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messplay 04-14-2013 07:31 PM

Cortisol, Eye Floaters, High Heart Rate
Hi. I'm 23yrs old and have recently been getting over a lot of health anxiety from the month of February.

To sum things up:

I have always had white coat syndrome with my Blood Pressure being 140/90 at times. At home with a cuff it is usually 120-135/70-80.

I recently went to the opthamologist who noticed I have high pressure behind my eyes (21 and 23mmHG). I also have some eye floaters (which is why I went in).

My Heart Rate is usually mid 70's to mid 80's at rest when I check it. I can almost swear on the fact that it was always below 75 or so when I was a bit younger (anytime 2-3+ years ago). I am fairly skinny I guess (160lbs @ 6'0") and my shirt moves noticeably (at least to me) whenever my heart beats and I am standing still, lying down. It's almost like a minor throb. I wore a holtor monitor for 24hrs just over 6 weeks ago and my Cardiologist said everything came back looking flawless - nothing of concern.

I have been very lazy in exercising in the last 6 months due to work (going maybe 10 times total, but recently been getting back into it). I weigh 162lbs at 6'0". As a result (I think) I have noticed a little bit of fat storing in my lower abdomen - noticeable as a few rolls when I bend over in a chair. - standing - bent over/in chair

I do try to self diagnose myself online. I am now wondering if I have high Cortisol levels (which I am going to get checked next week) which is storing my fat...I then found that Cortisol can be correlative with the Fight/Flight response with the Adrenals which can be due to too much neurotransmitters of acetylcholine. I then saw some posts saying that too much of acetylcholine can cause Eye Floaters...

However, eye floaters are also common in people that are near sighted (myopic) and I do have that to a certain degree. I don't really need glasses far away, but I do have them - kinda wanted glasses just to have them to wear at times haha.

**I was prescribed some anti-anxiety/depression med in February but was then told after a few weeks of "self-healing" that I wasn't really a candidate for it.

My testosterone levels are 975 - also recently checked.

This is a vicious cycle as so many things overlap so any info is helpful. Seeing my Psych on Tuesday to ask for certain blood tests to check anything...if my cortisol is ok then I guess this post is pointless.


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