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deborahm2350 09-09-2017 01:59 PM

Dexamethasone test results
I am 34 and have Hashimoto's. I am on Armour and my labs all look great. However, I still have extreme fatigue and inflammation. Two labs for inflammation came back triple what they should have been. My endo has routinely mentioned Addison's to me and never really does anything to find out if I have it. My PCP sent me for an overnight dexamethasone test and on a range of 2.5-5.8, my cortisol was marked low at 0.8. My testosterone was also low (not sure of the number). So my dr had me repeat the test this morning without the steroid to get a better idea of what my cortisol is baseline.

My question is, does that mean I have Addison's? She mentioned Cushing's to me before I went for the test and Sheehan's Syndrome when I picked up the new lab order Thursday. But I have several symptoms of Addison's.

*Note, she also checked me for H Pylori and Lyme's. Both were negative. In the bloodwork today, she checked me for Epstein Barr and Celiac.

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