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Canadiangirl555 03-08-2012 01:33 PM

Could I have Addison's?
Hi everyone,
I'm a 45-yr-old female who has been struggling with 'episodes' for 16 years, but have never been properly diagnosed. I typically get them about twice a year. It feels like I've seen every doctor in my city, and they tell me its 'in my head', or 'idiopathic'. So, I've lost a lot of faith in doctors.

My symptoms vary according to how severe my 'episode' is. In 16 years, I've had 6-8 major episodes that required hospitalization, approx 10-15 where I went to the ER, and 40-50 minor episodes where I treated it at home with aspirin.

- Weakness (feels like a 100lb weight is strapped to every limb)
- Crazy intense cravings for salt
- Low blood pressure (sometimes it's so low they can't get a reading)
- Inflamed/very sore joints
- Irregular/missed periods
- Dizziness
- Nausea
- Hair loss (typically 6 weeks after 'episode')

These 'episodes' always start with a cold virus. Within 24 hrs, I can be lying in the ER (happened 5 times), or the other symptoms kick in. I have also had Viral Pericarditis 6 times which required hospitalization. I was tested for lupus, and was told I'm 'borderline'. The last 6 years, as soon as I get a sign of a cold, I take aspirin, and it stops the pericarditis, but I still have weakness, low BP, etc. I believe there is an underlying condition that hasn't been diagnosed. All the research I've done point to Adrenal Insufficiency or Addision's. I'm seeing my Family doc on Monday and I'm going to ask to be referred to an Endocrinolist. I've never seen one before.

4 weeks ago, I started to get a cold, started taking aspirin. Have sore joints (still), weakness, etc. My sweet doggie also died, which may have sent me into adrenal shock too. Not sure though.

Does anyone have a similar symptoms or advice? :)


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