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gt2060 02-22-2014 11:34 AM

Addison's Disease
Hi everyone! I was diagnosed in 2009 with Addison's Disease and have been taking hydrocortisone and fludrocortisone ever since. I joined this message board in the hopes of learning more about my disease and sharing what I know. I've experienced adrenal failure 3 time - all 3 landing me in the hospital. The last visit was 1/26/14 and they gave me something for nausea and bags and bags of fluids. A neighbor had given me the shot before the ambulance arrived.

There's very little information about how to know when you are in adrenal failure and what to do when you are. Mine started once with a very bloated feeling and a sharp pain in my abdomen. The second and third times, I woke sick to my stomach and making trip after trip to the bathroom until that's all I could think - either "get to the bathroom" or "get back to the bed". Fortunately I was able to call a neighbor all three times for help.

If anyone has more information to add about adrenal insufficiency attacks, I would be most interested to hear. It's so important we help each other out since there is so little info available about actual attacks or signs of attacks.

Thanks, and I look forward to communicating with you all!

Susanilene 02-26-2014 05:08 PM

Re: Addison's Disease
I went into Adrenal Crisis in January 2014 (Sunday) as well and was hospitalized. Interestingly enough the Friday before I went to my endocrinologist and asked him, "when do you know you are going into an Adrenal crisis, at what point do I give myself a shot, and at what point do I need to go to the hospital"? He very patiently answered all 3 of my questions; however, I still waited too long to get to the hospital on Sunday. By the time I got to the hospital I was doubled over in debilitating stomach pain, had uncontrollable diarrheal, pain in my back, pain in my neck, and 101 fever, plus I was in fluid overload from congestive heart failure!

I have to compliment the ER I went to because they triaged me quickly and immediately gave me an iv with 150 mg of cortisone, fluids, and morpheme to calm me. Within a few hours my fever broke and within the next day or two I started to feel like my ole self again. Let me also mention that my white blood count and my blood sugar rose very high. Once the crisis was over all my labs went back to normal pretty quickly.

Now, will I know next time when to give myself a shot of steroids and head for the hospital? I don't know but I hope so. I am certainly aware now of how quickly I can go from feeling fine to being very ill! My doctors did speak to me about the need to up my dosage of steroids anytime I am in any kind of a stressful situation. I have researched Addison's Disease extensively and by know I could probably give a lecture on it!!! However, all the literature says the same thing which tells me there is a need for more information and research on this disease.

BTW, the hospital I go to did an educational session on Addison's for all of the ER staff and the staff on 5c (which is where they place me as an in-patient). The director of nursing wrote me a personal letter informing me of this so that I would feel comfortable knowing that the staff is aware of me and my rare disease!

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