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mgrooms04 01-21-2013 08:58 AM

Am I on enough cortef? Is it the best option?
Hello! I am currently on 30 mg cortef a day. 20 morning 10 at 4pm. I am also on 2 grains of naturethroid and testosterone replacement. I have been diagnosed as hypopituitary. Every day I wake up exhausted. Very few nights do I make it through without waking up at 4am or 6am. I am constantly having stomach issues, no appetite, no drive, energy, and I feel like a walking zombie. My legs are ice cold and stay that way even when laying on a heating pad. I'm 27 male, 5'10", 207 lbs. since being on cortef I've still continued to lose weight and honestly feel worse. I don't get out of bed. Is cortef the best option? Would prednisone or medrol be a better option? Thank you!

ElenaB 01-29-2013 05:34 PM

Re: Am I on enough cortef? Is it the best option?
Go to a endocrinologist and get some blood tests. If they don't think theres anything wrong, keep trying different people until someone takes you seriously. There is something not quite right with your meds to meet your needs, and I don't think any of us could answer it without knowing more etc.
Best of luck!

ladybud 01-29-2013 07:14 PM

Re: Am I on enough cortef? Is it the best option?
The dose of Cortef varies, and some people take it 3 times a day, in AM, mid afternoon and evening to get them through the night and better energy upon awakening. If you need mineralcorticoid as well, for low BP, low sodium and high potassium, that can make one feel exhausted. It is also possible that your thyroid dose is not high enough. ADH, a hormone from the pituitary, might be deficient, causing dehydration and exhaustion. Finally, your testosterone may be low. All these hormones are important in regulating how you feel, and something isn't right. I would try to find the best endocrinologist in your area, often the university health care system has experts in uncommon disorders. All these hormones need checked and carefully regulated by someone who really understands the complexity of the pituitary hormones. I am certain with some additonal testing and tweaking of doses, etc, that you can feel much better and live like a young man your age should. Please give us some followup when you get more info.

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