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melleth 10-04-2004 05:58 PM

Mom, convinced she has bugs and picking her skin raw! Help!
Whre do Istart? :confused:
For the past two years it has been getting worse and worse. She is convinced that there are little white flying things that only attack her. She sees them all the time, especialy at night. She says they swim right through her pants and bite her on the legs and burrow into her skin and turn into worms. Descibes it as jagging burning sensation.
COLOR=DarkRed]No one else has ever experienced this in the house.[/COLOR]

Last winter she had to be hospitalised because she developed a blood infection because she picked so much she had sores over almost all of her legs and lower body. She gets some on her arms but not as much.

She has sent samples to her son who works in DNA research and he saw nothing but skin flakes under a microscope.

A friend who was an exterminator said the same thing.

Her answer was that they little critters escaped a clear hard palstic pill container with a screw on lid! She says they crawled out between the threads! But she can see them with her naked eye.

She was in a nursing home for a while and she healed up while on strong antibiotics and was doing great but once she got home she started right back up. I noticed her picking a little in the home right before she came home but she said it was black things biting her there.

We have not been able to find anything resembling her problem other than dibetic sores. She is diabetic. She refuses to believe that this is the problem.

Her legs are geting worse again. We are at wits end and very sad. We may have to put her back into a nursing home but don't want to really if we can just get her through this.

If anyone has ever hear of anything like this of has any idea what we can do to convince her it is not bugs but her own body doing this to her. Please help!

She tells her doc it is bugs and he just takes her word that it is.

I don't know what else I can do for her.

DonnaJ 10-05-2004 05:48 AM

Re: Mom, convinced she has bugs and picking her skin raw! Help!
How old is your Mom? It sounds like she may be suffering from some kind of dementia. Perhaps her physician can reccommend a specialist or some kind of medication. Or you should change Drs, as it seems like hers in just placating her since these bugs are, obviously, a figment of her imagination. Good luck, I know how difficult it is dealing with an elderly parent.

melleth 10-06-2004 12:32 PM

Re: Mom, convinced she has bugs and picking her skin raw! Help!
Yeah that is kind of what I think is going on too. Somehow I need to get to talk to her doctor. Thing is I'm only her daughter in law and really since my husband, her son, died 5 years ago I am not in a strong possition to do much. Her other sons don't seem to be much help either.

DonnaJ 10-06-2004 01:56 PM

Re: Mom, convinced she has bugs and picking her skin raw! Help!
If she is elderly, then someone must be responsible as her primary caregiver. It would seem that her surviving son should bear this responsibilty, but if he is not willing or able to, and there is no other kin, perhaps you could be her advocate and speak to her Dr. If you get nowhere with her Dr, then how about a county agency that specializes in helping the mental health of the elderly? It would be worth a phone call to find out if help is available before she reinfects herself from picking at the imaginary bugs.

seawater 10-06-2004 02:54 PM

Re: Mom, convinced she has bugs and picking her skin raw! Help!
Not a cure but perhaps worth a try.

There are all sorts of lotions and sprays to repel insects. If she believes that these bugs are biting her and turning into worms, maybe she will be convinced that an insect repellant would keep them away.

melleth 10-08-2004 07:57 AM

Re: Mom, convinced she has bugs and picking her skin raw! Help!
We already tried the bug repplent thing. She says it does not work on them. These bugs of hers are invisibl and impervious to anything and can swim through clothing. :rolleyes:

Her husband is actually her primary care giver. After him it should be their oldest son.( her healthcare proxy states this, MPO) I am hoping her will step up to the plate and help them but he does not get along with his dad very well. Thye other son lives too far away to be much help though he does try and he flies out to visit as often as he can. This is the son that would be the most help if he lived herre. My husband was probably tho most dedicated to his parrents. he made me promise to help them if anything ever happened to him so when he died I moved here away from my family. But I can't help with this very much. I run errends, go to hte store and live right next to them so I can be there when they need me. But I don't have power to make these descisions at this time.

DonnaJ 10-09-2004 07:48 AM

Re: Mom, convinced she has bugs and picking her skin raw! Help!
It's sad that you are left in this position, as it's obvious that you are the only one who cares enough about this woman's mental state to make an effort to help her. Perhaps, when she digs her skin raw and it becomes infected to the point where she needs to be hositalized, her mental conditon can be evaluated. There's really not a lot you can do for her, she needs professional help. Hugs to you for trying...

seawater 10-09-2004 01:51 PM

Re: Mom, convinced she has bugs and picking her skin raw! Help!
Perhaps you could trim her fingernails short. Of course she probably wouldn’t agree to that.

It just seems like there are other alternatives than a nursing home. If she’s delusional, there are medications for that. At least it’s worth a try.

melleth 10-10-2004 04:06 PM

Re: Mom, convinced she has bugs and picking her skin raw! Help!
beleve me the last thing we want to do is put her back in a nursing home but she is going to end up righ back there anyway beause she is making her legs abd again like she was int the spring. She got blood infection from it which is how she eneded up in the home before.

melleth 10-30-2004 03:40 PM

Re: Mom, convinced she has bugs and picking her skin raw! Help!
:( Well Sad news today. Yesterday Dad passed away. he had gone to some property to do some work on the cabin and he was found dead in the bed of his pickup truck. We could not get him to wait to go when we could go to and help him and I guess he unloaded the truck sat down on the tailgate and just died. Probably a heart attack.
Mom is ok so far. Family is staying with her. She already put her name in to get into a senior high rise place. Bugs are still there but she only mentioned them once or twice. At any rate whatever the cause she will be in another home either the highrise or her son's place soon and the bugs will be no more we hope.
Just thought I'd post since I knwo some of you would want to know what has happened in this case.

shauna1118 10-30-2004 05:55 PM

Re: Mom, convinced she has bugs and picking her skin raw! Help!
Hi! Not sure what all other things your Mom has but my Mom passed away a year ago from a disease called Lewy Body. She too had bugs and would 'pick' them out of the air, or we had rabbits under the tables and had to sho them away. One time we had silverfish in her soup. The disease resembles parkinson as well as alzheimers..Then the lewy comes into play because she fell allot due to the muslces being affected. A sick and sad disease. Her neurologist finally picked up on it after months...It was her falls that gave them the final disagnosis. Hope this helps you... Shauna :angel: :wave:

melleth 10-31-2004 06:07 AM

Re: Mom, convinced she has bugs and picking her skin raw! Help!
Does not sound like it is the same thing though I am glad to hear she is not the only one with imaginary bugs. She has had a few fals in the past few years but mostly due to not noticing the step down on a curb or loss of balance. She is prety unsteady on her feet. Of course she mostly rolls herself around in a wheelchair now.
I am worried about the fact she wants to go into a Senior high rise. I know it is a good place to live and some of her friends are there but she will be alone and I worry about her taking care of herself. But if it is what she wants we will help her with that. I still hope she can live with one of her son's though.
We think the "bugs" will dissapear in a few months since it may have been stress realted. Dad amd Mom were fighting a lot. He loved her but he was sometimes kind of unkind in his words. Sad to say that his being gone may improve her health. I'll miss him an awful lot though. My puppy will to she keeps looking for him.

tannalin 10-31-2004 08:46 AM

Re: Mom, convinced she has bugs and picking her skin raw! Help!
ever had her blood tested for a yeast infection my brother inlaw had a prob like that he didnt digest it propley and its caused a irratation but nothing was seen even had skin scrapings nothing till the blood results came in a few courses of antibiotics and it was gone
might not be but never know
all the best

DonnaJ 11-03-2004 08:41 PM

Re: Mom, convinced she has bugs and picking her skin raw! Help!
I'm so sorry for your loss. There are no words at a time like this, especially so unexpected. I hope things work out with Mom.

Gracieann 01-05-2005 03:25 AM

Re: Mom, convinced she has bugs and picking her skin raw! Help!
I work w/seniors. I am a mgr of a sr.citizen independent living high rise apt. community. Is she currently on any medications? We see meds sometimes cause these problems..& more often several meds that cause problems when used together. Even a prescribed med & something that she might take over the counter could cause it. It does sound like some form of dementia or hullicinatory problem. When we have a sr. w/a problem we think could be med related..we get on the internet print out an info sheet on everything they are on. We are not doctors but sometimes it becomes very clear when you start reading side effects & contraindications. We have had problems with some seniors getting confused & taking several days worth of meds at once....or going days without it. There are just so many things. It is too bad about her doctor. We see that too..the ones that just brush everything off to get rid of them (they're old.....what's the use mentality) but there are also some very wonderful ones who truly enjoy taking care of our aging population. Sorry this probably won't be a magic bullet for you but hopefully will give you somewhere to start. Good luck to your mother and yourself. I truly know how difficult it is for you.

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