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NicholeA 12-04-2012 08:18 PM

Dr recommendation in NC

My reproductive Endo found that I have adrenal antibodies and so I am taking an ACTH stym test yearly. I was wondering if anyone knows of any endocrinologists in NC that they can recommend to me as the nurses in my dr's office are not familiar on how to administer the test and so every year I have to remind them of the procedures.

I had to call and leave 4 messages in order to have the nurse to schedule my yearly ACTH test and in that 2 weeks time I have lost over 10lbs and am drinking a gallon and a half of water daily without being able to quench my thirst.

Also, I read that the stym test should occur in the 1st week of a woman's cycle in order for the test to be accurate but my current dr says it's not necessary. What do the woman with addisons think about that?


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