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goleafsgo 06-25-2011 12:57 PM

Endo says primary AI

I'm just looking for some help on what my test results might mean. My Endocrinologist's office called and told me they sent a prescription for Cortisone to my pharmacy and I need to pick it up today. They told me on the phone my results were:

Serum Glucose: 2.6 (range 4 - 7) <-- LOW
Serum Cortisol: 369 (range 195 - 720)
Serum ATCH: 18 (range 2-10) <-- HIGH
Serum Sodium: 134 (range 135 - 145) <-- LOW
24 hour urine free cortisol: 45 (55 - 25) <-- LOW

I asked why she feels it is primary AI if only the UFC was low, but her reasoning was:

1. Cortisol on the bottom half of the range when my blood sugar was 2.5, which should of caused a spike of cortisol in the top half or higher.

2. High ACTH 17 (>10 abnormal)...once again same arguement, ACTH being higher should produce more cortisol than it did even though still in normal range.

3. 24 hour urine free cortisol low

4. Blood pressure around 85/55 for two years, severe orthostatic hypotension

5. Low blood sugar during fasting and random tests

6. Low sodium on this test

7. Having Celiac Disease put me at risk for primary AI

With all of this, she said the stim test would just be delaying the treatment because she said there is something wrong that needs to be treated.

Do you feel her argument is right that the cortisol is not normal, even though it falls in range?

I just want to make sure she is right before I start new meds. Thanks.

mamakatof3 07-06-2011 07:30 PM

Re: Endo says primary AI
I would say yes, only because I am borderline on so many things myself, but my symptoms are bad, whether it's anemia, blood sugar, blood pressure, or cortisol. For you, you may just need to weigh how bad you feel vs. how much you want to take the meds. You can also try to take extra Vitamin C and/or some Adrenal Support from the Vitamin Shoppe or local health food store. That would be a middle ground if you aren't ready to try the meds yet.

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