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  • Please help! Do you recognize these symptoms?

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    Old 05-24-2011, 09:54 PM   #1
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    Please help! Do you recognize these symptoms?

    Please, can anyone help us? Im looking for help for my sister shes so, so sick, but we just cant seem to find someone who knows whats wrong. Shes so tired of going to doctors, and too exhausted to keep looking hit and miss, one test after another coming up inconclusive.

    She's normally a very energetic person, fun and full of life. It's so unlike her to be fatigued and apathetic. Shes going downhill steadily Im so scared that were running out of time. Do you recognize this combination of symptoms? Can you help us?

    Here are her current symptoms:

    General malaise, feels sick/lousy
    Fainting episodes
    Dizziness on standing
    Sudden episodes (often after eating) of extreme exhaustion unable to stay awake (blood pressure drop?)
    Dark rings under eyes
    Migraines (long-term)
    Severe intolerance to cold
    Cold hands/feet
    Weight loss
    Arm muscle pain
    Muscle weakness
    Legs feel heavy when walking
    Easily fatigued
    Hair loss
    Blurred vision
    Constipation (long-term)
    Urinary retention
    Cold sweats
    Low blood pressure
    Episodes of severe stomach pain after eating (comes and goes)
    Light sensitivity (long-term)
    Smell sensitivity (long-term)
    Recent sore throat, precipitating worsened symptoms
    Severe back pain unresponsive to treatment/meds (result of an accident and failed back surgery)

    Her symptoms have been gradually worsening over the past year. If you recognize these symptoms or have suggestions, please respond. We desperately need to know what direction to look for help. Thank you so much!

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    Old 05-25-2011, 06:51 AM   #2
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    Re: Please help! Do you recognize these symptoms?

    Where does she live in the US? (not exact of course) just general area

    Old 08-05-2011, 04:43 AM   #3
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    Re: Please help! Do you recognize these symptoms?

    i read this yesterday and it has stayed with me.. i have many symptoms as your sister..since im unclear as to whats happening to my body, all i can do is tell you tests they have run on me with these sort of symptoms:
    1. test for MS..negative
    2. endocrine disorders..negative
    3. adrenal fatigue (cortisol levels) normal
    4. systemic disorders is my doctors focus
    then had CT for shortness of breath, found residual thymus indicating a disease called myesthenia my mom came with me to last appointment. this had been mentioned before but i didnt know what it mom did though because i have great aunt with this illness..have no idea what is happening to your sister and i so hope you find answers. im jaded with medical system now..sad but true. few months ago read a quote from a woman who was struggling with not knowing what was happening with her body and it said on my tomb stone please write " i told you i was sick". shes since been diagnosed and there will be no tomb anytime soon..hold faith. i have nothing else to offer because i dont know for myself certainly. try to stay as strong as long as possible, my thoughts will be with your sister and all of you who are scared and love her. family love goes such a long ways while you wait. good luck on your journey and my sincerest hopes that whatever is happening to your sister gets resolved.

    Old 12-25-2011, 05:03 PM   #4
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    Unhappy Re: Please help! Do you recognize these symptoms? Me two

    Hi i have all the most the the same thing to the letter but i have lossed 85lbs. in a year and still no one can tell me why if you have found out any thing please reply.

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    Old 03-06-2012, 08:23 AM   #5
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    Re: Please help! Do you recognize these symptoms?

    It sounds like some vaso-motor disorder. I am saying because I have some of the same problems and I'm getting worse. Appt with a new neuro tomorrow. I was told that going to a teaching hospital is the best place for answers. Where's the biggest and best teaching hospital around you? Call the neurology department, get an appt and gather all her documents and go. If this neuro can't find anything, and the CT I did yesterday does not show anything, I'm off to Shands in Gainsville. There are days I think that whatever this is, it's trying to kill me. I have wasted more than a year on tests, nothing so far. When I first started this journey , I was told by a very well respected doc that he felt I had a vaso-motor problem. I am going to ask the new neuro how we test that theory , providing all the repeat tests I do don't show anything. For me, it's the lack of ability to digest food quickly that is the worst. It sits in my stomach and rots and I bloat and feel ill. For me, it's all left-sided. It's scary as hell to feel something is really wrong yet not have any idea what it is - your mind goes to the worst stuff first, sadly.

    Find a teaching hospital and make a last run at this now.

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    Re: Please help! Do you recognize these symptoms?

    a lot of these symptoms sound like things i experienced before my hashimoto's diagnosis. i had some weird intense (not normal migraines) headaches, combined with nerve pain, muscle weakness, fatigue, and stomach issues, along with weird swelling. i spent years with extreme changes in my sleep needs, and in the last few years i started getting extremely puffy eyes with dark circles. I spent a lot of time with a neurologist, who was very nice and patient, but desperately wanted to hear about things I didn't experience, like light sensitivity.
    Since my Hashimoto's diagnosis, I've realized how much endocrine things impact the rest of my body, like my neurological pain (now gone). I'm currently wondering if the other unresolved symptoms I have are Hashimoto's or adrenal issues.
    Neurology and Endocrinology really seem like the places to focus your time, but I have to agree, if she's spent a lot of time with hospitals already and there's no clear answers coming, a teaching hospital makes sense. I was recently told to go there if I couldn't get a resolution soon.

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    Deb5887 (04-01-2012)
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    Re: Please help! Do you recognize these symptoms?

    It sounds like some form of dysautonomia. I hope she is doing better.

    Old 03-31-2012, 09:02 PM   #8
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    Re: Please help! Do you recognize these symptoms?

    Could be hypothyroidism! It also may be fibro or Chronic Fatigue. Most Dr. will do at least 40 blood testing and some other tests to see what is going on. These are not your conventional dr. they are holistic or integrative medical dr. I have some names if you would like to e-mail me.

    You just can't go through life like this, I have been very sick and now drs. are finding things that nobody else found!!

    Stay Strong and know that there are people that CAN help.

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    Re: Please help! Do you recognize these symptoms?

    Or it could be hyperthyroidism. I have many of those symptoms and my thyroid is hyperactive. They're doing the tests now to see what it is. Is she seeing a doctor? She really needs a doc.

    Old 04-22-2012, 06:47 AM   #10
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    Re: Please help! Do you recognize these symptoms?

    I'm no expert but it sounds a lot like the same symptoms seen with thyroid problems and they can be linked with the adrenal system. Hope this helps

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    alg55 (04-24-2012)
    Old 04-23-2012, 03:25 PM   #11
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    Re: Please help! Do you recognize these symptoms?

    I had most of the same before my hypothyroidism was diagnosed, except I couldnt lose weight whatever I did.Gained and gained. Also round puffy face,hair loss {including eyebrows} absolute fatigue {like dragging myself around} acid reflux after food. Fab south american doctor who qualified in UK, got it immediately.Tooka year and lots of blood work to get the dose of the levothroid right, but ok now.

    Old 04-24-2012, 04:18 PM   #12
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    Smile Re: Please help! Do you recognize these symptoms?

    I have many of the same symptoms. To say you feel horrible is such an understatement. The entire quality of your life is affected. It is most likely thyroid, perhaps Hashimoto's where one can go from hyper to hypo, or Hypoptuitary axis disorder which involves the ptuitary and/or adrenals, or adrenal disease. Only saliva and blood testing will reveal the root cause. If you are hypothyroid with unadressed adrenal insufficiency or imbalance and treat only the thyroid problem with thyroid meds, you will feel so ill you'll want to die. Wish you prompt success in getting an accurate diagnosis and the proper treatment and hope you feel human again soon! A naturopathic doc is your best bet. I've gotten nowhere with internist or endocrine...

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