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CrazyLife414 01-28-2012 02:42 PM

Any Information or Advice is GREATLY Appreciated!
I have posted on her before, but today I really need some advice and information.
Any advice would be SO SO APPRECIATED!!
I am 49 years old (I will be 50 in April). I have been experiencing Peri symptoms for a few years now. I have missed 2 periods. I missed Dec and now Jan, but I am still feeling really horrible during the time I should be premenstrual and ovulating. I have terrible anxiety, palpitations, foggy head, totally off "balance" and too many more to list.
Are these horrible symptoms going to continue now? I have been told that the foggy head, anxiety and feeling off "balance" will continue and the hot flashes will get worse. I really have only had a few hot flashes back in Dec when I missed my first period.
Some mornings I wake up feeling like my insides are going to jump right out of my skin. I never wake up rested, because I can't sleep. I feel like I start shaking at the glance and am on the verge of tears ALL of the time!
I also teach school, take care of my elderly (non compliant diabetic) Mother and two young children and my husband works out of town most of the time. I am sure that is part of my anxiety.
I seriously don't think I have had a "normal" day for years. I don't do well on birth control pills so that option is really not a good one for me.

I guess now that I have missed 2 periods my doctors will so blood work to test my hormones. I know that you have to have missed a period for 12 months to be totally menopausal and I know that my period could start again at anytime (great).

Anyway, does anyone have any advice, can you explain to me how this whole menopause things works and maybe what to expect. Has anyone been treated by their doctors and gotten positive results? I am also looking for a new doctor.
Does anyone know when these darn symptoms will lessen??
I am not a fan of drugs and really don't want to go on anti depressants... I do have some Xanax, but have been afraid to take it.

There is my story...
I must say that at one point I really did think I knew something about this journey, but I must say that I was wrong. And honestly, I am not confident that any of the doctors know anything..
Please Respond!!! Please!

Thank you..
Crazy Life...Who's life has gotten crazier!!

Mandarra 01-29-2012 02:47 AM

Re: Any Information or Advice is GREATLY Appreciated!
Hello. I'm 54 and have been experiencing every symptom of peri. I have not been to a doctor about this because I don't want any hormone replacemnt drugs. Recently my hot flashes became so frequent and intense I thought I would go crazy. I went to the health food store and got some natural hormone balancing pills. I can now say that after four days of taking them I feel almost normal. The only symptom I have today is sleeplessness, I cannot get a restful sleep unless I take Lorazepam, and I do take it a couple of times a month. I haven't had a period since November. I am trying to take it one day at a time, but it can drive you crazy, I know.
I hope you feel better soon. Maybe you could try the natural remedies too.

Good Luck and take care.

CrazyLife414 01-29-2012 07:44 AM

Re: Any Information or Advice is GREATLY Appreciated!
Mary, Thank you so much for your reply! :) I am going to start researching the natural remedies. I just read an article that said Magnesium and Calcium along with Fish Oil are essential during this phase in our lives. So I will start there. They are supposed to help with the anxiety.
If you don't take those supplements, you might start, they may help you with your sleepless nights as well.

I don't do well with hormones, never have so I am thinking that the natural route is the way for me as well.

Here's to feeling better in 2012!

solofelix 01-29-2012 07:59 AM

Re: Any Information or Advice is GREATLY Appreciated!
Hi Crazylife,
Here is something I tried three years before my menopause,
I took Fish Oil and Evening Primrose Oil in liquid form everyday for three yrs before and a few months after. I was 49yrs old and had NO Symptoms at all, not before or since.
Maybe I was lucky or else I can only attribute it to the Fish-Oil and Evening Primrose Oil. My friends sister was prescribed E-P-O after a Hysterectomy and had no problems. So perhaps it works with the Hormones and is worth a try.

I wish you well,


CrazyLife414 01-29-2012 09:22 AM

Re: Any Information or Advice is GREATLY Appreciated!
Thank you SoloFelix..I will put that on my list.
Did you take all of your supplements in liquid form??
I don't think I have seen the Evening Primrose in that form.

Thank you again!

irisrose 01-29-2012 09:23 AM

Re: Any Information or Advice is GREATLY Appreciated!
Hi Crazylife,

I'm almost exactly the same age as you. I'm 49 and will be 50 in November. And the past 5 months have been the worst of peri I have ever experienced. My biggest complaint is the sleep. I either can't fall asleep or when I do fall asleep then I wake up often, like every hour or 2 hours, or wake up at 3 or 4 and can't fall back to sleep at all. And the lack of sleep only magnifies all the other peri symptoms because our bodies can't rest to restore and heal the hormone imbalance.

I have tried pretty much it all. Calcium, magnesium - nothing. I thought it would help for my all day long all night long heart palpitations. Id did nothing for them. I even broke down and invested in the Women to Women program (look online, it is a very informative website) The program provides you with high grade supplements and herbals that will help with peri-menopause and adrenal function. No improvement. I began seeing a naturopath and did some acupuncture and got some other herbals from him. Still no huge improvement. I did find one supplement on my own that did make a noticeable difference. It's called Seriphos (only sold online as far as I can tell). It works to help lower cortisol levels by working on the hypothalmus to stop sending out signals to the adrenal glands to produce more cortisol. I use it only in the evening because the cortisol will create adrenaline and that, at night, will cause one not to fall asleep or wake often or wake up too early. I took that for about a week before I began being able to lay down and fall asleep. But the sleep was still not truly restful.

So I went and had bloodwork to check my hormones and will, hopefully, see a hormone balance/anti-aging doctor next week. I didn't want to take any substantial hormone supplements, even wanted to stay away from bioidentical if I could. But I think sometimes hormones and adrenal glands can get so out of whack, supplements and herbals can't correct it. It didn't for me. And believe me, I'm pretty sure I tried it all. Ashwaghanda, a tincture called Vital Adapt, cal/mag supplements where I drank that slowly over the course of the day in a drink. I took all the b vitamins and multi vitamins and primerose and blends of herbals, progesterone cream and even a RX for progesterone natural supplements. I've cleaned up my diet, no coffee, no soda, no alcohol (well occasionally) eating lots of protein and less carbs, drinking tons of water. I would see a slight improvement but nothing substantial or long lasting.

I've had it! That's why I'm going to go see a BHRT doctor. I know there are risks and benefits of BHRT and right now, at least in the short term, I'm going to try the BHRT. I figure this is not a life long thing that I'm going to be on. I will keep the good life changes in diet and exercise I've already incorporated and add the BHRT to it till my body can balance and heal. Once I get to feeling normal, I will see if I can begin to ween off and let my body take over. I'm not worried I'll get some horrible cancer from it. For decades, I would drink a glass or two of wine or beer more than once per week - that raises my risk of breast cancer. I go out in the sun without sunscreen on my body every single time, that increases my risk of cancer. There are SO many things that increase our risk us cancer. Yet, when it comes to replacing hormones (which too much estrogen during perimenopause in an imbalance itself can increase your risk of breast, ovarian and uterine cancer) gets a bad wrap. I want to feel good and enjoy my life with my husband and my boys. My crappy health caused by imbalanced hormones and poor sleep is a huge health risk all by itself. So I want to correct it sooner than later before it causes further damage to my body.

I hope it works for me. I have heard great success with creams that will gently balance out the estrogen and progesterone and women feel great within a week. This is my last shot. Because of all the other remedies that seem to work well for others have not worked for me. I think my hormones are finally on their last hurrah and are really giving it to me this year but I plan to fight back if I can!

Oh and try the xanex. Just start out low. Take the pill and break it in half or quarters and start with that till you feel a difference. I have xanex and will take it when things get really bad. Last night was one of those nights. My period is due this week and that's when I have my worst symptoms. I couldn't sleep and just kept feeling shots of anxiety or adrenaline bubbling up in my chest. I took a 1/2 xanex and it finally started to calm down and I fell asleep. But I try not to take it too often. Usually once per month during the week before my period because things get so ridiculous.

I'll post back after my appt.

CrazyLife414 01-29-2012 09:46 AM

Re: Any Information or Advice is GREATLY Appreciated!
Thank you IrisRose for does make me feel better. Good Luck with your appointment. I hope you find relief soon. I am going to call my doctor in the morning.. I am also looking for a new doctor...I think I need someone that understands menopause vs young women having babies.
Thank you..

irisrose 01-29-2012 09:56 AM

Re: Any Information or Advice is GREATLY Appreciated!
That has been the hardest part of all of this - finding a doctor that seems to understand women and how hormones affect them. I've been through a laundry list of doctors these past 5 months, all of which offered anti-depressants and anti-anxiety drugs and/or ambien or lunesta. All I have resisted. I did try ambien for about a week and hated it!

I talked to this bioidentical hormone doctor on the phone and she sounded knowledgeable because she flat out told me she went through it all. That's why she changed direction in her medical career was because when she was dealing with perimeno and menopause, all the doctors wanted to do was give her anti-depressants or the birth control pill. She knew there had to be a better way. So I'm hopeful. Bad part is, most of these doctors are not covered by insurance. My blood work was, but my visit to her will be out of pocket. But I figure if I can get some good support and direction then maybe I can finally get on the right path and my visits to her will be limited.

Good luck with your doctor situation! It is so frustrating seeking out medical help only to feel more disillusioned than you did before you walked into their office. I've had that one too many times.

solofelix 01-29-2012 11:15 AM

Re: Any Information or Advice is GREATLY Appreciated!
The Fish-Oil/Evening Primrose Oil were both combined in liquid form. It was made by "Sevenseas" I dont know if its available now as its a long time since I took it. I think it will be equally effective in capsule form both together or seperate.
It's worth a try, look for a good quality brand.
Good Luck,


CrazyLife414 01-29-2012 10:01 PM

Re: Any Information or Advice is GREATLY Appreciated!
Thanks Everyone for your replies..I appreciate the tips!

Today was a hard day for me, I had a headache most of the day and some bouts with dizziness. This is usually what will happen when I am having PMS.
Tension headache that comes from the back of my neck and behind my ear over my head and into my eye.

My anxiety has been through the roof today too.

So thank you again, tomorrow I am going to the health food store to find some supplements.

Have a wonderful week!

irisrose 01-30-2012 06:56 AM

Re: Any Information or Advice is GREATLY Appreciated!
The anxiety is nuts! Mine seems to roil up in the evenings and I don't understand why. Or maybe I'm just too busy during the day to notice it. But last night I broke down and took another 1/2 xanex so I could stop the surges of anxiety and heart palpitations so I could fall asleep. Once I can stop that and I feel the relaxation in my chest and throat, I simply fall asleep. So something is percolating inside my body that's out of my control. No deep breathing helps, reading to try and take my mind off of it doesn't help, even my herbals that are supposed to help calm my nerves won't help. It's like it's own entity!

That's what my PMS is as of late. It used to be painful breasts and pre-cramping before my period. But that has seemed to subsided over the past year. Now my PMS is anxiety and insomnia. I honestly feel like I have one good week a month :( It's usually the week after my period, about 8-9 days into my cycle. Then it's over with because I ovulate and I have some whacky stuff take place during those couple of days. And then it's time to start gearing up for my period again and a week of heart palpitations, anxiety and insomnia. Sometimes I fantasize about just having all my baby making parts removed.

gingertea 01-30-2012 08:06 AM

Re: Any Information or Advice is GREATLY Appreciated!
I was reading these posts and remembering the nightmare called peri meno/menopause. I went through it for years...didn't stop my period until I was 57, and even for a while after that I still had all the craziness. The anxiety was terrible, didn't help that I didn't sleep either. I had heart palpitations and my bloodwork was a mess. No iron, no ferritin which probably contributed to the problem... I don't think I could have made it through without my half dose of xanax. On the advice of my doctor I put the pill under my tongue so it started working faster.
Now, I haven't had a period in three years. My bloodwork is so much better.
The anxiety isn't totally gone, but nothing like it was. I still have bouts of insomnia, but overall I feel so much better! It was a gradual change, didn't happen overnight, but my mood kept improving, and finally I felt good! Really good! There is a light at the end of the tunnel! Here's hoping you all get to this point soon!

irisrose 01-30-2012 08:48 AM

Re: Any Information or Advice is GREATLY Appreciated!
Thanks for the hope, gingertea! Did you take anything to get you through when you found you had issues on your blood work? I had my iron and ferritan levels checked and they were good, actually. I did a nutritional panel through my chiropractor that he just got back, and apparently I have some nutritional deficiencies. Mostly the anti-oxidents like COQ10, Selenium, those types of nutrients. So I can't see how fixing those will make me sleep. I'll make steps to nourish myself and fix the nutritional deficiencies, but I don't think those are my main culprit.

Today I am feeling the anxiety as well. Very jumpy. Everything startles me :mad: My body creates such an over the top response to basically nothing. One of my boys came to me and felt like he was going to throw up (he was sick last week and it's still lingering). He sort of gagged like he was going to vomit and I hurriedly ushered him to the toilet. But that little, "Yikes I'm going to get puked on" sent my heart a racing and anxiety feeling in my chest and throat as if I'd almost been in a car accident. It's insane and I wish it would quit already!!

CrazyLife414 01-30-2012 02:48 PM

Re: Any Information or Advice is GREATLY Appreciated!
Thank you GingerTea..I so love that you are able to look back and know that you made it!! Thank you for the "Light"!

IrisRose..We may just be the same person..LOL
The last couple of days have been so crazy..the anxiety is horrible.
But now that I look at it, if I had a period this month, I would be ovulating! That tells me it is all cyclical and even though my period did not come, the PMS and Ovulations symptoms did!!

Hope all is well this evening!! Get some sleep.
I am actually on my way to the Chiropractor to see if he can help me.
Take Care!

gingertea 01-30-2012 04:55 PM

Re: Any Information or Advice is GREATLY Appreciated!
irisrose, you just reminded me.....I was deficient in B-12 and to this day I still get a monthly shot. I have stomach issues and don't absorb what I need. Same issues prevented me from taking iron pills. I ate foods high in iron and tried to cook in cast iron pans. My iron improved greatly after my periods stopped. I take 2,000 units of vitamin D and Omega 3 with vitamin D daily. Just had bloodwork done and B-12 and Vitamin D are still low, so I have to increase those. For some reason, I am thinking someone told me to take selenium for insomnia. Also tried melatonin...didn't work. Ambien was terrible! I was desperate to find anything that helped so I tried a lot of supplements that didn't work. I think we have all been there! Unfortunately, it takes a lot of trial and error. I even had a doctor talk me into trying HRT, didn't work. It made me mean. (Great! Mean & Crazy at the same time.)

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