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beedo 08-20-2013 03:57 AM

Effects of codeine on adrenal insufficiency...

I'm being tested for Addison's at the beginning of September (finished a course of high dose cortisone which has to work out of my system first) as the specialist I saw seems quite convinced that this is what's going on with me. I'm not so sure (although the symptoms are spot on, some of my blood work doesn't agree with the typical blood profile of adrenal insufficiency), but if the results are positive, it would explain so much!

Does anyone with Addison's/adrenal insufficiency have exaggerated side effects from taking a normal (not exceeding the recommended) dose of paracetamol with codeine? I had a very scary experience and wonder whether it's linked to possibly having an adrenal gland problem.

I have never tolerated codeine well and have only taken it when pain is "severe" and has become prolonged because paracetamol on its own has done nothing, and I just can't take the pain anymore (I can't take NSAID's because of colon issues). When I took it 4 years ago it made me drowsy (knocks me for a loop) and confused but wired (if that makes sense). When I took it in Feb, it had me feeling unbelievably woozy and "out of it" for all of the next day.

Wish I'd remembered that before I took it on Thurs night to try to get rid of a killer headache...On Fri morning I had the same feeling as when I've had general anesthetic and struggle to wake up/fully regain consciousness, my whole body still felt anesthetized - weak and almost lame. I couldn't keep my eyes open, somehow managed to drive my kids to school (luckily only a short distance, but very irresponsible considering how bad I felt) but then couldn't stay awake at work, couldn't talk properly or even risk trying to drive myself home (poor husband had to come fetch me). The effects only wore off on Saturday, after sleeping all of Fri and Fri night. I tried to speak to the specialist or get an appointment but the first available appointment was Mon and there seemed little point in that. I was told to go to the emergency room if I started vomiting. But no other info :-(.

Anyone else experienced this reaction to codeine? Was your doctor able to explain what happened?

Thanks in advance :-)

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