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chloeinoz 01-31-2009 12:25 AM

low sodium
I have a history of chronic health with a dx of fms for over 3 years and it is managed with neurontin as well as elavil and to a degree I can function ok but have to know my limits. I have a b12 defiency and have 2 monthly shots of b12. I have been feeling generally very unwell in the last few months with vague symptoms but especially sore breasts,nausea and not sleeping because I get up about 5 times a night to go to the bathroom.I also felt very down, more so than usual. My dr did tests and did not get back to me..I was told they were fine and I went back 6 weeks later and they had read my results wrong and my sodium level was 122!

I was made to do a blood test there and then and was told that if it hadn't gone up I would have to go straight to hospital(even though by this time I had been this way for 6 weeks) the next day it was up to 145, so overall there was a 6 week gap. I was told that if I get similar symptoms to go straight back..I did go back beginning of Jan 09 and it had dropped to 134 but dr wasnt my usual dr. I began to feel even worse again this week and so was re tested. The dr said it wasnt as low as 122 but still almost as bad again so she called to ask me to go in for more tests...specifically morning bloods for cortisol..i went this morning and I dont know how accurate it will be...I was awake at 3am and dont know if this will affect the test? What happens next if the cortisol comes back not within normal ranges? Is there normal ranges?

Sorry I am just extremely scared right now and dont feel I can rely on just what the drs say and from previous experience the best people to ask are the people that have the condition...I am probably jumping the gun with this but I have looked at why sodium problems happen and I cant find anything that fits.


jess97 02-03-2009 03:03 PM

Re: low sodium
Hi Chole.

I'm sorry to hear that your not feeling well. I really don't use this message board anymore, as it was my experience that not a lot of people respond, even though there are a bunch of users on this board. So, having said that, if you reply and I don't respond for a few days, keep checking. I'm on a different board - there are a ton of very experienced users on it - so I'm mainly there. I just put hormone support in a search engine and found it. so give a look - there are some really good boards out there.

Well, I do have Addison's - so that's why my sodium is really crazy. Mine too was 121 when i went into an Addison's crisis - had to stay in the hospital for 5 days. so much fun!

I'm glad the doc is testing your cortisol to see where it's at. Many times doc's don't think anyone has anything wrong with their adrenals, so they never test it. Post your labs when you get them.

I was wondering if your craving salty foods, pickles, chips, etc. When your sodium levels are low you can have restless sleep, cravings, etc. Are you experiencing those? If your craving salt then eat some on foods. I know that I crave it and i extensivley salt everything i eat because of the cravings.

Well, rest a lot, eat some salty foods and wait it out. I'm not sure what else causes sodium loss besides Addison's (but Addison's is my reality!) There may be some other causes out there. Hang in there - I hope you feel better and find some answers soon!

chloeinoz 02-04-2009 06:56 AM

Re: low sodium
Hi Jess,

Thank you for your reply...I think I may have found the site you are talking about.

I saw the dr today and my sodium levels have returned to normal range. The blood test I had a week ago came out as sodium level 129, so not as bad as before. I was tested again on Saturday(4 days later) and my levels were within normal range, she didnt tell me the number though. She told me cortisol and thyroid all came back normal,unfortunately they dont give you all of the results.I have to go back in 3 weeks and be retested and also to check prolactin level!

I just want to feel better and it is really getting me down.

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