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Rob094 09-23-2013 08:58 AM

addison's disease & ecstacy

I'm 18 years old & i have addison's disease, i'm planning to use ecstacy at a festival in about 2 months. I know I probably shouldnt be using drugs, even if I didnt have Addison's disease. I wanted to check if there are any (life threatening) risks when using this drug in my situation. I've done it twice before, nothing bad happened the first time i used it, the second time (about a month or 2 after the first one) started of pretty good, continued to be great, but ended up in me leaving the festival area to throw up & spend the rest of the night sleeping in my tent. The pill itself was about 220 mg of mdma (I was told). I'm probably going to see my docter for advice, but i wanted to ask others who also have addison's first. Once again, i know its pretty much a gamble between having the best night of your life or the worst/last, when using this drug. So i guess my question is: are the any (life threatening) risks when using this drug, while having Addison's dissease (beside the risks of the drug itself)?

thank you in advance,

(Also my native language isnt english, so if i made any spelling/grammar errors, I do apologize)

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