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  • Adrenal fatigue??

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    Adrenal fatigue??

    I have posted this in the Thyroid Section, but no one as of yet can speak to my Cortisol tests.. Please forgive me for the long story, but don't know if all my other stuff will have anything to do with anything.. I do have Hashimoto's.

    Hello to you all.. I would so much appreciate any and all advice/comments you may have after you read my long history. I'll try to be as short as possible, but feel my history of issues might all be connected.
    In late 2008 I ended up with Adhesive Capsulitis of my shoulder(this lasted a good 18 months and was very painful). In May of 2009 I started getting heart palpitations or something, I wasn't sure what was going on. I thought I was getting them due to the pain of my shoulder. They weren't stopping so I went to a Cardiologist and he did a Stress test and a Stress Test w/echo, ultrasound, 30 day Holiter monitor, ekg's and numerous blood work and said they were benign PVC's. At this time I was also having what I explain as "no energy". The Cardiologist said we could do beta blockers, but felt it would make me feel worse than I already do, plus I am the type of person that is very leery about taking pills. I still have them to this day, not quite as much but I do at least feel a couple every day.
    So this went on for quite awhile until I went to a regular dr. with symptoms of "no energy" and just out right do not feel good and of course PVC's. They did some blood work and one of the test was a ANA. I received a call from the Nurse on day who informed me the ANA came back positive and I have Lupus. They also tested for the EBV virus, which was high and out of range(the normal range is <=0.90, mine was 5.00). Which I was told just means at one time I had Mono. I never had Mono. That was a day I'll never forget. I can't believe a Nurse would call you up and tell you something like that over the phone??? Anyways, so I found a Rhuemy who took his test and said "No" you do not have Lupus, so I went to another Rhuemy who confirmed the same diagnosis of NO LUPUS. They both stated they could not believe that I was called up and told that from a regular ANA test, that test just tells us that there are antibodies in your system and to further test to see what it is.. Now the second Rhuemy also did a ANA 12 Panel, which told us that my antibodies are against my Thyroid(Thyroid Microsomal P AB was 403 and should be over 60), my TSH was 5.1 so I needed to go see an Endo. This was all in Sept. 2010. We also found out I had low Vit. D levels(mine were 27, the range is suppose to be 30-100). I did a sleep study and there was no sleep apnea. I found an Endo, she did the TSH, T3, T4, Estradiol, FSH, Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies, Thyroglobulin Antibodies, out of all these my only high results were the TSH, and both Antibodies. She started me on Synthroid 50 mcg. My Synthroid was adjusted ultimately to 50mcg one day and 75mcg the next.. This made me NO better, matter of fact eventually I started feeling crappy again and the Endo kept saying your numbers are normal it's not the Hashi's making you feel this way. So last year in Nov. 2011 I want to the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville Fla to prayfully find out what is wrong. After $8700 later, I still have no clue. I saw a Rhuemy, Ortho and Endo on top of an Internist. I had an MRI(I was worried about MS), that was negative. I saw a Ortho because my feet bother me(very stiff when I get up from sitting or laying and takes some steps to work it out and at times, they just hurt when I'm laying, the Ortho found no cause or reason and stated to wear Crocs in the house and loose some weight. Their conclusion is I have Hashi's and I'm overweight. DUHHHH.. So I have now gone to a Alternative Dr.. With her I have changed my Synthroid to Armour and at first thought I was seeing a remarkable difference, but since have slid right back to having NO ENERGY and just feeling crappy.. Even having some unusual chest things.. She even put me on Progesterone due to alittle low result on that test. My DHEA Sulfate was high 242(range is 25-220 and my Testosterone Total was 52 range is 2-45. She did some Adrenal testing and stated it seems like I have some adrenal fatigue and what to further the testing to find out what is causing the fatigue. I did a saliva cortisol test and the results were: 6-8am 24, 11-1pm 9, 4-5pm 9, 10-midnight 5, with the Cortisol Load:47 the range is suppose to be 23-42. In Nov. 2011 I had a ACTH test done and it was an morning draw and the results were 37.7 with a range of 10-60. AS it stands at this moment, I have more blood work she wants to do along with a poop/saliva test to see where the fatigue is coming from. This test is out of pocket and expensive..
    I'm so much at a lost and just want to feel good or at least improve and I'm not.. My symptoms are as follows: Extreme "No Energy", I can't take the heat it makes me feel worse, all out don't feel good, PVC's, feet bother me, weight gain, cholesterol at one point was alittle high, but my HDL is awesome, so not too worried, muscle issues(not sure if it's just because I do NOTHING but lay around and I've lost the muscle strength) or what, can't keep my attention on something long, lose concentration, headaches/migraines, some bloating after eating(not all the time).
    I am about at my wits end and feel like this is no life to live. All I do is get up in the mornings just to go and lay on the couch.. I have my daughter and grand daughter living with us and want to so bad play with her and can't... I have no energy/strength to do this. I feel like there is NO doctor out there to help me figure this out.. I have seen like 15 different doctors and still nothing.
    One side note: I am NOT depressed, I just want to have energy again.. I also had my parathyroid checked and it was normal.
    I would so appreciate any help anyone can give me

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    Re: Adrenal fatigue??

    I think you are finally getting somewhere with possible adrenal fatigue. Very few standard practice Dr's understand or know how to treat it. These symptoms you have are classic to adrenal fatigue (if other causes are ruled out):

    "heart palpitations"
    "pain of my shoulder"
    "no energy"
    "weight gain"
    "muscle issues"
    "lose concentration"

    When adrenals become exhausted, they can no longer keep up with the body's increased demand for cortisol production. The main sympton is severe fatigue. The reason all those specialists have no clue has an easy answer- they were not taught about adrenal fatigue in medical school. For example, you have heart palpitations so you go to a cardiologist. Thankfully you check out ok. No serious heart issue. So what is causing your heart palpitations? The cardiologist as NO clue! So he sends you on to another 'specialist'.

    This can go on for years. Trying to find a correct diagnosis. If it is really adrenal fatigue, what happens in women is that the complex hormone balancing act between the ovarian-adrenal-thyroid gets no longer working, it's out of wack. Even though your adrenal glands themselves may be in perfect working order. It's still out of wack because of the chronic demand for cortisol.

    I'm just learning about this too and treatment is multifaceted approach, including lifestyle and nutrition. For lifestyle the two most important factors:

    1. stress reduction (resolve what is causing the most stress in your life)
    2. proper sleep

    You don't have apnea and that's good but you can still have very poor sleep. If you have even some mild insomnia get that resolved. You need to be asleep at 11pm staying up later is making adrenal glands work extra hard, in overtime, and if you are asleep by then, they have a chance to rest and not do the double work.

    I live in Jax but have never been to Mayo Clinic. My holistic Dr says I have hpyo adrenal.

    take care

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    Re: Adrenal fatigue??


    Thank you so very much for your response.. What you say makes sense and believe something like that is happening to me on top of my Hashimoto's and my meds not being right yet is killing me.. Do you know of a way to find a good holistic dr?

    <removed: disallowed websites>

    I am so desperate to feel better and live life again..

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