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amanda673 04-29-2016 07:56 PM

Please tell me I'm not crazy!! HELP
Can someone please tell me I'm not crazy!!!
First I have chronic kidney stones. Always making them. I've been off work for years because of pain. I also have a fibrod and have depression and anxiety I'm on two meds for that.
So last June I started getting really sick with GI issues, I lost 50lbs in six months, lots of flank pain, pelvic pain, so tired, my face all of sudden got full of freckles and I have dark patch on my upper lip, yeah embarrassing!!! My shoulders were itchy for at least 3 months so bad it kept me awake. I can't sleep very good. I'm awake every 2hours going pee. My body hurts from my waste to my toes. This past week I've been in so much pain. Not to mention I've had my period for over two weeks now. I don't know what to do? I've been to the hospital many times. Admitted for a week at one point and every time they say, it "could" be uti or just stones. But this is different. I'm also on an emergency list for a hysterectomy.
I have almost every symptom of Addison's but never been tested. I get treated for pain and put on iv as I literally and soaking wet with sweat and I puke uncontrollably for hours.
Anyone else have this? Does it sound like adrenal issues? I feel like I'm going to die!! 😫

Houstongirl 10-05-2016 10:34 AM

Re: Please tell me I'm not crazy!! HELP
You need to go to a reputable endocrinologist and get them to do an acth stimulation test. That will tell you if you have Addison's

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