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Giselle 09-19-2011 02:34 PM

In Panic State 24/7!!! This is drving me insane!!!!
[B]I had a Panic Attack on August 13, 2011 since that day I'm been in a constant panic state/Anxiety 24 hours a day. I can relax, I think that I'm going insane, I can't concentrate, I don't enjoy anything I use to enjoy, I feel miserably, like a zombie walking on the face of this earth!!! I have nausea all the time, a headache, chest tightness, diarrhea. I constant thinking why I feel so weird, so strange in my own body. I went to the doctor 2 weeks ago and he puts me on Celexa 10mg they just upped my dose to 20mg 4 days ago. Do this weird feeling and this miserable state of mind pain and weirdness will go away someday??? I can't function like this, I can't!!![/B]

NC~Grl 09-19-2011 05:45 PM

Re: In Panic State 24/7!!! This is drving me insane!!!!
Hey Giselle,

Is this your first panic attack? My first attack lasted about 2.5 weeks. It wasn't like I had panic attack after panic attack, it was literally a 2.5 week long panic attack. My heart rate never got below 120 and I couldn't eat or sleep. One important thing is that you have to believe that nothing is physically wrong with you (because it isn't!!!!). If you feel dizzy and your mind goes to "oh no! something is wrong with me!" it will just continue to release adrenaline and you won't be able to calm down. If you are actively trying to calm yourself down, it will not work. Think about a time when you couldn't fall asleep - if you are like "c'mon I need to sleep...please let me sleep...I want to go to sleep!!!" then you probably won't fall asleep right?

So the best thing to do is be okay with how you are feeling. Say to yourself "you know what body? go ahead and be dizzy, thats fine with me. You want to make my heart beat at 120bpm? thats fine, go right ahead." you have to be okay with feeling anxious (and not saying "please stop. please, i just want my heart to slow down, i dont want to feel dizzy anymore"). you have to be okay with feeling anxious. be okay with being nauseous or the chest tightness. you are healthy, you are fine. your body just released too much adrenaline and it is causing you some weird physical sensations (or mental, like when you feel like a zombie) but they are not harmful, just a little uncomfortable and that is okay. if you can be okay with how you are feeling, the sensations will go away. (but you can't trick your mind - you have believe 100% that you are okay with feeling anxious, not 99.999999% because your mind will pick up on that .000001% and continue the panic). So try to watch TV or read or take a bath and instead of begging yourself to relax, tell yourself "you know what? go ahead and be anxious, thats fine with me".

Giselle 09-22-2011 05:03 PM

Re: In Panic State 24/7!!! This is drving me insane!!!!
[B]Thanks for your answer. I'm so stressed that I always feel like I need to run or scape is like I had a constant panic attack since August 13. I lost 8 pounds and I don't have any appetite. The crazy thing is than I'm able to sleep, no very well but I can do it. I read your answer every time I feel very down. Thanks again. [/B]

db851 09-22-2011 09:25 PM

Re: In Panic State 24/7!!! This is drving me insane!!!!
I totally agree with NC. Go to a doctor, have a test ran on whatever you think may be ailing you. If nothing else, its great for peace of mind. Something you can use next time you experience panic. It helps to know that there actually is nothing wrong with you, even when your brain reacts as though something is. In the mean time, take a walk, think happy thoughts. I laugh when I have panic for instance, and say here we go again, and just don't let it get the best of me anymore. I'll also sit and play some word games/puzzles, which forces my mind to concentrate on something completely off of the panic. Its just something a select few of us have to deal with. I've come to the realization with mine, that they probably won't go away. Its a daily battle, but I'm up for it. Things could always be worse. Good luck to you! :)

Frank Furter 09-24-2011 04:44 PM

Re: In Panic State 24/7!!! This is drving me insane!!!!
I hear ya. I've been suffering from anxiety for years. It's a daily battle. All I can say is go to a doctor and get some antidepressants. That's the only thing that has given me any relief. They do help.

dee088 09-25-2011 12:15 PM

Re: In Panic State 24/7!!! This is drving me insane!!!!
Giselle, I agree with the other readers to a point. Try a puzzle book, I like to listen to the radio, go for a walk, call someone. Now for me, is does not help to talk thru attacks. I tried many times thru the 35 yrs. My dr. says its all in my head and to talk to distract ant feelings. No, not for me. But the talking thru does work for some, Unfortunately not me. Oh, try baking or some cooking. Find what works for you. Even if you have to scream into a pillow. That releives some tension. It works. Take care

Ariel99 10-02-2011 11:02 AM

Re: In Panic State 24/7!!! This is drving me insane!!!!
If the Celexa doesn't seem to be working after a month or so, my suggestion would be to go back to your doctor and talk to him/her about changing you to a different med. I went through several, before I found a combination that worked for me. Don't despair, you [B]will[/B] get a handle on this!

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