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ranrules 04-23-2013 08:21 AM

Can't get any answers!!
Hi all,
I am SO FRUSTRATED and upset that I can't seem to get any answers to my health issues. I've been to 3 physicians, 2 gynecologists, 2 endocrinologists, a nutritionist, and a personal trainer and they all tell me nothing's wrong. I have been having this battle for the past 4 years. I do live with a high level of constant stress (not much I can do about that). I'm 42, 5'2" and 185lbs ("normal" for me is 115-125lbs).

[B]Symptoms:[/B][LIST][*]Goiter (5.2mm) that has enlarged slightly since last year[*]Unexplained weight gain (60lbs in the past 2 years WITH diet & exercise. Continues to climb no matter what I do)[*]Extreme fatigue/exhaustion[*]Hair has become coarse, brittle and falls out[*]Dry skin, cuts heal slowly[*]Muscle aches (especially in the wrists and feet)[*]Weak bones (?) - 2 stress fractures in feet, fractured elbow from slight fall (healing poorly)[*]Increased depression (already at the max dosage for Zoloft AND Wellbutrin) / Anxiety[*]Developed Restless Leg Syndrome[*]Mood swings / irritability / anger[*]Foggy brain / difficulty concentrating / forgetfulness[*]Hypersensitive / startle very easily[*]Round, full face[*]Weight gain is all in my trunk area[*]Redness on my chest (people always think I'm sunburned there)[*]Always hot when others aren't[*]Insomnia[*]Black hairs on chin, lip & breasts[/LIST]
All my hormone tests have come back normal. My periods are regular and heavier than they use to be, but not much.

[B]My tests results[/B] (from earliest to recent (usually 6-8 months between tests)):
[B]TSH:[/B] 0.84, 1.05, 2.010, 0.88, 1.00, 2.090
[B]T4:[/B] 10.4, 7.5, 8.1
[B]T3 Free:[/B] 247, 242, 248
[B]T3 Uptake:[/B] 28, 25.5, 27

I couldn't get any doctor to agree to test my cortisol (other than one 4pm serum test), so I took it upon myself to order saliva tests through ZRT Labs. My latest endocrinologist blew it off since it was something I did outside a doctor's office (and yet he didn't order one from his office). He only did a Dex Suppression test (result: <1.0 - normal).

[B]Here's my Adrenal Stress Index test results[/B]. First number is from 10/2011 and second is from 6/2012.
[B]Free Cortisol Rhythm:[/B][LIST][*]6-8am: 39, 67 (ref range: 13-24)**Extremely high????[*]11-1pm: 7, 15 (ref. range 5-10)[*]4-5pm: 3, 6 (ref. range: 3-8)[*]10-mid: 4, 4 (ref. range: 1-4)[/LIST][B]Cortisol load:[/B] 53, 92 (ref. range: 23-42)
[B]DHEA:[/B] 6, 8 (ref. range: 3-10)
[B]Insulin, non-fasting:[/B] <3, <3 (ref. range: 5-20)
[B]P17-OH Progesterone:[/B] 38, 37 (ref. range: 22-100)
[B]Total Salivary SIgA:[/B] 17, 22 (ref. range: 25-60)

Any opinions on what could be wrong and where I go from here (see another endocrinologist, etc)?

Thanks for the help!!

Lynn1899 07-28-2013 11:57 AM

Re: Can't get any answers!!
You are the expert (as are we all) on our bodies...not the doctors. If you feel deep inside that your cortisol needs to be checked then go to another endocrinologist and ask for it to be done. I was the one who diagnosed my own Addison's because the doctors wouldn't listen to me. I kept searching until I found a doctor who would perform the proper test...guess what? I was right. Listen to that little voice in your head and keep searching.

tulie13 09-16-2013 03:50 AM

Re: Can't get any answers!!
Hi, ranrules - I just joined the boards and saw your post. Sounds like your Adrenals are stressed and producing extra cortisol right now. This happens due to a variety of reasons, constant stress (physical and/or emotional) can contribute to this. Or other things that affect your adrenal glands (like a tumor on the Adrenal gland or something wrong with another gland that "talks to" the Adrenals, like the pituitary).

Your symptoms all sound to me like they are related to what is referred to Cushing's Syndrome or Cushing's Disease.

If you are just highly stressed (no tumors or anything like that) you might have Cushing's Syndrome right now because of too much cortisol, but that could evolve into Addison's Disease if your adrenals actually shut down.

You need to find the CAUSE of your high cortisol levels - is it just stress? Or is it some sort of a tumor on the Adrenal gland or another gland that is overfiring and stimulating the Adrenals? Once you find the cause, address that, or you will end up with no adrenal function and have to take steroids every day... :(

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