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Chainsoflove 10-16-2019 05:18 AM

Rough and bumpy mole on skin
Hi, I recently was looking at my skin above my right breast. I saw a mole there, if that is even what it is. I touched it and the mole was rough and raised up, like it was swelling. I also noticed it was about to fall off the skin area. Well, from some washing with a wash clothe the mole fell off. I thought that was kind of strange. It left a bit of skin still. after it fell off. What could this be?

MSNik 10-16-2019 05:03 PM

Re: Rough and bumpy mole on skin
it could be anything or nothing..mole do not fall off, so more than likely it was something else. If it reappears or the skin does not heal normally, go see a Dermatologist.

Chainsoflove 10-17-2019 07:53 AM

Re: Rough and bumpy mole on skin
Hi MsNik, Thank you. I sure will get it checked by a doctor, if it reappears

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