medication.

Good luck and God bless and I'm sorry. It sucks being this tired and weak and shaky but the salt will let you function - at least it does with me until my Endo gets me on the correct meds.


cossette2 06-11-2007 03:22 PM

Re: Adrenal Fatigue??
Hi Chris,
I can't mention brand names here, but i can tell you that it is from the porcine (pig) adrenal gland. I have also tried a bovine (cow) adrenal supplement and it worked just as well but was much more expensive.

DIAL 06-11-2007 04:45 PM

Re: Adrenal Fatigue??
Hi guys, thank you very much. I appreciate the effort you all have put in on my behalf. No tickets from me! ;) any way I am going to request to go on reserve, and work part time, Im too sick, and has become unsafe for me. Well my thyroid was tested, and came back normal. also, when I went to the ER my Sodium Chloride was low. My doctor called me today and said [B]congradulations![/B] you dont have addisons disease, it came back normal. " now all we need to do is focus on the tesosterone she says." I dont see how this can be, considering my Corisol was low on two test. Also, my DHCA sulfate is low as well. I have been on a Diabetic diet, but it does little to relieve my symptoms. I am going to see her tomorrow, but I figure were going to hit a wall on agreeing further testing. I have read alot about doctors opinions on the ACTH stim test. it will show a reaction from the Adrenals, but that is it. They are either on or off. The test fails to show how well the glands are funtioning. I have heard alot of positive things about saliva testing due to the fact it is 24 hours. I dont know...I found a Doctor in Seattle who specializes in Adrenal fatigue, and has alot of credentauls. I'm thinking of scraping some money together and making the trip. Insurance wont cover him though, and it will be very expensive.

P.S. One morning I woke up and could barley move. I felt like I had a lump in my throat and had a hard time swallowing. I felt like I couldn't breath that well. I sat up and was very dizzy, foggy and my body felt like I wieghed a 1000 pounds! I just sat there trying to gain my sensus, but had a very difficult time. My wife looked at me and became concerned. She stated my face was very pale. also, My wife has stated my eyes look "glossy" when im not feeling well, and my pupils look big. She took me to the ER.....and of course they sent me home again not knowing the cause. ANY ONE HAVE ANYTHING LIKE THIS???

I get alot of "it's all in your head." The only reason I have found as much as I have so far on my low harmones levels, is due to the fact I refuse to accept that as an answser. I believe you KNOW when somethings not right with your body, and I have been super aggressive with doctors, to the point of near arguements in their office. I have actually had doctors refuse to order test saying "your wasting your time." If I had simply taken one doctors word for it, I would have never found out about my low cortisol, DHEA, and Testosterone. Just a thought for anyone experiencing anything like this. DONT take one doctors word for it.

DIAL 06-12-2007 03:13 PM

Re: Adrenal Fatigue??
Well I saw my endo, and she said my base Cortisol was at 11. This to me seems to be in the low normal range. Then after the ACTH test it went to 21. She stated that means your Adrenals are fine. The problem I have with that is the last two cortisol blood draws were at 2.3 and 2.9. they were both at a LAB. quick in and out. the ACTH was done at a hospital, and to say the least I was unconfortable and stressed to have to go to out patient and get an IV in my arm, which would explain my elevated Cortisol level. She said I only need to worry about my low testosterone of 199. I said my DHEA is low, if I take DHEA, wont that bring the Testosterone up? she stated no, I cant make DHEA without Testosterone and wants me to take the shot every two weeks. I'm not sure thats a smart move. Then I said what about my blood sugar issue? its been hitting 195 off just half a cup of soda! She sated there was no corilation between Low testosterone and glucose leves. I've read plenty that states other wise. Also Iv'e read plenty that low Cortisol and low DHEA has a direct effect on blood glucose. Im so frustrated and confused! please help any one!???

pursie 06-14-2007 09:06 AM

Re: Adrenal Fatigue??
hi every one im really rather scare d right now after just eating a huge bowl of cheese cake yikes lol i have been having low cortisone results for a while and it was 235 the range being 250 to 850 uk range anyway i had one done at noon or maybe it was 130 and it wa s 100 can you beleive that so im having some salive tests done and i didnt fancy the um dhea is or something like that they wante d to inject stuff inot me and someone said it was weird anyway im getign so tired i have low iron and heavy periods i have been loosing weight and craving sugar just so tired foggy and achey so any info would be appreciated asnd this is the sort of food i eat i have cut up fruit to much on as i like to ahve thsi for when i get peckish i have a pack of crisps at mid morn and babana i have salad and a small tea liek a bit of cheese red meat and sald and then i munch on fruit and bits of figs and cocoanut when hungry i have high blood sugar i will post on the saliva tests when i get them thanks to anyone who can help love from katxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and i ahve quiche and does thsi mena aviod whole meal bread or pasta a s thats the type i eat i avoid sugar and coffee so whayt can we eat have you more that i can listen too i hear the white of eggs and i have tuna aswell most days i haer that liqourice is good and siberian gensenge and a good hair vit or multi vit and cod liver oil and vit c have you all have hair loss mine is bad as i have hypothyroidism and im on nearly 75 thyroxine and am on a very low dose of methodone but trying hard to reduce but feel like im withdrawing all the tiem thyroxien strips it out feels like and i have tiredness from the iron meds what can i do could this be from all theese factors but i need help i get so tire d thanksxxxxxxxxxxxxx:wave: ;) :wave:

Olivia65 07-07-2007 01:19 PM

Re: Adrenal Fatigue??
Regarding your Adrenall Fatigue?? post. Given the symptoms of the episode you had, including difficulty swallowing, you might want to consider seeing a neurologist just to rule out some neurological disorder. Best of luck to you.

JoanieNTX 07-10-2007 07:52 AM

Re: Adrenal Fatigue??
I personally would say the spells are due to weak adrenals. I'm not a doctor, but it sure looks like it from the symptoms listed, and if everything else checks out........well. I'm being treated for weak adrenals by my nutritionist, and having some success by TOTALLY eliminating white sugar, rice, noodles, caffeine, and alcohol. Be careful with those artificial sweeteners, too. To begin a protocol, some say don't even eat fruit until your adrenals are stronger, due to the stress it can put on the glands. I know my culprit. I have been a sugarbaby for toooooo long. Now I can either suffer the consequences, or change my lifestyle. I'm doing my best to change!

itsmylife 07-13-2007 12:01 PM

Adrenal Fatigue??
Nick, please consider having a Western blot performed for Lyme Disease.
Have you served any time in the military, if so which branch and when.

Nexis 07-18-2007 05:44 PM

Re: Adrenal Fatigue??
Your story is very identical to mine, including the recent ''attack" that I experienced last month June, especially with the tightness in my throat area, and have made an appointment with the thyroid specialist, even though my thyroid results with my diabetes doctor came out normal...

All my other test came out normal and now the doctors are saying its Psychosomatic, though my Cortisol level in the afternoon was only 5 which I think needs further evaluation...

I too have the classic symptoms of either a Thyroid disorder or Addison's.

For many years I had the extreme dizziness, and many failed attempts in finding why I was always hungry; I was finally diagnosed with having prediabetes in 2004, yet I have a very athletic build, BMI at 20.7 and only in my early 30's which dumbfounded the doctor when the results were positive. I am now extremely careful with the sugar intake and bad carbs such as white rice and bread, past and pizza.

You mentioned not being able to find the right doctor; its been a nightmare for me since I no longer live in the States. yet I found very reputable site that lists Endo doctors by their speciality, since a thyroid doctor will not be well informed or keen on diagnosing for Addison's: Online there is the "Hormone Foundation" and you can type your zipcode OR navigate to the site and you can find by speciality...

I would recommend that you find a diabetes specialist from the above site as well. Endocrinology is a very complex field, so I strongly recommend you find someone who can advise with your sugar levels properly.

Also there are a few things you can do:

1) Purchase a wrist cuff blood pressure monitor; see if your blood pressure is hitting too low. You can intake salty water or food to raise it.

2) Start a sugar-banishing diet right now, such as the low bad sugar/ carbs diet, to start eliminating the sugar from your system. There's no alternative when weening off sugar and too much bad carbs. There are a few out there, just do a little research on the internet.

3) Any doctor who behaves unprofessionally, as you don't "NEED" further testing, needs to be dealt with accordingly; find a new doctor. It's your health and you have complete control over who you allow to handle your precious body. Don't allow the narcisisstics in the medical profession discourage you or doubt your health concerns, and lastly your life.

4) Eliminate any unnecessary stress-causing factors from your life, since it negatively affects your hormone levels.

Keep us posted and be well.

cloud2 07-22-2007 08:50 AM

Re: Adrenal Fatigue??
DIAL/Nick, how are you doing? It's been a month or so. Hope you're still able to hang in there.

Regarding the salt recommendations, let me vote for that too. I still have trouble drinking salt water, so I add it to my food (which I never did for 30 years) and take salt tablets with meals. Along the lines of what earlier posters state, the carbs often call me, and when salt calls me as well, I reach for salty corn chips, etc... which take me into that carb cycle. Salting food and taking the salt tablets helps stem those cravings. I am also taking 0.2mg Florinef and that's taken my AM BP way up to a 108/78 average (still too low for a 6'1" 220# male).

My MD (who is an internist and is very helpful but amateur on the adrenals) ordered hair mineral analysis, and I'll have to say it's right on with testing the minerals pertinent to the adrenals, analyzing levels and ratios and making recommendations. Right now she has me on 40mg cortef (25/10/5), 120mg pregnenolone, 0.2mg florinef and a 2 sprays of sublingual DHEA (we started out lower but slowly and carefully increased as indicated by my response or lack thereof). With all that I wear a MedicAlert tag for Adrenal Insufficiency.

My blood sugar does the same as what you're describing, and it is tied to adrenal function. You can hope along with me that once your adrenals are treated and stable your own insulin will work better. Until then, do as everyone else already posted - eliminate those simple carbs and sugars. Have you tried stevia as a sweetener? Some brands leave a bitter aftertaste, others are quite usable.

Thanks Nexis for that tip on how to find a knowledgable endo. I still feel I need the next step in my 15-year decline and search for a doctor who can figure out root cause and stabilize treatment. Of course, one of the top docs listed when I searched was the CEO of a Dallas Endo group and he's the one that wouldn't listen to me, spoke down to me and told me that "nobody is salt deficient," that it's all in my head that I feel better taking salt tabs. But this gives me a lead to find a Dr that might have a clue.


DIAL 07-25-2007 04:29 PM

Re: Adrenal Fatigue??
Hey, I'm still having a hard time. The lab results show 3 harmones low. Cortisol, which has been showing anywhere from 2-4 and DHEA sulfate, and testosterone. I havn't been on any meds. I am hesitent to take tesosterone shots due to the fact I dont want to shut down my natural production. I'm trying to figure out a natural way to bring it up. I went to the Mayo clynic, they were worthless. The Endo there looked at my charts listened to me, and said "I dont believe your promblem is Endo related, I think you may have Crohns disease, That would explain the irregular bowl behavior and weight loss. I said if it's not Endo related, how do you explain my blood sugar issues. He stated he wasn't sure, maybe I was turning diabetic. Even though I my testosterone was at 199, im only 24 by the way, I was fine cause I can maintane an erection. This is idiotic logic due to the fact not all men experience sexual disfuntion due to low testosterone. I warned him about my low cortisol, and explained how I have had 2 cortisol stim test done prior to seeing him, which came out normal. My problem with the cortisol stim test is it only tells you wether or not your glands are on, or off. it does nothing to show how efficiently they are functioning, and balancing out your body's needs. The doctor I saw stated he doesn't believe in adrenal fatigue, and says it's a myth, since I past the test before I was fine and had no issues with cortisol. He ordered a blood draw before I left. The next day they called me frantically stating we need you to come in and take another cortisol stim test. your cortisol was only at 4! I said "thats what I was trying to tell you! these doctors have a real God complex and dont want to listen to logic! I said what will another stim test do??? It will show normal like the others. I believe Einstein once said "Madness is doing the same over again expecting a different result." I guess by definition, all these doctors are crazy. So....I'm still sick, my Career as a Police Officer is on hold, I had to apply for state benifets and insurance cause im broke and cant make money, My home is getting foreclosed on, Doctors cant figure out how to treat me, and im exhausted and sick every day now. I'm trying to stay focused and vigilant, but it is hard. It has turned into a up hill battle. I was tested for Lyms disease, but was negative. I then found out the test are unreliable and very hard to diagnose. I'm gonna have to look into a West blot test. I appreciate all your help.

sherrylynn65 07-25-2007 05:30 PM

Re: Adrenal Fatigue??
Hi Dial,,,I have not posted to you yet but had to after the last one you wrote,,I think you should not give up. Has any of the doc's even taken an xray or mri, cat scan or such of the adrenal's? I did not see it listed but if you did sorry about asking. I feel the same as you. Been told too long it was "fibro" or "not sure but something" and when I figured out what was going was told "the pain in your back has nothing to do with your adrenal's since you would not feel pain if it was them there",,,logic? Nope,,,I know that is hog-wash. And you know,,so do you with your problems. Keep the faith.


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