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summersplash 03-23-2011 02:30 PM

Tips that have helped me with palpitations
I am new to the board but a lifelong sufferer from crippling heart palpitations. I've dedicated the last few months of my life to reducing my symptoms, and have dramatically reduced the number and severity of palpitations. I'm not a medical professional, just someone who has devoted a lot of time to experimenting with what works for me, so I'm here to share what I've found helpful in hopes maybe my experiments will help others too.

I've experienced daily PVCs and PACs since middle school, as many as five in a row along with anxiety and lightheadedness with the attacks. Echos show moderate mitral valve regurgitation but no real answer as to why I have these palpitations. I hated betablockers for their side effects, so here's the list of what's helped as much as any drug I've been on.

The most helpful thing I've found has been to increase my water intake I drink water and juice constantly throughout the day. Aiming to need the bathroom every hour and a half. It's annoying for long car trips but has greatly helped.

Next is avoiding caffeine. I'm sure we've all heard it from our cardiologists. I didn't find much relief switching from coffee to green tea, but I did find improvement when I cut out every molecule of caffeine from my diet. No tea, no chocolate, no rum and coke. It's tough, but the "no caffeine" rule didn't help until I went 100%.

I found relief in balancing my sodium/potassium/magnesium intake. Whenever I ate a food high in one of the three, I eat something high in the other two. Have a can of soup (high in sodium) and eat a banana (potassium) and some almonds (magnesium). I try to stick to foods balanced in all three to make it easier. I've found it doesn't matter how much I have of each, but the ratios between the three need to be balanced.

I try to balance my activity level throughout the day. My symptoms were at their worst when being physically active after a nap or a long time sitting. I quit my gym membership in exchange for going for walks and gentle swims, and avoid bending over first thing in the morning (a trigger for me)

I am prescribed xanax to take when I'm feeling stressed. The xanax lowers my adrenaline which, in turn, prevents stress-induced palpitations.

Does anyone else have simple, practical tips that have helped them reduce symptoms?

anotherpatty 03-25-2011 01:24 PM

Re: Tips that have helped me with palpitations
I am better when I avoid caffeine and sugar. I once heard a dr. on the radio mention how sugar is known to cause palpitations.

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